Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots – November 3rd (Part Three ) – November 9th, 2009: Seeds of Revenge

November 3rd, Part Three: Act Two: Solid Sun
Snake surmised that Solidus’ fear of the Patriots’ control of the media and economy came to pass. But Liquid planned to oppose them.
Campbell suspected that we may have to “protect the System” to maintain the comforts of the modern age.
The octopus woman and Vamp protected the base where Naomi was supposedly held.
“Snake… isn’t here,” said the laughing octopus before she slaughtered some PMC soldiers in Snake’s guise.

Vamp told her to leave one soldier alive so that they could plant a seed of revenge in one of the guerrillas.

But what if that one guy hated the rest of his squad? 😛

“This is the face of the bastard who killed your comrades,” said the octopus.
Five years ago in Manhattan, Vamp kidnpped Otacon’s adorable little sister, Emma, and used her as a human shield, leading to her demise and another tragedy for Otacon. Raiden tried to kill Vamp during the Big Shell incident (Metal Gear Solid 2), but there he was in South America, still breathing.
Laughing Octopus, one of the Beasts, used Octo Camo too. Otacon admitted that he based the design off of one that Sunny “snagged off the Web”.
I don’t really feel a need for Drebin’s shop yet.
Naomi is very beautiful. In her video to Otacon, you could see the pores on her cheek.
I enjoy these open environments more. You can find some sneaky routes around enemies.

November 4th, 2009: Suddenly, Campbell called over the CODEC. He wanted Snake to meet a psychological counselor – Rosemary. Her advice affects Snake’s Psyche Gauge.
As it turned out, Campbell’s new wife was Rosemary. After Raiden, the father of her son, dropped off the map, Campbell “consoled” her.
Snake referenced Raiden saving Sunny from the Patriots. She was Olga Gurlukovich’s daughter.
Snake’s iPod has “Calling to the Night”, the theme of Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops. I only know it from Super Smash Bros. Brawl because I never played MGS: PO.
Meryl hates the idea of her father moving on from her father, but Rosemary being her stepmother… wow. Meryl mainly places the hate on Campbell, though.
Sunny lives on the upper deck of the Nomad, so she has to schlep those eggs down those steep stairs every day. And it’s a thankless job!

November 9th, 2009: There was a sudden call over the CODEC. The caller did not identify himself, but Snake thought that it was Raiden… Jack.
Raiden warned him of crossfire in the next area. When Snake asked if he was Jack, the caller replied, “Jack is dead.” Finally, he told Snake that he was “by your side”.
Snake took a brief respite to light up a cigarette, but Drebin’s pet monkey snatched it away from him for himself, that little snatcher. At least he gave Snake an applein return. But Drebin insisted that he give it back.


