Dragon Age: Origins – July 2nd, 2011 (Part Two) – July 4th, 2011: Miles to Go

July 2nd, 2011 Continued

Now, I get to be Anora’s right-hand lady. Joy.

Unlocked Rabble-Rouser and Recruiter. I did not see that coming…

That is to say, that recruiting Loghain was the key to unlocking the latter.

Loghain survived the ritual.

Of course he did.

It’s hard to be mean to Anora when she’s so… understanding.

Anora: “Thank you for… giving him the opportunity to undergo the ritual.”


>>”Let’s just get on with it.”

He did what he thought was right.”

He has a lot to redeem himself for.”

Don’t expect him to live much longer.”

Anora: “You have united Ferelden, Warden… Now we face the Blight.”


I guess Alistair doesn’t understand that this was the path that may let all of us live.

Just like he never wanted to be king, I never wanted to be a political player.

We moved on Redcliffe, which was already besieged by a small horde of Darkspawn. Most of the villagers were all right, however.

The horde was suspiciously easy to kill. All non-boss enemies fell within two blasts of magic. But it turned out that there was a reason for that. The true horde moved upon Denerim, led by the Archdemon. We decided to head for Denerim.

Riordan had to tell Loghain and I how to kill the Archdemon privately. I don’t like the sound of this.

A golden nugget of dialog from the Dwarf Commander stationed at Redcliffe Castle: “Right, off to camp with both of you. And keep the drunkeness to a minimum. We’ve a long way to go yet.”

Riordan said that the only way to kill the Archdemon is to pass on its essence to the Gray Warden that killed it. That killed the Gray Warden as well.

Riordan nobly volunteered to kill the Archdemon because he was the oldest. Loghain said that if Riordan could not, then he would. But what should I do? I don’t want to die.

Morrigan was in my room, for some reason. She claimed to know of a way to slay the Archdemon without the death of a Gray Warden. It would require Morrigan to conceive a child with a Gray Warden. The essence of the Archdemon would be passed onto the child. Flemeth told Morrigan of the ritual.

Morrigan tried to convince Etheria to get Loghain to cooperate in ritual, for Riordan had been Tainted too long.

Morrigan even brought up Leliana as a reason why Etheria should do it.

She convinced Loghain – barely – to complete the ritual. Those were her orders. He would not have complied otherwise. Does that mean he respected Etheria that much?

The next day, the armies gathered to retake Denerim.

The last two hours of this game have been a straight-up Mass Effect-on-Virmire-style mindfuck.

We secured the Alienage and the Market District whilst Sten and co. held the city gates. Playing as Sten was kinda fun, but he’s very slow.

Riordan bravely attempted to slay the Archdemon, tearing one of its wings before the Warden fell to his death in the Palace District.

Morrigan will be confused if you don’t take her to kill the Archdemon. To which you can replay one of what has to be one of the many questions on the players’ minds: “In your delicate condition?”

She insists that she’s not going to miss out on this fight.

Unlocked Archmage.

Alistair was right in saying the the Blight can bring people together, but it can also tear them apart, and not just physically.

Everyone has their say before the forces are divided. Oghren said, “Let’s show them out hearts… and then show them theirs.”

Leliana: “You are my dearest friend, and love. You led me out of the darkness into the light.”

As did you.

Unlocked Defender. Sweet!

Um, Sandal killed piles of Darkspawn by himself in Fort Drakon. But where was his dad, Bodahn? Safe, I hope.

July 4th, 2011: It took a few tries, but we slew the Archdemon. Realizing that we could summon our reserves and use the ballistae helped.

Thoroughly weakened, the Archdemon wailed once and collapsed upon the rooftop of Fort Drakon. Etheria grabbed a sword from a fallen soldier, slit the Archdemon’s neck, and plunged the blade into its skull.

Wynne and Loghain watched as Etheria and the Archdemon were consumed by a pillar of light…

She and Loghain survived, so they were able to participate in Anora’s formal coronation. She asked what she could do for Etheria, who replied that the order of the Gray Wardens be honored. Anora agreed, and declared that a statue would be built in Alistair’s honor.

Pretty sure at that point he wouldn’t appreciate it.

That was all that Etheria could ask for.

At this point, you could run around the throne room and talk to your party members. For example, Leliana reflects on her vision and realizes that while she may have intended to save the Warden, Etheria saved her instead. Aww.

Morrigan was not at the coronation.

Months later, someone fitting her description was seen in the Frostback Mountains. She was possibly with child. That’s no place to raise a baby!

Anora decided to help the reputation of the Magi.

Connor studied and became a full mage, eventually joining the Imperium of Tevinter.

First Enchanter Irving said that retirement would be upon him soon.

Dagna, the only dwarf to join the Circle of Magi, eventually wrote a book on lyrium.

The elves’ lot improved little. Tensions between them and the humans caused Anora to tighten her grasp on their riots.

In Orzammar, fragments of the Anvil of the Void were collected and used to craft a new golem. It immediately started killing people. The demands to continue Caridin’s research went unceasing.

Several attempts were made upon King Bhelen’s life, leading to the Assembly. History was divided on Bhelen’s place as a tyrant or a visionary…

Wynne decided to advise Anora in improving the reputation of Magi.

Oghren chose to stay topside, at least for a while.

Zevran thought that the Crows would still come after him. Etheria told him that it would be okay if he left for a while, as long as he returned. His answer was pleasingly passionate.

Sten decided to return to his homeland. He thanked Etheria for the chance to redeem his honor. “If I see you on the battlefield, I will not seek you out.”

Etheria offered to go with him, but he said that one of the qunari leaders wouldn’t like her…

Anora never remarried, despite several romantic pursuers. She cited that they all fell short of her father.

Loghain himself was charged with leading the recruitment of new Grey Wardens in Ferelden.

Alistair left the region. Shortly after the battle at Denerim, an imposter claiming to be Alistair made a claim at Anora’s throne, but was rejected. An embittered man claiming to be a Grey Warden and a prince was found in the local bars, but drunk men are not rare… unlike him.

Small war bands of Darkspawn lurched over the countryside, and they proved difficult to eradicate.

Etheria took her leave with Leliana on a real vacation… at least for a while. They were separated in time. Would they ever be reunited? That is a tale yet to be told…

Unlocked A Dark Promise. 23/50

I’d like to thank all of my friends in Ferelden and elsewhere.

Meanwhile, in a burg known as Kirkwall…