Dragon Age II Part Three: The Wolf Among Us

Maybe not all mages are happy to be so.

Gee, ya think?

Magic is the result of the Maker’s first children trying to reach out to our mortals. Maybe Ilyria doesn’t like that.

Merril wondered how Sundermount got its name.

Bait and Switch”: The slaver, a member of the Tevinter Imperium named Danarius wasn’t in his mansion. Fenris went out to get some air. He seemed disappointed.

But he was patient. He moved into the mansion, awaiting the return of the Tevinter scum that once enslaved him. For the time being, Fenris was willing to help us should we need him.

In her spare time, Ilyria had a nice, long conversation with Fenris. He imbibed in a certain brand of wine. He said that Danarius made him pour it for his guests, entertained by their reaction to the lyrium tattooed into Fenris’ skin. Ilyria had a different reaction to his appearance and told him such. He took it as a compliment.

Then… he threw the whole bottle against the wall, which was scary.

It’s an understandable reaction, however. It emphasizes his hate for all that he suffered at Danarius’ hands and what he was forced to do.

He didn’t like mages like those responsible for his enslavement, but he didn’t dislike Ilyria because she was not like those mages. It seemed he gave her a chance.

Unlocked Treasure Hunter and Birthright.

Carver partially blamed Ilyria for what happened to Bethany. But Ilyria took responsibility. She said that, if she could take it back, she would. Carver responded by saying that he must find his own path. It can’t happen soon enough.

Ouch. O_O

He whines about everything. He asked Fenris if he spent all of his time brooding. Fenris responded with “Like attracts like I suppose.”

Sick burn!

Am I really that bad of a sister?

Kind of.

Mom was in the will, and she was going to appeal to the viscount to allow us back onto the estate. Oh, and we took care of the slavers inside, so no more of that, fingers crossed.

I did something that Carver liked by proving that Dad named him after the Templar that let him leave Kirkwall. That made Carver feel like Dad could accept a swordsman for a son.

Unlocked Gift-Giver.

We helped Aveline become the new Guard Captain!

Idle convos happen more often in this game than in the first. My early favorite was the one between Varric and Carver. It showed that they were rivals. But it ended amicably:

Carver: “Drinks later?”

Varric: “Never miss ’em.”

Another idle convo between Aveline and Merril has the latter asking how she feels about Hawke. Aveline rejected an allusion to favoring Hawke, saying, “Keep it to yourself.”

I’d rather keep it with her,” quipped Merril. This Dalish elf isn’t that sheltered.

Unlocked A Friend in Need.

So far, I’m keeping Ilyria’s choices separate from Etheria’s. It’s going well.

Another convo was between Carver and Fenris, as the former apparently tried to make small talk:

Carver: “Many of us got tattoos before Ostagar. Mabari, for strength.”

Fenris: “Does it curse you with the ability to reach into a man’s chest and tear out his heart?”

“No. But I can make it bark.”

I bet you can. Hell-o!

What? I’m not his sister. 😛

Guess who has a giiirlfriend back hooome? Carver. Her name is Peaches. Despite Lothering being rebuilt, her and her family have settled in Denerim.

Uncle Gemlon said that the letter was for Hawke. He probably just threw it in the pile when he saw that it read “Hawke” as the recepient. UGH

Apparently, sibling rivalry runs in the family…

Varric calls Merril Daisy. Isn’t that adorable? He likes to nickname people.