Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots – February 28th, 2010: The Return

FEBRUARY 28th, 2010: Mission Briefing

The yolks in Sunny’s frying pan join together like cells as she sang in Japanese.

Metal Gear Mk. II caught footage of Liquid talking about his next plan. They need to destroy JD, the segment of the System that controls WMDs. Meanwhile, the entire world’s guns have been forced into a cease fire.

Liquid planned to use Metal Gear REX – created before the System and free from its control – to destroy JD in orbit.

And to get a REX, there was only one place Snake could go.

Shadow Moses Island.

Otacon had a breakdown, but Snake was as sure in his path as possible.

Sunny did not want Raiden to go, but he wanted to go to Shadow Moses too, even though his dialysis was incomplete.

I’m going to live my life by my own will,” said Raiden.

Not if you can’t actually live, you won’t!

He believed that once Snake’s mission was over, he would be “free”. He believed that he had nothing to lose, even though he had a family, which Snake reminded him of.

I have always been alone…” claimed Raiden. “I… have nothing!”

Sunny took Raiden back to his bed.

Mei Ling called to confirm that Liquid was on Shadow Moses, which was about to sink into the sea due to global warming.

Mei Ling
Mei Ling

She noticed that Hal was not wearing glasses.

I, uh, switched to contact lenses,” explained Hal.

Mei Ling said that she would support Snake from her naval ship, the Missouri.

Hal never thought he would ever have to deal with Shadow Moses again.

REX is a beast born from my research,” he said.

He was ready to come to terms with that fact.

Next thing I know, I’m playing the first Metal Gear Solid.

During his little episode, Raiden was shown Snake’s disfiguring burn.

I have no future,” declared Snake. “In a few months, I’ll become a walking biological weapon.”

The flashback to MGS1 was a nightmare of Snake’s. “I was having that dream again.”

I got FaceCamo of MGS1 Snake. Yay pixels!

Act 4: Twin Suns

Snake jumped right out of the helicopter onto Shadow Moses with Metal Gear Mk. II. Snake hurt his back.


Hal insisted that Snake not break Mk. II, because it was the last of its kind. Snake coyly feigned ignorance about the wear he inflicted upon Hal’s gadgets.

Hal said that there were drones on the island, so Snake had to watch out for them.

Better hurry,” urged Hal. “There’s not much time left.”

I suspect that there may be more to Naomi’s “serum.” She’s sneaky.

There was a blizzard hitting the island, which hampered Snake’s visibility. Switching to night vision mode helped.

The “drones” were Gekkos!

Snake’s path took him right back to the entrance of the old Shadow Moses facility. Snake had flashbacks throughout the area. You get extra Drebin Points for them.

Snake had to pass through Hal’s old office, where he was rescued by Snake from the Cyborg Ninja… AKA Gray Fox… AKA Frank Jaeger…

No relation to Eren, no matter how awesome that crossover would be.

AKA Naomi’s adoptive father/surrogate brother. He took her in because he killed her parents, and she was so young, she was unable to even remember them. That was her motivation for becoming a geneticist.

Hal and Snake watched the security footage and saw Vamp and Naomi heading for REX’s old hangar.

On his way to intercept them, Snake was stalked on the snowfield by Crying Wolf.

Cry for me!”

She sniped at him with her massive laser, but he dodged the blast.

She taunted him about crying and feeling so sad, she could die, as she closed in on him with FROGs for support.

Like a true wolf, she tracks Snake by his scent. But he can follow her through the snow by her tracks when his Solid Eye is switched to night vision mode.

Whenever you hit her, she tries to recoup at the other end of the field. Between that and the FROGs, this battle can take a long time.

When her health is depleted, a black lady emerges from the lupine mech suit. Her jumpsuit looked wet.

I hear them… The cries of babies…”

She hallucinated that a wolf came up to her.

I’m sorry… I was so scared… Cry if you want to… Cry if you need to…”

She finally stood up and claimed that she cried herself dry. She held her hands out and told Snake that she was ready to listen…

The BGM changed. Babies crying. Wolves crying. Fire. “Bitch!”

More crying.


Crying Beauty screamed in pain after Snake defeated her. Her jumpsuit made a cracking sound as its texture hardened like rock.

Snake took her rail gun. Drebin already laundered it.

He told Snake Crying Wolf’s story. Born in an African country, one day all but her and her little brother were slaughtered. Eventually, they were nearly caught by the soldiers. She had to keep her brother from crying and alerting the soldiers, so she covered his mouth.

But by the time the soldiers left, she realized that she smothered him.

She wandered to a refugee camp carrying the dead flesh of her brother. She was haunted by visions of a wolf. At the camp, she was tortured by the crying of the babies.

Crying Wolf

Drebin said that fighting Snake forced Wolf to come to terms with her actions. If no more children cried on the battlefield ever again, it was because of Snake.

You ought to be proud,” said Drebin. “Three down, one to go.” He said that the Mantis was the boss of the B&B Corps – “The Beast of the Beasts.”

Mk. II opened the door to the blast furnace. Hal saw the snowfield through Mk. II’s lens.

Welcome home, Wolf,” said Hal.

The wolf from earlier walked over to Crying Wolf, whined mournfully, and carried her body away.

Before Snake left the snowfield, Hal called to joke about swapping discs. But he realized that they were on a PS3 Blu-Ray. A dual-sided disc. No need for more than one.

Damn it, Otacon, get a grip,” said Snake.

Crying Wolf overcomes the bluntness of her metaphor with a tragic backstory. She’s my favorite of the B&B Corps.

In the mission briefing, Snake told Raiden that he was a shadow, and that no light could shine on him. But through him?

Raiden whined that he was born in the rain.

You know something has become overwrought when I actually describe someone as whining in a Metal Gear game. I’m not the only one to mock this particular moment, either.

But Snake said that he is the lightning in the rain that flashed through the darkness.

Raiden gave up on his family because he felt unfit for domestic affairs. He never had that before. Some people could not persist in environments that were not evocative. In that sense, he was not unlike a B&B Corps member.

Through his family, he was protecting himself. But that was an inappropriate method.

I want more people to talk to over CODEC!

The MGS4 version of MGS1 looked a little snazzier than the original version, but was otherwise unchanged. I wonder how far you can take it before Snake wakes up (i.e., you “die”).