Dragon Age II Part Six: We’re Alone Now

Down there in the Thaig, we encountered these things called the Profane. A weird demon was leading them. It liked the sound of its own voice too much. It wanted us to kill another demon in exchange for a way out.

…Or you could just kill them both. It wasn’t easy.

Behind the Rock Wraith was a hoard of treasure. It… it was beautiful.

Oh, and one of the chests had a key for our exit to the surface, or whatever.

Varric said it could take a week to get back if we were unlucky, and if we were lucky, “we’d stumble upon Bartrand’s corpse on the way out.”

Five days later, we found our exit. But Carver said that he felt “wrong”.

Varric chuckled. “I’ll bet it was those deep mushrooms we found.”

Carver suddenly fainted. Hawke rushed to his side.

Carver: “It’s the Blight, isn’t it? Just like that Templar, Wesley. I’ll be just as dead. Just as gone.

…I’m not going to make it. Not to the surface. Not anywhere. It’s getting worse.

Varric: “We’re in the middle of nowhere! We can’t help him…”

Carver asks Hawke to take care of it. The game cuts away before it shows her killing him.

Why didn’t he tell us sooner?

Back on the surface, Varric apologized for not seeing Bartrand’s betrayal coming. Varric promised to find him.

Mother was devastated…

This part of the game hit me pretty hard. It was one of those moments that all comes together in a horrible and tragic instant. I regretted how much Ilyria and Carver fought.

Anders can save Carver, but he is then conscripted into the Grey Wardens. Still preferable to death.

On this quest, I think that Varric is a mandatory party member. I think I took Carver along because it was supposed to be one of “our” things. I vaguely recall Isabela being the fourth party member.

Of all the times to not take the mage.

I don’t remember my exact logic for not taking along whoever I did, but I try to cycle characters out every so often in RPGs so that I can use everyone.

Hawke and Carver have their final scene together alone. The fourth party member doesn’t appear in this scene at all. I guess Isabela just disappeared.

The end of the Deep Roads expedition marks the end of the first of the game’s three acts.

Back in the present, Cassandra pinned the tragedy in the Deep Roads as Hawke’s motive for starting a war between the mages and the Templars. Cassandra then urged Hawke to continue.

The fortunes from the expedition allowed Hawke to move into a mansion. The Viscount took notice of the up-and-comer, and three years later, he called her in to meet the Qunari Arishok at his behest.

Act II

Hawke bought back the family estate. Sandal and Bodahn moved in with us at Bodahn’s request.

Mom said that she can’t just mope around after everything that happened. I guess she’s not the same panicky person that fled Lothering…

Isabela carved something dirty into the stairs in the family estate. For shame!

Aveline has fancy new armor for her new position as Guard Captain. It suits her.

Unlocked Stone Cold.

The friends have been up to no end of trouble at Hawke’s estate. Varric keeps putting trashy books in the bookcase, while Sandal swings from the chandelier. Madness!

At the Hanged Man, Bann Teagan tried to drag Alistair out of his despair. He heaved a sigh and left with Teagan. Um, yay?

It seemed like he really didn’t want to go.

It’s like his life is out of his own hands.

Anders misses his cat, Ser Pounce-a-Lot. D’aww.

Isabela is doing stuff for Fenris! I know you’re not messin’ with my man!

He doesn’t remember anything that happened before he was tattooed. Either the trauma or the procedure obliterated his memory. He must have felt so alone.

He was stunned about how it’s been three years since… everything, I suppose. Still not a peep out of Danarius.

Having Keeper Maretheri visit the Alienage is stunningly poignant.

Now Isabela’s bugging Anders about curing her “diseases”!

I earned 25 Friendship points from him in one convo! Dayum.

He’s cute, but he’s scared of himself. That’s not good…

Anders and Aveline don’t get along either.

Fenris is obsessed with Aveline’s name. When pressed, Fenris said that his name was given to him by Danarius. He called Fenris his… little wolf.

Unlocked Tag Team.

Varric heard that Bartrand had a new house in Hightown, so we’re going to pay him a nice little visit.

Varric: “Bianca’s been missing him terribly.”

I like earning Friendship points.

Fenris thinks that Hawke is beautiful.