Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots – March 1st-3rd, 2010: No Strings on Me

March 1st, 2010: The facility was infested with Scarabs. When Snake destroyed them, they kind of screamed… What the heck is this, Silent Hill? God, I only wish that could be more like Metal Gear.

Yeah, about that…

But it’s kind of cute when Scarabs are alerted. Their little musical cue is higher-pitched than that of other enemies. BREEP!

In REX’s hangar, Snake and Hal realized that Liquid just needed REX’s rail gun – and this REX’s rail gun was already removed.

Then, Vamp appeared. Naomi caressed him. Vamp promised that the gun was long gone, as his “Queen” wished, and that Suicide Gekkos were on their way. “Soon, there will be nothing left of this place.”

I’ll leave the rest to you,” Naomi told Vamp before she left.

Vamp menaced Snake. Hal told Snake to defeat him for Emma’s sake as well.

In this fight, Vamp is easily visible, so the Solid Eye isn’t necessary. So equip a healing item, like a Ration or a Regain-R in Snake’s item window so you don’t have to worry about his health.

Vamp just kept coming back, until Hal got the idea to use Naomi’s syringe on Vamp to stop his nanomachines.

By the time Snake finally injected Vamp, they were surrounded by Gekkos. But Raiden cut them all down. Then, he attempted to kill Vamp while Snake kept the Gekkos at bay with Crying Wolf’s rail gun.

The game has a split-screen showing Raiden’s fight as you take on the Gekkos. It’s hard to pay attention to both at the same time.

March 3rd, 2010: “Kill me,” demanded Vamp.

Raiden did.

Hal used Metal Gear Mk. II to use REX’s missiles, destroying the remaining Gekkos.

Naomi walked over to Vamp, who still was not quite dead.

Doctor… ease my pain,” asked Vamp.

Raiden had a message for Naomi from Sunny: “I cooked them right.”

I see,” said Naomi, as she began to cry. “Good for you, Sunny.

No, I can’t save you.” She presented a syringe to Mk. II and pleaded for Hal to give it to Vamp, not for revenge, but for mercy.

Vamp grabbed the syringe and stabbed himself in the neck with it.

Now, you can return to your true self,” promised Naomi.

I can… die?” asked Vamp.

The veins all over his body protruded as he lurched forward and died.

It was weirdly hard to find a picture of him that I liked that didn't have large dimensions.

Forgive me,” asked Naomi, as she cradled Vamp’s corpse.

This doesn’t change anything,” said Hal. “Why…?”

We can’t… erase the past.” She laid Vamp to rest. “Nor… can we forgive it. And so the only thing we can do…” She retrieved the syringe from Vamp’s corpse.

Is end it.”

She told Snake that Liquid stole a warship codenamed Outer Haven. He planned to launch a nuke with it.

Snake… you have been given life so that you may fulfill your purpose,” said Naomi. “When all of this is over, you will have no choice but to accept death. We are given life only so that we may atone for our sins. We must not pass them on to our next generation. That is your true fate… one that even you can not defy.”

An explosion rocked the hangar. Naomi suddenly injected herself. “Vamp and I… we’re the same.”

She had cancer. But the nanomachines kept her alive… for a while.

Goodbye, Hal…”

She injected herself again. “Give my best to Sunny.”

Hal pleaded for her to stop, but she did not.

You’re crying… why?” she asked.

She injected herself yet again and fell to the floor, which rendered her eye level with Mk. II.

You have such beautiful eyes…” praised Naomi.

More suicide Gekkos arrived. Snake and Raiden climbed into REX’s cockpit. Hal found his resolve and his glasses to help his friend pilot REX.

Promise… promise me… you’ll carry on… our will…” Her final words. Did the people that mattered most hear them?

Snake had to take the supply tunnel out of the base. Gekkos littered the tunnel like so much fodder before REX’s might. You’ll collect tons of Drebin Points.

Raiden eventually jumped out of REX to keep the Suicide Gekkos on their backs. As they came out of the tunnel, Raiden was apparently caught underneath the rubble.

Snake and Hal heard waves crashing nearby. A Metal Gear Ray suddenly burst out of the water. Outer Haven was stamped on its thigh. Liquid piloted it.

Moses – where our fates were born. And where yours ENDS, Snake!”

So begun a battle between generations of Metal Gears.

By attacking after dodging Ray’s attacks, Snake seriously damaged it.

