Dragon Age II Part Four: The Spirit of Vengeance

Tranquility”: In search of Deep Roads maps, Hawke and her companions meet Anders, a former Grey Warden who ran a clinic in Darktown. He’s in hiding because he’s a bloody mage.


In exchange for the maps, Anders asks for help with freeing a mage friend of his. Anders originally came to Kirkwall to finish this task.

His friend, Karl Thekla, was imprisoned in the Gallows. But by the time we reached the Chantry, Karl was already a Tranquil. Then, some Templars came to kill us, but Anders used some sort of frightening power to help us fend them off. This power, derived from the Fade, brought Karl back from being Tranquil, but only for a time. He begged Anders to kill him. Ilyria tried to talk Anders out of it, but he couldn’t stand to have a friend made Tranquil.

He said goodbye one last time before he stabbed Karl.

One thing I didn’t pick up on or learn was that Karl and Anders were more than just friends.

Back at his clinic, Anders gave us the Deep Roads map he promised. He also said that if we needed his help, he would come along. With Justice in tow.

Justice was a spirit that Anders encountered in the Fade. But Anders’ anger distorted the spirit, turning it into Vengeance, which emerged whenever Ander’s anger was aroused.

Andersda2 Possessed

He’s cute, scruffy, and tortured.

Merril wanted to know what would happen if she tickled a Qunari. Poor girl. She just wants to make friends.

These Qunari seem nothing like Sten…

If you want to be technical about it, Dragon Age: Inquisition lets you find out what happens if you tickle a Qunari. :3

Merril imitating Varric? Now that is some funny shiz.

At the docks, a dwarven lord was being attacked by Carta thugs. He was a relative of Lord Harrowmont. King Bhelen was hunting down and killing all those related to Harrowmont, and this young lord was the only one to escape. He paid us a sovereign to flush the rest of the thugs, and promised more to come.

A detour to the Hanged Man introduced us to Isabela, formerly Captain Isabela. She lost her ship somehow. Probably gambled it away.


She asked for Ilyria’s help in a duel against some guy. Ilyria agreed, even though it didn’t seem very honorable. Isabela’s opponent may not be honorable either.

Also at the Hanged Man, we met a man claiming to be a prince. He was drunk. And whiny. Aveline seemed to recognize him. When Ilyria asked him if he was okay, he said, “Worse than okay.”

He said that he was a disgraced traitor.

Aveline warned, “Now he’ll be at it all day.”

You sound like Morrigan,” replied the drunk.

If you talk to him again, he says, “This is all Morrigan’s fault. I know it.”

Yes, this is what becomes of Alistair if he’s neither the king nor a Grey Warden at the end of Dragon Age: Origins.

His hair looked weird in this game. I thought he was blond in Origins.

All of my anxiety about meeting him in this game melted away into excitement. Although I must wonder – did they just play my starcrossed love affair for laughs? Or were they just trying to give him a break?

If so, it’s not much of a one.

Hayder, the man that Isabela was set to duel, did not play fair. He sent raiders after us. We ducked into the Chantry and confronted him.

Hayder was working for Castillon, who hired Isabela to transport a “relic” and several slaves aboard the ship that she “lost”. He’d like it back.

After a difficult battle, Ilyria agreed to help Isabela with finding the relic. She said that she would dig up some information on where it may have wound up…

Now, we are doing a quest for a henpecked Orlesian husband named Ghylsain. His wife, Ninette, really got around. She frequented the Blooming Rose, a hotbed of hired sex. Her favorite was an experienced elf with the most beautiful blue eyes.

Her husband said that another person that she visited was a Templar named Emeric. He was investigating a serial killer who was hunting down women.

“What if one of the women who died was someone you loved?” asked Emeric.

This quest took a bizarre turn when we rescued Emeric from thugs in Darktown. He gave up the investigation and passed his findings on to us.

The note mentioned a Foundry. We investigated it and were attacked by Shades, monsters from the Fade. We also found human bones. Ninette’s ring was among them.

Shepherding Wolves”: A woman, apparently from the Chantry, paid Hawke to escort a bound Qunari mage, or Saarebas. They took him through the undercity to the Wounded Coast, only to face down the Qunari that wanted the Saarebas back. After we slew the opposing Qunari’s forces, Hawke destroyed the rod that sealed the Saarebas’ speech and free will. He used the last of his free will to follow the Qun and commit suicide, despite Hawke’s protests.

The Saarebas and Hawke achieved an understanding in the end.

Mom mentioned Sten in reference to all of the other Qunari in town. She thought that just one was bad enough…

Carver is not polite to Anders. :/