Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots – March 12th-13th: Take Me Home

March 12th, 2010: Shoot Screaming Mantis’ doll of Psycho Mantis and pick it up. Then, you can use it to defeat Screaming Mantis.

Her faceplate and six extra arms flew off. The shimmering bodysuit was revealed. The Screaming Beauty begged for mercy. She banged on an invisible wall until she regained her composure.

Now… Set me free.”

Screaming Mantis
Screaming Mantis

Once Snake “set her free”, she screamed horribly. Her bodysuit became rough, and she curled up in the fetal position. Then, her equipment rose up-

-as Psycho Mantis.

He tried to read the Memory Card, but there was no card to read on the PS3. He made the controller rumble before Screaming Mantis’ equipment exploded.

Then, the Sorrow – the Spirit Soldier of The Boss’ Cobra unit, and her lover – said, “The spirit of the warrior will always be with you.”

So, you bested the last Beast,” said Drebin.

He explained that Screaming Mantis came from South America. A country wracked by civil wars. Her home village was burned down. Separated from her parents, she wandered into a torture chamber. For 10 days, she survived on the filthy water that pooled up in there, and only that.

Day in, day out, she was the unintentional audience to the screams of torture victims. Until a little black mantis “taught” her how to block out the screaming. She also started to eat the corpses of male torture victims, just like how female mantises ate their mates after coitus.

She eventually escaped and became a part of the B&B Corps. Through the use of heavy drugs, her will was usurped by the spirit of Psycho Mantis.

Tortured and only half-sane, she screamed to block out the cries of those only she could hear.

Snake seemed to pity the B&B Corps. Drebin told him to get to GW, and that this time, the ending was up to him.

Johnny was nowhere to be found. They had no time to look for him, as FROGs closed in on them.

It’s my turn to protect you,” Meryl declared.

Snake warned, mostly for her sake, that there was “no way” he could reach the server room without being exposed to the microwaves.

She cried on his shoulder. “This time… I’ve got your back,” she said.

He entered the Missile Hangar with Mk. II. Down that hallway, Snake was reminded of the many words of his comrades…

Last mag,” Meryl reminded herself, as she desperately fended off the FROGs. “I can’t protect anyone!”

Three FROGs swarmed her. She took down the first one, but the others… were taken out by Johnny.

I’ll never leave you alone again,” he declared.

They recuperated and fended off further FROGs.

Meryl asked Johnny why Screaming Mantis could not control him. It was because he never received nanomachines.

Then why’d you join my team?” she asked.

Meryl, I’ve always loved you,” confessed Johnny.

She was stunned.

So was the playing audience!

I’ve loved you ever since I laid eyes on you at Shadow Moses,” continued Johnny. “Marry me.”

She said no. He begged her to move in with him, but she rebuked him again. They fought off a few more FROGs, and she suddenly kissed him.

Meryl and Johnny

Marry me,” she said. “I want a real wedding… It’s been my dream ever since I was a little girl. I want to be a bride. Take me home…”

She warned him to never cheat on her.

Yes, ma’am!

I’d never even think of it,” he promised.

In the Hangar, Snake was swarmed by Scarabs. He pushed through them, but in the next room, he had another attack. The serum was not enough to stop it.

FROGs closed in on him.

But then, Raiden arrived.

I am lightning. The rain transformed…”

Raiden stunned the Scarabs with electricity and killed them all.

He asked to go into the server room in Snake’s stead, but he refused. “You still have a life to go back to.”

She means nothing to me now,” Raiden claimed.

You… still have your youth. You can start over.”

Raiden was swayed. He thanked Snake before he attacked more FROGs.

A split screen showed various battles as Snake crawled through the microwave hallway.

Johnny got shot-

The Missouri was attacked by a Metal Gear RAY-

Rose and Campbell watched Raiden fight, which was too much for her-

The RAY charged up its rail gun-

Sunny cooked a perfect three-egg omelet-

Despite the pain of the microwave rays, Snake and Mk. II reached the server room. Snake vomited from the trauma.

The room was filled with black gravestones adorned with white flowers.

Scarabs attacked Snake, Mk. II, Raiden, and the Missouri as Hal tried to upload the worm into GW. When the worm awoke, it scrambled the FROGs, the RAY, and the Scarabs.

Meryl and Johnny were elated.

Mei-Ling called and said, “Snake…”

He threw one of the remaining Scarabs off of his body.

But then, Hal said that the worm was not finished. “Naomi-”

Otacon… what is it?” Snake asked.

JD is being erased!”

The screen showed a video message from Naomi. She said that the Patriots wanted to expand the Sons of the Patriots to the general public to expand their power base even further.

She could not have designed the worm without Sunny. Together, they created… FOXALIVE.

