Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots – December 17th, 2009

December 17th, 2009: As Snake and Naomi got in the helicopter, Vamp tried to kill Raiden, but he was too strong for Vamp. After Raiden defeated Vamp, he got pulled onto the helicopter.

Vamp quickly recovered and reported to Ocelot that their nanomachine experiment failed.

We need all of him,” said Liquid. He was not terribly concerned with Naomi escaping. He claimed “It’s all part of the plan.”

Meanwhile, Raiden suffered from wounds sustained while fighting Vamp. Before Raiden passed out, he told Snake to go to Europe to meet Big Mama.

Naomi said that Vamp’s nanomachines were built upon something she once researched. “I brought a monster into this world.”

After you finish Act Two, you have to install the game… again. I thought we already did all that!

Vamp and Raiden’s fight scene is the one previewed at E3 2007. It looks better in the final game.

Act Three Mission Briefing

Sunny adorably sung elements from the periodic table as she made some eggs… before Naomi interrupted her with some cooking advice. Naomi seems good with kids.

Sunny claimed that cooking eggs was her “Sunny-Side Up Fortune Telling”. When the eggs turned out well, it meant that something good was going to happen.

Naomi and Sunny were bonding over the periodic table when she noticed a pretty blue flower that Naomi had. She put it in Sunny’s hair.

Their omelet finished cooking. It turned out well, and they laughed happily at their success.

Liquid is after the corpse of Big Boss,” explained Naomi. She said that the SOP could have been unlocked by Boss’ genetic code. Ocelot was searching for Boss’ body in Europe.

What’s the need for the original if a substitute works just as well?” asked Snake.

Neither your genetic pattern nor Liquid’s genetic pattern is a one-hundred percent match for Big Boss.”

Snake had a coughing fit before he asked, “What do you mean we don’t match?”

Both you and Liquid are as similar to Big Boss as you could possibly be. But you’re still different. Which is why they created Solidus.”

But Solidus is dead.”

Listen carefully, Snake.” Naomi said that the System employed a highly advanced IDS. It purged information foreign to the genetic and biometric key. All foreign data was put on a blacklist. Blacklisted data could not log into the System.

Snake surmised that they could not use Boss’ biometric data because he was killed, but Naomi put a hammer to that theory by claiming that Boss’ cells were still alive.

That’s impossible!” denied Snake.

Big Boss survives as a biomort… a brain-dead shell sustained in a lab,” claimed Naomi.

Otacon complained about how competition in the war economy ate away at the morality of nations, and how scientists like himself and Naomi helped the R&D along.

Raiden briefly lurched in and out of consciousness. Naomi said that his artificial blood needed dialysis. Conveniently, equipment for such a procedure was in Eastern Europe.

Dr. Madnar… He saved my life,” said Raiden.

Snake sarcastically dismissed the damage that his habit did to his health. “I’m gonna be spewing poison soon enough anyway… what’s one more smoke gonna hurt?”

Uh-uh!” said Sunny. “This is a no-smoking flight!”

Naomi wanted to talk to Hal while everyone else was asleep or busy smoking. She wondered who he was looking at on one of his monitors. It was his sister, Emma. Naomi guessed that she was his girlfriend.

Way wrong guess. >.>

Vamp killed her,” explained Hal.

I’m so sorry,” said Naomi.

Hal changed the subject. “I used to be an anime otaku.”

Hal got off to a tangent over how he thought that science would be cool from the anime that he watched. But scientists were always being used.

They started talking about Sunny. She was snatched away by the Patriots after Olga gave birth to her. She was swiftly indoctrinated and trained to become a hacker. Until Raiden, her hero, rescued her, she spent all her time on the net. That was why she was shy and socially awkward.

Naomi told Hal that he should keep his glasses off because he looked “handsome” without them. They almost kissed, but he got a notification on his computer, so he had to check it out.

She wanted some privacy, so he showed her come capsules at the back of the room. They got close and almost kissed again, but he turned away. There was work to be done.

Until Naomi pulled him into the capsule.


During the Shadow Moses incident, Hal had a crush on Sniper Wolf. But because she was on Liquid’s side, Snake had to kill her. Yet, Snake and Hal remained friends, and their friendship only deepened over the years.