Dragon Age: Origins – February 14th-15th, 2010

February 14th, 2010: On the world map, the paths between locations are drawn as a sort of scorching trail. Cool!

We ran into some highwaymen just before Lothering. One was as dumb as a box of sticks. The leader was a typical slithering coward.

Lothering was a town full of refugees. There, Etheria met a darling little boy. He was separated from his parents, but she could not offer him much help. However, the boy did say that she was nicer than everyone else in Lothering, even though he knew the reputation of elves. Or rather, the reputations of those who thought they knew of the reputation of the elven folk.

The dog in this game can bring you items. How very Fable II-esque.

Etheria had to intimidate the Revered Mother of the Chantry to free Sten, a qunari. He was imprisoned for killing eight people. The circumstances? He would not reveal, but he seemed very sad. We freed him and he joined the party.

Sten, yet to disapprove of anything that Etheria has done in particular, but looking disapproving all the same

We found out from the Revered Mother that Loghain framed the Gray Wardens for the incident at Ostagar. There was a bounty on Etheria’s head.


We ran into some of Loghain’s men at the tavern. A fight broke out, and a gorgeous redheaded woman helped us. Her name? Leliana, a rogue, and she joined us because the Maker told her to.


Our party is filling out quite nicely.

In more ways than one. 😉

I think it’s possible to totally skip some of the party members in this game, but that would kind of suck.

The intimidation of the Revered Mother? Morrigan approved. Alistair didn’t.

Other characters in your party would chime in with approval or disapproval of your decisions. Depending on your style of diplomacy, expect a lot of “(Character) disapproves” messages.

Unlocked Pilgrim.

We encountered Giant Spiders! Not regular RPG “giant spiders” – Resident Evil giant spiders.

Etheria had another dream of a dragon on the road out of Lothering. Alistair said that the dragon was the Archdemon. “That’s what I’m here for. To deliver unpleasant news and witty one-liners.” And he’s so good at it!

Should a fantasy game mention one-liners?

There are so many fun scenes with our dog and the rest of the party at camp. I think I’ll enjoy the camp scenes.

Etheria decided to take her party to Redcliffe Village.

People were suffering. Monsters attacked every night. Morrigan thought that we had more important things to do than help them. She ALWAYS thought that.

The monsters only came out at night, so we girded our lions ’til sundown.

They were no average monsters – they were the walking dead. And they were many.

After we secured the village, we investigated what happened in Castle Redcliffe.

A woman from the castle, Isolde, said that the undead scourge was also in the castle, but Arl Eamon was still alive. The mage responsible was caught. The mage, who may have been hired by Loghain, poisoned the Arl.

A demon may have been holding the castle dwellers hostage. Bann Teagan went with Isolde into the castle because the “demon” insisted. Teagan let us into the castle through a secret passage, accessible only with Teagan’s signet ring.

This game reminds me of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.

February 15th, 2010: The secret path into the castle through the windmill led to the dungeon. Enraged Corpses attacked us right off.

And who would we find down there but Jowan? Etheria suspected that he was the mage that Isolde mentioned.

Jowan admitted to poisoning the Arl but claimed that he had nothing to do with all of the other madness.

Loghain manipulated Jowan into poisoning the Arl because Loghain claimed that he could get Jowan back into the Circle of Magi.

Jowan claimed that Isolde panicked when her son, Connor, began to show some magical ability. Isolde did not want the Circle getting their claws into him…

Jowan wanted to take responsibility for his crime against the Arl, so Etheria freed him from the dungeon. We’ll see.

My party members don’t like Etheria much. 😦

We left the main area of the castle for the courtyard, and when we returned…

Connor was magically manipulating Jowan to dance like a fool. Connor was possessed. Isolde said that it was Jowan’s fault for summoning the demon.

Connor manipulated Teagan and several guards to fight us. Mercifully, Teagan survived.

Jowan showed up and said that we could confront the demon that possessed Connor through the Fade. Jowan explained that we could enter the Fade if he used his Blood Magic. Or, we can return to the Circle Tower. That way, no one had to die. Isolde already offered her blood.