We have an obligation… to the captured foxes.”

She knew that, in all likelihood, her message would be a postmortem one. She apologized for deceiving Hal, which hurt her more than anything else, and she wanted to apologize to him more than anything else.

With him, she could “feel the joy of living.

Snake, our country is innocent again. She can buy a new future for herself.

It’s time. You’ve earned your rest.

A rose petal is about to fall…”

A petal fell off of the rare blue rose that Naomi gave to Sunny.

Snake fell over, and Hal called his name.


Snake… wait here,” Hal said. I’ll get a medic.”

Mei Ling implored everyone to stop fighting.

Liquid walked up to Snake.

This is just how I’d hoped things would end.” Liquid said.

He explained the origins of the Philosophers, the group formed between leaders of superpowers after World War II. A man named Zero – Big Boss’ former comrade – used the Philosophers’ Legacy, a fortune of accumulated wealth, to fund the Patriots. Big Boss did not want to be controlled by the Patriots, and Snake twice stopped him.

The war has stopped…” Liquid said. He injected Snake with a syringe.

But we still have a score to settle,” Liquid proclaimed.

They fought hand-to-hand for a while, but then Liquid injected himself with a syringe that boosted his strength. He began to severely punish Snake.



They fought with more vitality than their ages should have allowed. Eventually, the game turned into a brawler.

When Snake finally defeated Liquid, he claimed that “This is only the beginning, Snake. America will descend into madness… It will be the Wild West all over again.”

Oh, shut up, you raging westaboo.

He claimed that people would discover the fullness of life through battle.

I’m sure that, somewhere out there… he’s laughing,” Liquid said.

Did he mean Zero?

He said that unless the light was “erased”, the shadows would endure.

He pointed at Snake with both index fingers and said, “You’re pretty good…”

He cried out before dying.

Would it have been more interesting if Snake shot him with, say, a revolver, kind of like how Boss reluctantly killed The Boss with her own gun?

Hal said that the tech to revive the System was still out there, and that FOXALIVE just destroyed this System.

Maybe it’s her way of avenging Olga…

…and civilization lives on.


What did we lose?

What did we save?”

Act 5 End

Epilogue: Naked Sin

You look amazing,” Mei Ling said, of Meryl’s wedding dress. She looked good with her hair pulled up.

Campbell congratulated her before he tried to leave the carrier, but Meryl aimed her gun at him and told him that he was going to walk her down the aisle.

She was still mad at him, “but you have a chance to win me over.”

Mei Ling started to cry.

Rat Patrol, Hal, and Sunny watched Meryl and Campbell walk towards Johnny.

A handsome black preacher completed the quick ceremony, but Drebin crashed the party before Johnny kissed Meryl. Flowers exploded out of the cannon on Drebin’s tank. “A shower of flowers…”

Bride and Groom

Sunny waved at a little boy that showed up.

Mei Ling wanted to catch the bouquet, but Drebin’s pet monkey caught it instead.

Drebin released some doves.

Snake… Thank you,” Campbell said to his absent friend.

Well, I’ve seen video game weddings with much worse endings…


Rosemary brought flowers to Raiden, who was recuperating. She also brought their son. Raiden barely noticed them.

It was because Rosemary told Raiden that she suffered a miscarriage. She pretended to be married to Campbell until the Patriots were overthrown.

That seems like a contrived reason to split up Raiden and Rosemary.

John… aren’t you going to say hello?” Rosemary asked of the boy.

My son…” said Raiden. “Little John… Scared of me, huh? I don’t blame you.

Nuh-uh,” John said. “I’m not scared. I think you look cool – like a comic book superhero.” He did some cute ninja-style poses.

They hug.

Rose… I’m done running,” Raiden said.

I’m… not afraid,” Rosemary said, as she cried.

I’ll never leave you again.”

They all hugged. Raiden saw them embracing in the mirror. “Like a scene from Beauty and the Beast.”

Don’t say that,” Rosemary insisted. “You’re my husband – and John’s father. And I’m going to be the best wife and mother possible.”

Telling a guy that their child’s been miscarried – even to protect them – is pretty cruel, but at least Rosemary tried to make it right. Still, I find it difficult to forgive her white lies.


Snake returned to the anonymous grave of a true patriot – The Boss.

Our war is over,” Snake said, before he lit a cigarette. “But there’s one more thing I must do. One last punishment I must endure. Erase my genes… my meme from the face of this Earth.

This… is my final mission.”

He loaded a bullet into the chamber and knelt upon the grave erected for Gray Fox.

He put the barrel in his mouth, and prepared himself.




Drebin drank alone until Hal came over to him. Hal did not think that Drebin drank anything but soda. It turned out that soda agreed with his nanomachines better.

