Dragon Age: Origins – June 22nd – July 1st, 2011: The Landsmeet

June 22nd, 2011: By “best lines in the game”, I mean the little stories that Leliana tells, like that of Bon-Bon, the toy dog terror that belonged to the woman who took her in after her mother died. Leliana said that Bon-Bon loved to hide and attack peoples’ ankles. But one day, Bon-Bon attacked Leliana, who reflexively kicked him, sending him flying across the room. He was scared of her from then on.

We returned to Redcliffe Castle and asked Arl Eamon to call the Landsmeet. They hadn’t cleaned up that body in the throne room from Maker-knows-when. So hard to find good help these days.

Guess who came to talk to us? Loghain. He did not recognize Etheria from Ostagar.

Arl Eamon persisted that only a king of the Therin bloodline should lead Ferelden against the Blight, but Loghain was dead-set against it.

Unlocked Standard-Bearer. 18/50 Achievements

Arl Eamon: “Well, that was… bracing. I didn’t expect Loghain to show himself quite so soon.”

Etheria: “What do we do now?”

Arl Eamon said that we should go about and convince the nobles who is the rightful king and how corrupt Loghain truly was.

Our party got to stay at the estate. Zevran enjoyed the accommodations. “You know, I could get used to this. The last time I came to Denerim, I stayed at an inn so filthy the bedbugs had fleas.” LOL

Things get even more complicated when Loghain allowed his daughter to get kidnapped by Arl Howe of Denerim. She was trapped in a guest room. Anora’s handmaiden, a lovely Orlesian elf, told us and Arl Eamon of this. We received the new quest, “Rescue the Queen”.

This family is insane.

I wonder if Alistair ascends to the throne, what will become of Anora? Will he have to marry her? Awk-ward.

Apparently, there is one person that can talk Morrigan to a standstill: STEN.

The Qunari have their own mages, and no, Sten isn’t the person to ask about it.

We have unfinished business in Denerim, anyway, like the Antivan Crows that still want Zevran and Etheria dead. One of the Crows – a male named Taliesen – confronts you in the Back Alley. Zevran talks to him whether he’s in your party or not. Zevran says that Taliesen were friends “and more” once, but Zevran was not going back to the Crows, one way or another.

This is another scenario that can end in a multitude of different ways. It depends on how high Zevran’s approval rating of you is.

July 1st, 2011: While trying to rescue Anora, we met some interesting folk: a Gray Warden here, a well-connected noble there. Also, a Templar that Jowan hurt when he destroyed his phylactery. I’m just glad that Jowan wasn’t at the good Arl Howe’s side.

We also met Arl Urien, who had a problem with elves. Etheria overlooked that by implying that she needed his help at the Landsmeet.

I don’t know why, but as we freed people from the dungeons, Morrigan started approving of me. What.

One of the prisoners had gone insane. He mentioned a witch of the swamps, which led Morrigan to wonder if he had actually seen Flemeth… or if he was just that far gone. Or maybe Flemeth did that to him?

We wound up killing Arl Howe, who was embittered to the end. Then, we found Anora, who was dressed in full armor. Thinks ahead, doesn’t she?

One of the dialog choices was, “Aren’t you a little short for a guard?”

We tried to leave, but a pretty lady and several guards confronted us. I didn’t want to kill the pretty lady, so we did an exchange: Etheria for… everyone else.

The others returned to the Arl of Howe. Anora told him and Alistair what happened to Etheria, and that she needed to be rescued.

Meanwhile, at Fort Drakon…

Etheria woke up in the dungeon. An old male prisoner talked to her, which was actually the game’s way of deciding how you wanted to leave the Fort: escape with him, or assign a couple of your friends to come and rescue you.

Leliana will come for me,” said Etheria.

The aged prisoner mocked her slightly.

Well, maybe Alistair will come for me,” said Etheria.

Her two dearest friends were in Fort Drakon, bluffing their way into the dungeon. Those two silver-tongued devils talked the talk, but had to walk the walk once they worked their way into that part of the Fort.

Hilariously, you can have Alistair talk to two male guards and bring an ugly secret to light: they were both after the same girl!

Alistair and Leliana slipped past them as the two guards’ fight consumed the entire watch.

Beyond that, Alistair and Leliana were on their own and had to fight their way to Etheria. Shockingly, the enemies in this area are stunningly easy, even on Normal.

It was refreshing to play as someone other than a mage.

For some reason, Etheria getting captured caused Sten’s approval of her to drop nine points.

Leliana taught me the joy of backstabbing.

After Alistair and Leliana rescued Etheria, they returned to the Arl of Redcliffe’s estate. Anora told us that Loghain was stirring up trouble in the Elven Alienage and that we should investigate.

There was also the issue of who to put on the throne. Let’s review the choices.

Alistair: He doesn’t want to be king. Arl Eamon wants him to be to preserve the 400-year-old bloodline of the Silver Knight, but bless him, I really don’t think that Alistair would be happy as king.

Anora: She is very popular as the queen – and later widow – of King Cailan. She wants to take over for her deceased husband. She thought herself a better ruler than her more adventurous mate, and she thinks the same of Alistair.

Alistair + Anora: A political marriage?! Why not! But Anora seems squeamish about marrying someone who looks so much like Cailan. Clearly, he is not easily replaced for her.

Let’s see: Alistair doesn’t want to be king. I don’t want him to be king, unlike Eamon. Anora wants to be queen. She doesn’t want to marry Alistair. The chips seem stacked in her favor; as such, Etheria marginally gives Anora her full support as a Grey Warden.

Grey Warden. Political consultant. Mage. Etheria should be getting paid much, much more than she usually is.

Is it wrong to put the happiness of one friend above a country’s history and political future? We’ll see. We’ll see.

Finally, the Elven Alienage was opened to us. I’ve only been waiting the whole game for that.

You know what racists call elves? Knife-ears.

Wynne wanted to give Duncan antlers and a “swishy tail”! She also wanted to change his color. She gushed all over him like that, but then he ran off with her staff!

Wynne: “Perhaps I underestimated your intelligence.”

Alistair gave Etheria a rose. OwO

Aww, that’s so traditional.

There were slavers working out of the Alienage with Loghain’s approval. With proof of that in tow, we are ready for the Landsmeet.


We freed the elven slaves and spared the life of Loghain’s right-hand… slaver?