Dragon Age: Origins – March 23rd, 2010 – June 18th, 2011

March 23rd, 2010: We traveled to the entrance to Orzammar by way of the Frostback Mountains. Irwin, a messenger of Loghain’s, wanted to get into Orzammar as well. We had to fight him and his posse.
The guard was not letting anyone inside because Orzammar was in turmoil. The king died and there was a fight over who would succeed him.
After we killed Irwin, the guard let us inside. When we entered the Commons, the son of the former king killed a guy that contested his right to the throne. Both groups scattered afterward.

Alistair asked Leliana what he should do if he thought a girl was special. She told him to be himself.

The young man who contested the throne was Bhelen. The last of Endrin’s three sons. The people did not like him. Even Endrin chose someone named Harrowmont to succeed him.
The captain of the Guard told us to go “to the Shaper of Memories in the Shaperate. The true bright spot in the Diamond Quarter”.

I got an urge to talk to my party members to see if they had anything interesting to say about Orzammar.
Alistair thanked Etheria for being his friend and talking to him after meeting Goldanna.
Some of the dwarves are rather cute. Take Dagna, for instance. She wants to study magic at the Circle, so she asked Etheria to put in a good word for her. Etheria agreed. Leliana was happy because she thought that Dagna was adorable. I’m happy that Leliana likes cute things and people!

If you have to fight Irwin, I suggest you ignore the mage and just focus on Irwin and his bodyguard.
Then you can easily pick off the mage.
I’ve quite enjoyed this VGJ.

March 24th, 2010: Alistair bugged Wynne about fixing a hole in his shirt. He was so whiny. He went to her because she’s “grandmotherly”. She agreed to fix it for him. It was cute.

The lava floes in Orzammar are cool.
I think they’re decorative, but who knows; they could be useful for makeshift forgery.
I have a sidequest about collecting giant rat things called Nugs. They’re in a a Box o’ Nugs. Funniest item so far.

An Orzammar crier decrying Bhelen declared, “Mine is a noble task, and I’ll drown out anyone who doesn’t say so!”

There was a crier against Harrowmont, too.
The Diamond Quarter is for nobles and politicos.

“Stop that,” requested Sten.

Leliana giggled. “Stop what?”
He accused her of staring and giggling at him.
“I can’t help it,” claimed Leliana. “You’re so big and stoic. Who would’ve guessed you’re just a softie?”
“I am a warrior of the Bedsereth! I am not a softie!”
“I hate humans.”

April 5th, 2011: I’m still trying to clear Orzammar. At least we made it (further?) down into Dust Town to kill Jarvia, the ringleader for Prince Bhelen.

June 18th, 2011: The game finally broke me. After an obviously long break, I chose to lower the difficulty to Casual. Orzammar is just that hard.
Anyway, we fought those guys protecting Jarvia’s hideout. Etheria persuaded the leader to spill the beans about the hideout’s location.

Unlocked Persuasive.

I’ve decided who I’m going to romance.

Now, we’re off to find a Paragon… with her husband Ogrhen’s help.

I decided to teach Morrigan the Spirit Healer specialization. Can’t ever have enough healing.

Sten has dealt twenty thousand points of damage overall!
Wow, I’ve seriously taken him for granted…
Oghren wanted to know what Leiliana wore under her Chantry robes. He said he’d find out one way or another. Ewie.