Drebin invited Snake into his personal tank. The arms dealer revealed that he could track Snake via nanomachines that he injected into him.
Drebin’s pet stirred up a fuss when the B&B Corp rolled through. The Beauty and the Beast Corp. Drebin revealed that they had orders to eliminate “someone” named Solid Snake.
Drebin: “But from where I’m sittin’, Old Snake seems more appropriate.”
Snake: “Old, huh…”
Supposedly, the B&B Corp are very beautiful women. Victims of war, cracked china dolls turned into toy soldiers.
Drebin: “War transforms people, Snake. Into beasts.”
Snake: “War transforms us…”
Drebin said that the Beasts believe that killing Snake would fulfill their mission – freeing them from their pain, fury, and sorrow. They were called Raging Raven, Crying Wolf, Laughing Octopus, and Screaming Mantis.
Drebin was not one of the Patriots. He said that the Patriots “are” America, but the Patriots did not run the System. The System ran everything,  and it consisted of three peripheral AIs and a core.
Before he left, Drebin kept his pet from taking a cigarette that Snake offered him. Finally, Drebin recited his catchphrase, which was also written on the side of his tank: “Eye. Have. You.”
The Beasts were named after operatives from Shadow Moses: Vulcan Raven, Sniper Wolf, Decoy Octopus, and Psycho Mantis.
Drebin waves a white kerchief around to show Snake that he means no harm. He also performs magic tricks with it. I have no idea why he has a monkey.
Supposedly, the Beasts cannot survive without their special suits. They were also known as the SNAKEHOUND unit. They will hound Snake until they kill him or until they die.
At least Rosemary has one kicky haircut.
Raiden called to say that he was looking for the corpse of Big Boss in exchange for Sunny’s location. Allegedly, he was doing this for a group codenamed Big Momma.
Rose recognized Raiden’s voice across the line. She explained how their relationship dissolved. After the Big Shell incident, he was reminded of the trauma of fighting as a child soldier for Solidus during the Liberian Civil War. He came home less and less – and when he did, he was drunk and beat up.
Like an old vulture, Campbell swept in and helped a pregnant Rose in Jack’s absence.
Why does Jack need to find Sunny? She’s with us!
Naomi’s lab was hidden in the Vista Mansion. Some guerrillas breached its front gate with a Dozer vehicle. Otacon suggested that Snake find the skylight atop the Mansion to get into the off-site lab. And he did!
Snake found Naomi idly chatting away on the phone. After her conversation, she almost convulsed. She then injected herself with something.
Next, she had a pleasant and nostalgic talk with Snake. She claimed that the SOP coul control peoples’ senses, and that was what happened at the end of Act One.
A body naturally rejected nanomachines. Suppressants defeated these instincts. Naomi used Gray Fox, Snake’s old comrade, as an example. Once thought dead, he returned as a cyborg ninja.
She insisted upon examining Snake. He undressed partially, and she was shocked to see how much he had aged. She cried a little.
She extracted the remaining first-gen nanomachines that she injected into him before he went on the mission at Shadow Moses. She explained that genes responsible for reproduction were mutated in all of Big Boss’ clones.
She gave him six months to live and took his cigarette away from him.
FOXDIE mutated inside of him. Since it the virus was genetically coded to specific targets, Snake’s FOXDIE could indiscriminately attack anyone. It would go airborne in three months at the most…
Naomi: “If it were up to me, you’d be quarantined already.”
Snake: “…It’s not over yet.”
“I know. You have a job to do.”
If the host died, the virus would die, too.
Naomi revealed that there was also a new FOXDIE strain inside of Snake’s body. Snake thought that Drebin’s injections caused it.
She gave Snake some kind of “nano-excretions” that would stop any seizures that he would experience,  but he could not use it too often.

See, Snake? You shouldn’t play your 3DS in 3D mode all the time. 😛

Naomi said that she could not leave because she was being watched. Unless Snake freed her, she would not tell him where Liquid was.
After she revealed that Liquid planne to create the “perfect army”, the Guns of the Patriots, PMC soldiers broke into the lab and took her away. Snake was suddenly surrounded by soldiers… and Laughing Octopus. “Go ahead. Laugh yourself to death!”
Otacon told Snake to punch a hole through the enemy line and escape.
I’ve wondered about how Snake was raised as a clone. Did he have someone around to raise him?

I would later beat Metal Gear Solid for the first time, and Liquid Snake says something interesting about the clones. Supposedly, their surrogate mother  was implanted with eight clone embryos. Six of them were aborted to encourage “stronger growth” in the remaining two. This must have been difficult for the mother. Nine months later, the twin snakes were born. The “perfect clone”, Solidus, was secretly born four years later in 1976.
How Big Boss was cloned is kind of disturbing to contemplate. The eggs were somehow fertilized with Big Boss’ DNA. Depending on which version of MGS is cited, Liquid Snake claims that Boss was in a coma (in the English version) or was sterile before the clone project began (in the Japanese version). Either way, his DNA was stolen and used without his permission… his consent.
Phew. Thank you, MGS wiki.

I never even considered if Snake could have his own children. He can’t take advantage of something that some take for granted. But what if he’s wrong?
If Ocelot had a child, would that technically be Liquid’s child as well?