Dragon Age: Origins – March 9th – 21st, 2010: Broken Branches

March 9th, 2010: Unlocked Hero of Redcliffe.

Bann Teagan used the Ashes on Arl Eamon, and he woke up. He asked of Connor and Isolde, so Teagan brought him up to speed.

Arl Eamon declared the party Champions of Redcliffe. He gave Etheria a special shield.

But he insisted that we reserve our armies for battling the Darkspawn. Therefore, to expose Loghain’s treachery, Arl Eamon proposed the ultimate bargaining chip: the illegitimate half-brother of the late king Cailan – Alistair. He protested, but Arl Eamon insisted that he was the best choice due to his blood relation.

Arl Eamon’s plan was to call for a Landsmeet to determine who should be Ferelden’s ruler.

He asked for Jowan, who apologized. “I expect no mercy on my behalf.”

I see,” said Arl Eamon. “Grey Warden, have you anything to say on Jowan’s behalf?”

He confronted the demon in the Face and saved Connor’s life,” reported Etheria.

Arl Eamon recognized that Jowan’s actions prevented Isolde from having to make a sacrifice. But “As the injured party, my ability to see the merciful path is… strained.”

Let him go. Let the Circle hunt him, if they wish.”

That, I can not do. He is a maleficar.” He said that he would turn Jowan over to the Circle.

Thank you, my lord,” said Jowan. “And goodbye, my… friend.” He was escorted out of the room.

Arl Eamon gave us permission to pursue the rest of the Grey Warden treaties as he worked to prepare the Landsmeet. The only treaty left was for the dwarves in the underground kingdom of Orzammar.

At camp, after Etheria had a dream of a crimson dragon, she and the others were attacked by Darkspawn! But with everyone around, they didn’t stand a chance.

Alistair thinks that the Archdemon looked at us at the end of the dream. Maybe it can sense us.

The story of how Wynne discovered her magical abilities is hilarious and heartbreaking.

March 11th, 2010: While we were out tidying up some quests, Wynne suddenly fell ill, but recovered.

When we returned to Denerim, Alistair suddenly asked if we could visit his half-sister, Goldanna.

Wynne explained that, before we met in the Tower, she faced a powerful demon threatening her apprentice, Petra. Defeating the demon took all that Wynne had. But a presence enveloped her and kept her alive. A spirit from the Fade tethered her to the earthly realm. But it began to weaken.

I am living on borrowed time,” said Wynne.

The fact that you can give items to your allies reminds me of Onimusha 2: Samurai’s Destiny. That was my favorite part of the whole game.

I pinched my pennies (or “bits”) and finally bought the tome that unlocked the Spirit Healer specialty. Now, I’ll learn better healing spells.

March 21st, 2010: In Denerim’s Market District, we found Goldanna, a washwoman.


She blamed Alistair – or rather, his denial of their lineage – for her poor living conditions. After all, she had five mouths to feed.

Alistair left disappointed. He wanted Goldanna to just accept him and give him some semblance of the family that he never had. “The only person who ever cared about me was Duncan, and he’s gone.”

You have friends,” said Etheria. “I’m one of them.”

I… thank you. I’m glad you came with me.

Let’s just go. I don’t want to talk about this anymore.”

Unlocked Elite.

Alistair asked Wynne about what it was like for a girl to hear, “I love you.” Heee.

Goldanna also said that the king forced himself on her mother.

In my original writeup, I was a lot nastier towards Goldanna, but now I realize how difficult things were for her. I wonder if you find out anymore about her in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

The encounter with her can play out much differently depending on whether or not your Warden is male or female. If he’s a male, then he can persuade her to open up about her life and mellow out on the idea of letting Alistair into her life. Either way, this encounter can have huge, far-reaching consequences the likes of which I could never have predicted…