Dragon Age II Part Two: Sundermount

Part Two: Sundermount

Mom wanted to see the will to check if Gemlon’s claims about it were true. Unfortunately, it was in the vault on the family estate, which he sold to settle debts (called it ~). Fortunately, our dearest uncle knew of a tunnel to the estate that we could use to sneak in.

Unfortunately (once again), the enemies in Kirkwall are already a bit too tough with just the three of us, so we went to pick up Aveline at the Viscount’s Keep. She was a little unhappy with her job there; she wondered if she had been demoted because she stepped on somebody’s toes somewhere.

Not only did she come with us, but she had a quest in Sundermount too, which gave me an excuse to figure out how to switch the world map outside of Kirkwall. Ahem.

Unlocked Explorer.

Sundermount was the home of a Dalish elven camp. There, we delivered Flemeth’s amulet to the Keeper, Maretheri. Good news: it didn’t make anyone explode!

Keeper Maretheri

But Maretheri warned that it did have terrible power. She seemed to bemoan the burden of holding it, but she emphasized that Flemeth’s promises had a rare weight. Maretheri earnestly told Hawke of the importance of promises.

Maretheri told us to go to the top of Sundermount and perform a ritual upon the amulet. Her apprentice, Merril, would come along with us to complete the ritual, but implied that she would no longer be able to ascend to the position of Keeper herself.

Merril waited for us a little higher up the trail. She appeared to be doing something with light, but she abruptly stopped when she noticed us.


She is very cute. Like a squirrel. A cute squirrel. A better impression than I had when I saw a picture of her online. I was like, “WHAT IS THAT?!” Ahem. I didn’t know that they made elves look so different on purpose in DAII beforehand.

She’s voiced by Eve Myles. It sounds like she did a good job.

Why is Sundermount dangerous? Zombies. They could’ve warned us beforehand.

Another elf further up the trail disdained Merril, and I think I know why: Merril knows blood magic.

I feel a twinge of regret for not criticizing her for it. UGH DECISIONS

Maybe mages just piss people off in general.

Flemeth – or a small piece thereof – was inside of the amulet. Merril summoned her and bowed to her, but she asked Merril to stand.

Flemeth said that her lurking in the amulet was a show of caution in case the “inevitable” happened. “And if I know my Morrigan, it already has.”

Morrigan was Flemeth’s daughter, and Flemeth seemed to praise her kin for being exactly what she raised her to be. Beyond that, she elaborated no more.

Flemeth said that the world awaited an inevitable descent into the abyss – and when it comes, do not hesitate to leap. For that was when you would learn if you could fly.

Carver asked if we would regret bringing her here. She explained that she knew regret all too well, and advised against clinging to it, allowing it to poison your soul.

She said to Ilyria that she had her thanks… and her sympathy. Then Flemeth transformed and flew away.

A strangely affecting meeting. Ilyria felt as if she were being watched in such a way that Flemeth may have over her own daughter.

That’s probably not a good thing, though, is it?

We returned the amulet to Maretheri and Merril left camp with us. They both looked worried at each other, but did not look back…

Merril was surprised at the conditions in Kirkwall’s elven Alienage and how many people were there. But Ilyria promised to visit her. Merril thanked her and settled in.

Unlocked Full House.

We’ve already earned 16 Sovereigns! Expedition, here we come.

Merril’s house is kinda crummy. 😦

I idly followed the quest “Bait and Switch” and it led to use getting rescued by a former slave – an elf named Fenris. He was actually the one that we originally got the quest from. The quest offers you the chance to “deal with” his former master. We’ve decided to help him finish it.


Fenris is CUTE. Maybe most elves are, but he also has an exotic look.

Being voiced by Gideon Emery doesn’t hurt. I think that DAII is the game that really made me notice Emery’s acting.

Aveline bristled at Hawke’s pitching in with Fenris’ quest, but he seems to be a man of his word. I can’t wait to talk to him some more.


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