Dragon Age: Origins – January 2nd-February 13th, 2010: The Joining

January 2nd, 2010: Alistair took us to an old temple for the Joining ritual. Duncan warned us that Gray Wardens would have to pay a heavy price – perhaps later than sooner, but inevitably nonetheless. Etheria was not scared. Power always had a price.

The Joining had potential Wardens drink of Darkspawn blood and survive the “taint”. If successful, they would be immune to the “taint” and could sense it in Darkspawn.

Daveth drank out of a large chalice – and died. Father-to-be Jory no longer wanted to participate, and Duncan was forced to protect himself from the panicked knight.

The time came for Etheria to drink the blood. Before she lost consciousness, she had a vision of a gigantic and hideous dragon…

She awoke as a Gray Warden.

Alistair said that only one recruit died in his Joining ritual, but he was glad that one of the new recruits survived this time.

How do you feel?” asked Duncan.

I still can’t believe you killed Ser Jory,” answered Etheria.

Jory was warned that there was no turning back, as were you all. It brought me no pleasure to end his life.”

He then said that Etheria’s survival of the Joining was proof that not all sacrifices were in vain…

Alistair said that last part of the Joining required any survivors to wear the remaining Darkspawn blood in the form of a pendant.

Next, we met with King Calian. We discussed battle plans with him and a man named Loghain. When the Darkspawn arrived, Alistair and Etheria were tasked with lighting a signal beacon atop Ishal Tower to let Teryn Loghain know it was time to attack. I don’t think that things will go exactly as planned, and Alistair is displeased with his role in it.

I get it, I get it,” Alistair said. “Just so you know, if the king ever asks me to put on a dress and dance the Remigold, I’m drawing the line, Darkspawn or no.”

There are some interesting response choices for your Warden. I chose, “I don’t know. That could be a great distraction.”

Me shimmying down the Darkspawn line? Sure, we could kill them while they roll around laughing.”

Lacking patience for our antics, Duncan let out an irritated sigh. 😛

Or would that be a “Disgusted Noise”? 😀

Why does Alistair’s voice remind me of Ricky Gervais?

The Tower loomed in the dark night scored by rain and the occasional lightning bolt. Cailan’s men held the front line against some truly ugly Darkspawn.

Unfortunately, the Tower was already invaded by Darkspawn when we got to it!

When characters have blood all over them, it’s kinda gross.

You’ve got red on you.”

February 13th, 2010: Unlocked Gray Warden. I already killed 100 Darkspawn?

On the top floor of the Tower, there was a nasty Ogre. It took lots of tries to kill him. Interrupting his brutal attacks is key.

Alistair said that we missed the signal, but we lit the beacon anyway.

And then Loghain withdrew his men.

An ogre killed Cailan, and Duncan slayed the ogre in turn.

Duncan’s injuries were grave. He sat by Cailan’s body as the chaos around him became a blur. Duncan’s gaze shifted to the beacon before a Darkspawn attacked him from behind.

At the same time, we were attacked in the Tower.

The next thing that Etheria knew, she woke up in Morrigan and Flemeth’s house, tripped to her underclothes. Flemeth rescued Etheria and Alistair.

Morrigan said that the Darkspawn won, and the Alistair did not take it well.

Unlocked Last of the Wardens.

Flemeth wanted Morrigan to accompany us. Morrigan herself did not love the idea.

I give you that which I value above all in this world,” stated Flemeth. “I do this because you must succeed.”

Now, we must work to unite the peoples of Ferelden against the Blight. We start with Arl Eamon, Cailan’s uncle.

On the path to Lothering, the dog that Etheria helped save at the Ostagar camp tipped the party off to a minor gathering of Darkspawn. After they were dealt with, Etheria adopted the dog and decided to name it Duncan.

In hindsight, kind of a bad idea because that led to two codex entries called “Duncan”. It also would probably give Alistair pause…

No guff: the dog is probably one of the better party members in the game.