Dragon Age II Part Seven: A Paragon of His Kind

Bartrand’s estate seemed innocent enough. If you agree to investigate it, the game makes you play as Varric. He picks apart Bartrand’s fleet of guards.

I was very confused to play as him, but that’s how I learned that he. Is. Awesome.

Three shots. That’s how many shots it takes to kill a guard. With Rhyming Triplet, they don’t survive the second shot.

Of course, there may be a point to all this…

With one bolt, Varric killed the three guards in front of Bartrand, who of course begged for his life. He explained his behavior being motivated out of jealousy for his little brother…

Cassandra stopped Varric there, demanding the finer details. The game gave you your party back.

The truth was that the lyrium idol made Bartrand crazy. Shocking, ain’t it? A steward of Bartrand’s escaped the madness and explained that, even after he had sold it, he claimed that the idol “sang” to him. He forced his servants to eat lyrium and would cut off pieces of them…

The steward begged Varric to give a merciful end to whatever it was that was holed up in the study.

Bartrand was that whatever. He babbled on and on about how he should not have sold the idol to “that woman”, and claimed that she “stole” it from him. He did not know where it was anymore.

Ilyria told Varric to let Bartrand go. Varric was disappointed, but agreed to locking Bartrand up somewhere. Varric also said that he would look into whoever bought the idol…

Varric was fibbing to Cassandra about that segment where you play as him!

Well, that was sort of disappointing. It seems like everyone in this game has a problem finding people. Varric, Hawke, Fenris…

After we idly returned to the Wounded Coast for another quest, some of Danarius’ men rudely interrupted us. Fenris interrogated one of the Tevinter mages, who told him that Hadriana had a slave den nearby. He begged for his life, but Fenris broke his neck.

Hadriana was Danarius’ disciple, and one of Fenris’ tormentors. She used to deprive him of food and sleep.

After defeating her at the den, Fenris covered her. She pleaded to have her life spared in exchange for the location of Fenris’ sister, Variana.

Fenris loomed over Hadriana like a bird of prey, and gave her his word that he would let her live if she told him the truth. She revealed that Variana was now a servant, not a slave for someone elsewhere.

Then, Fenris reached into Hadriana’s chest and crushed her heart.

You could say that Fenris is a real heartbreaker. =D

Slavers don’t have much of a heart, anyway.

Fenris was angry. He did not know whether or not to believe what Hadriana said. And even then, what kind of state would Variana be in? Fenris said that magic spoiled everything it touched before he left ahead of the others.

In the den, we also found a tragically innocent enslaved elf girl named Orana. Hadriana was sacrificing slaves. One of them was Orana’s father.

I was just going to let Orana go, but the game presented me with the option to hire her as a servant in the estate. Fenris bitterly said, “I didn’t know you were in the business of buying slaves,” but Hawke explained that she was hiring Orana. Fenris cooled off on the matter.

After we left the den, Fenris returned to the estate to apologize to Hawke. He lamented how he just could not be rid of the hatred he had for Danarius.

Why is it so hard to let go of hatred sometimes? For some, it’s the most dominant emotion that they have. Without it, they don’t know who they are, and that scares them.

It probably won’t go away, even after he kills Danarius.

Hawke told Fenris that there was no need to apologize, and that they were friends. Fenris said that he was not entirely sure what that meant.

But now, his Friendship level with Hawke is as high as Varric’s.

Orana was so sugary-sweet. She said that she had trouble finding the estate at first, but she made her way there. Hawke explained to her that she was a servant, not a slave anymore. Orana was unsure what that meant, because that was all she had ever been, like her father and grandfather.

The cycle ended there.

Hiring Orana is a smart move. That way, she can stay safe and within sight at the estate. She won’t be all alone in the big bad world that she doesn’t know how to navigate. She won’t be captured by another slaver.

Anders wondered aloud why Fenris’ old master did not outright kill him, because his temperament did not seem typical of a slave. That’s unspeakably rude! Fenris retorted by asking Fenris why the Templars hadn’t killed him yet.

Because I’m charming,” replied Anders. Well!