He was “raised” by the Patriots. Drebin number 893. And he was ordered to help Snake and Hal from the start.

And Rat Patrol 01? Meryl’s squad? Also ordered by the Patriots.

Drebin 893 and the rest of the Drebins were self-employed from then on.

Might not be a New World Order,” Drebin said. “But the old order under the war economy’s gone for good.”

Sunny asked if she could give Mk. II to her new friend, the little boy who was at the wedding. Her very first friend in the outside world.

Sunny? It’s OK if you wanna live outside now,” Hal told her.

The Sun looks so pretty,” Sunny said. “I like it outside.

Hal? When’s Snake coming?”

Snake… is sick. He went on at trip to get better.

Snake… had a hard life.” Hal removed his glasses and looked away from Sunny. “He needs to rest.”

Hal? Are you… crying?”

No. I’m not crying.”

He looked back at Sunny, but his glasses were on crooked. She laughed and readjusted them for him.

She held his arm, and together, they looked at the setting sun.


Snake could not go through with it.

An older gentlemen told him, “Good. It’s not your time yet.”

Big Boss

Big Boss…?” Snake asked.

Naked Sun

Boss wielded a Patriot, the same as his mentor, the Boss. Snake trained his Operator pistol at him.

But Boss dropped the Patriot and tried to grab him with CQC – but it was just a hug. The first and only shared by this father and son.

It all began with a bunch of old fools,” began Boss – no, John. “Now, they’ve all passed away. Their era of folly is over…”

How can you still be alive?” asked Snake – no, David.

John explained that the biomort that EVA and David tried so hard to retrieve was actually Solidus’, the most perfect clone of Big Boss.

EVA saved David by replacing his damaged organs with pieces from Liquid and Solidus – a true snake eater to the end.

It all started with him… Zero,” John said.

He brought the truly decrepit and wheelchair-bound Zero to the cemetery. He was also attached to a breathing apparatus.

John said that the System represented uniformity without change. But they evolved by directing the tableau of war. “Inheritors of Zero’s will. It created a new world without substance. Not even the one thing she cherished the most – loyalty.

This man was the source of it all. And he doesn’t even realize it.”

John said that the hatred was gone, replaced by a deep sense of longing – and pity.

Only Zero is left,” John said. “Everything has its beginning. But it doesn’t start at one. It starts at ‘Zero’.

One becomes two. Two becomes ten. Ten becomes one hundred…

And so… our goal… was to erase Zero.

Even the mighty Patriots started with one man.

We realized too late that it became a beast. Zero turned into one hundred. And so, I take it upon myself… to turn it back into nothing.”

John severed Zero’s life support, killing his old friend.

John said that David’s FOXDIE killed EVA and Ocelot. Then, Jack was suddenly wracked with pain.

All they can do is repeat the same pattern over and over again,” he said. “Do me a favor, would you? Take me over to her.”

David shouldered John, who then said that the two competing FOXDIE viruses inside of him nullified each other. No epidemic.

John sat on the grave of the woman who made him.

Am I going to die?” David asked.

Everyone dies,” answered John. He told David to not waste the life he had left fighting. “I always respected you as a soldier… and as a man.

Ever since the day I killed her… with my own hands…”

March 13th, 2010: “…I was already dead. At last… I understand the meaning behind what you did. At last, I understand the truth behind what you did.”

John stood and saluted under his own power, as he did nearly 50 years prior.

Once he died, the new world “will be yours to live in. Not as a Snake… but as a man.”

John offered David his hand. Just as David reached over to shake it, John fell over.

You… are nobody’s tool now,” John said. “No one’s toy. No longer a prisoner of fate.

It’s time for you to see the outside world with your own eyes.”

He lit a cigar and faced the grave. “Boss… you only need one snake. No… the world would be better… without snakes.”

David took a drag off of the fallen cigar before he placed it into Jack’s mouth.

This is good… isn’t it?”

All that could be heard was the wind whistling through the white flowers.

The legacy of the snake that bit its own tail was finally over.

There was a post-credits scene, in typical Metal Gear fashion.

Hal picked up David’s cigarettes and told him, “You forgot these.”

I’m quitting,” declared David. “These things will kill you, you know.

I have to see this age off. What little time I have left will be spent as a beast. A shadow of the inside…”

But I’ll remember everything you were. I’ll stick with you.”


Besides, you wouldn’t let me suffer Sunny’s eggs alone, would you?”


Sunny cooked another omelet. “They’re like the Sun… It’s rising again.”

She had lost her stutter.


In the end, the title conferred to me was… Lobster.

I was occasionally frustrated with this game. It was kind of overwhelming, and perhaps a bit too different from MGS3. I adored that game. Perhaps I’ll enjoy replaying through MGS4 more than I did the first time.