Dragon Age II Part Four: The Spirit of Vengeance

Tranquility”: In search of Deep Roads maps, Hawke and her companions meet Anders, a former Grey Warden who ran a clinic in Darktown. He’s in hiding because he’s a bloody mage.


In exchange for the maps, Anders asks for help with freeing a mage friend of his. Anders originally came to Kirkwall to finish this task.

His friend, Karl Thekla, was imprisoned in the Gallows. But by the time we reached the Chantry, Karl was already a Tranquil. Then, some Templars came to kill us, but Anders used some sort of frightening power to help us fend them off. This power, derived from the Fade, brought Karl back from being Tranquil, but only for a time. He begged Anders to kill him. Ilyria tried to talk Anders out of it, but he couldn’t stand to have a friend made Tranquil.

He said goodbye one last time before he stabbed Karl.

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Dragon Age II Part Three: The Wolf Among Us

Maybe not all mages are happy to be so.

Gee, ya think?

Magic is the result of the Maker’s first children trying to reach out to our mortals. Maybe Ilyria doesn’t like that. Continue reading Dragon Age II Part Three: The Wolf Among Us

Dragon Age II Part Two: Sundermount

Part Two: Sundermount

Mom wanted to see the will to check if Gemlon’s claims about it were true. Unfortunately, it was in the vault on the family estate, which he sold to settle debts (called it ~). Fortunately, our dearest uncle knew of a tunnel to the estate that we could use to sneak in.

Unfortunately (once again), the enemies in Kirkwall are already a bit too tough with just the three of us, so we went to pick up Aveline at the Viscount’s Keep. She was a little unhappy with her job there; she wondered if she had been demoted because she stepped on somebody’s toes somewhere. Continue reading Dragon Age II Part Two: Sundermount

The Champion of Kirkwall: Dragon Age II Part One: Introduction

Dragon Age II

Developer: BioWare

Publisher: Electronic Arts

Released: March 8th, 2011

Purchased: July 1th, 2011

Started: July 20th, 2011

System: Xbox 360

Right off the bat, this VGJ is a bit different. The original idea after 2010 when I started doing omnibus journals was that “epic” games would get their own devoted VGJs. But I eventually decided to just put them all in the omnibuses.

DAII was the last recipient of a standalone VGJ. For some reason, I must have felt like some changes were necessary, because this VGJ… doesn’t have any dates, until the very end of the game, which I finished off in an omnibus.

So how to format this VGJ? I will attempt to assemble it into parts, which I’ve done with my LPs for years now anyway. Sorry for any confusion. ;-;

Men cry not for themselves, but for their comrades.”

-Tagline for LOVELESS, Compilation of Final Fantasy VII

Part One: Introduction

The opening of the game is very impressive. The graphics are incredible in terms of clarity, detail, and lighting. It looks better than Mass Effect 2, and frankly, it should.

Unlike Dragon Age: Origins, DAII has a framing device. The game is told in flashback. Varric Tethras, a friend of a person known as Hawke, the Champion of Kirkwall, is caught by the Seekers, an offshoot of the Templars.


The Seekers want to know how Hawke started a war between the Templars and the mages.

The Seeker in charge of Varric’s interrogation: Cassandra Pentaghast of Nevarra.


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