Liquid tumbled out of the cockpit. “Snake…” He reached for Snake, but he suddenly stopped. “FOX…”

DIE,” finished Snake.

Liquid fell over.

But he suddenly sat back up. “Think again! Sorry, but that won’t work this time.”

All that for a joke? Liquid is a tosser.

Snake seriously hurt himself jumping out of REX’s cockpit, but he still pursued Liquid on foot.

A submarine emerged out of the water. Four heads representing Big Boss and his sons were engraved onto it for decoration in a gaudy imitation of Mount Rushmore.

Liquid escaped onto the sub before he aimed it to crash into the harbor.

But Snake did not die there, because Raiden tried to free himself from the rubble. He dislocated his right arm, but it was not enough.

Sunny… forgive me.”

He severed his right arm.

It’s OK, we have extra.

Raiden tried to hold the sub back, but it was just too much.

No!” screamed Snake.

Raiden reflected on his first date with Rosemary as the light on his eye shield died…


The Missouri fired on Liquid’s sub.

Worthless fossil,” admonished Liquid. He retreated.

The crushed edge of the harbor – all that was left was Raiden’s sword…

Snake tried to inject himself with the syringe, but he was just too weak.

A rescue helicopter flew overhead.

Raiden talking about his first date with Rosemary was another maligned moment of his from MGS2. But to later use that moment as emotional leverage? Masterful.

Where did Liquid get that Ray, anyway?

No eggs for this Mission Briefing. Instead, Mei Ling reported that the Missouri pursued Outer Haven, but she was trailing behind.

The plan was to wait for Outer Haven to open up to shoot JD at the top of its perigee -and infiltrate it with a strike team to destroy GW. Naomi gave this information to Sunny.

GW was guarded by a microwave emitter that could destroy anything.

You’d have to have a death wish to go in there,” said Snake, after he removed the oxygen mask from his face. “Sounds like the perfect job for me.”

This isn’t the time for your stupid jokes, Snake,” reprimanded Meryl.

Hal said that Sunny’s worm cluster was based on one that Emma created – but better.

In the installation screen before Act 5, Snake’s face is burned.

Act 5: Old Sun

Mei Ling promised that one of her submarines would return to Missouri to Hawaii in one piece.

Raiden… how is he?” asked Snake.

Hal said that Raiden was alive, but out of action.

Drebin said that he gave Rat Patrol new, “naked” weapons to fight with.

The world’s like this soda here,” said Drebin. “Once the bubbles are gone, I got no use for it.” He promised that he would set up shop here “for a spell”.

Drebin lit Snake’s last cigarette for him. Drebin’s pet monkey offered Snake a soda, but he gave it to a soldier once Drebin left.

Campbell told Snake that if Liquid succeeded in destroying JD, mankind’s armed subjugation would begin and Haven would be his flagship.

The operation began.

Campbell told Meryl that he would be with her to the end, no matter what. “You are my pride and joy.”

Meryl shed a tear, but it was time to fight.

Haven opened up to expose REX’s rail gun.

Failure will spell doom for the human race,” warned Campbell.

The Missouri surfaced up next to Haven. Snake, Mk. II, Meryl, and Akiba attempted to board Haven by using a metallic, slingshot-esque device.

But Akiba messed up the landing, and he plunged into the ocean. Meryl called Snake to report that she twisted her ankle.

C’mon, guys!

Their call was abruptly cut off by gunfire.


Gekkos and FROGs closed in on Snake’s location. Getting noticed in this part of the game causes the ship’s alarm to go off, putting all enemies in permanent Alert mode.

Snake fought his way to the Command Center, where he found an unconscious Meryl. FROGs closed in on them, but Snake killed them all.

Meryl regained consciousness, but her movements were unnatural. She was manipulated by strings… like a marionette.

I know your wavelength,” said an odd female voice. “It brings back memories.”

It can’t be!” cried Snake.

The manipulator forced Meryl to point her pistol on her head. There was a gunshot-

But it was Johnny shooting the strings with a high-powered sniper rifle.

Suddenly, two fallen FROGs rose up again and shot Johnny.

It has been a long time, Snake.”


Screaming Mantis emerged.


She used a little Psycho Mantis doll to string up Meryl.

Save yourself many minutes of frustration by using the Syringe on Snake, allowing him to target Mantis’ dolls. Eventually, she’ll drop one, and you will have to collect it. All the while, she tries to put Meryl between you and herself.