Dragon Age II Part Eight: The Ultimatum

A letter from Leandra arrived. She said that Lothering is beyond saving until the taint of the Fifth Blight left the land.

Isabela defaced the crest on one of the shields hung as decoration in the estate. If examined, Hawke says, “Cover the left half, and… Oh, Isabela! I can’t unsee that.”

What WAS it? O_o

Back at Danarius’ mansion, Fenris drank the last of the wine to celebrate the anniversary of his escape. It happened when he was accidentally left behind on a certain island that the Tevinter Imperium and the Qunari were fighting over for a long time. He was rescued and nurtured by Fog Warrior rebels. He got his first taste of freedom, affection, friendship… probably even selflessness.

But Danarius returned and ordered him to slay all of the Warriors, and he complied. Seeing their bodies made something inside of him snap, and he started running.

Fenris said that he never explained this to anyone else before, and that he never wanted to. “I suppose this is what it feels like to have a friend.”

He raised a toast. “To Hawke, the finest mage I’ve ever known.”

Isabela thought that Bianca needed a woman’s touch. Varric claimed that only he knew how to “touch” her, to which Isabela said, “That’s what they all think. And I prove them wrong every time.

Stop it!” demanded Varric. “You’re confusing her – and me.”

If Fenris and Varania both wound up bound in some sort of servitude, that doesn’t bode well for whatever happened to their parents…

Poor Lilley! She seemed cool.

This is in reference to the quest “Inside Job”, where Coterie member Lilley takes Hawke outside Kirkwall to kill bandits. They were raiding the Bone Pit’s caravans. Unfortunately, Lilley realizes that one of the bandits worked for Coterie member Brekker. Lilley went off to investigate it and told Hawke to meet her in the Undercity. However, by the time Hawke arrives, Lilley is dead. Members of the Coterie then confront Hawke, who can tell them that Brekker had Lilley killed, or simply kill the Coterie members.

Isabela refuses to meet the Arishok with you.

I knew that the dwarf with the “explosive” was up to no good. The Arishok wants him stopped.

Javaris Tintop is the name. Accidentally selling poison is his game, according to the Arishok.

Javaris claimed that an elf double-crossed him, so we’re after her now instead.

He was telling the truth. An elf plotted revenge on the Qunari by poisoning the residents and framing the Qunari for it. She wanted revenge upon them for stealing elves away. A stupid plan.

Returning to the Arishok, he went on all sorts of strange tangents on how much he hated Kirkwall. He was tormented by being stranded here.

Anders wants to save mages from Ser Ulrich, a Templar that loves to torture mages, even ones that have gone through the Harrowingand are as legit as mages can be. Ulrich likes to make mages Tranquil and tempt them with demons.

We killed “Alrich” and saved the mage that he threatened, but “Justice” almost killed her in his zeal. Hawke had to call him off. Disturbed, Anders left ahead of the others.

Alrick pursued the “Tranquility Option” in spite of the wants of the Divine and Knight-Commander Meredith. Anders was surprised to learn of this from the papers that Hawke got off of Alrick’s corpse.

The conversation that Hawke and Anders had after that quest was awk-ward. Anders thanked her for improving the reputation of mages. She flirted with him, and he said that she can’t keep teasing him forever. But she liked to tease him.

Then, he kissed her. Fresh!

He saw the road ahead – that they would be hunted and hated, but they would be together…

He said that he would wait for her at the Estate that night, and if she was not there, he would understand after the warnings he made to her were heard well and clear…

WHADDOIDO? This is much earlier in the game than in Dragon Age: Origins. I don’t know if I want to take it to the next level yet, but I don’t want to reject him…

Unlocked Flirtatious and Friend.

It would hurt him a lot to be rejected.

Let’s review our options here:

Bachelor #1: Anders

He’s cute. He likes kitty-cats, making him a friend to all things pawed and clawed. He has a certain political bent…

But he has something indie of him that even he doesn’t trust. He dreads it. His anger is the key to feeding it; he must feel a need to keep that emotion. Without it, he feels naked, or empty.

A bit like Fenris, perhaps? I never thought of that before.

But perhaps he could be convinced to move past that, and take off his armor, in more ways than one.

Their hypothetical kids would be predisposed to being mages.

Bachelor #2: Fenris

Exotic. Dark and brooding. Temperamental. We have a friendship going, and out of all the potential companions, he must treasure that the most. I don’t really want to spoil that.

Bachelorette #1: Merril

She’s cute and innocent. Very innocent. I’d kind of feel like a creep if I went after her.

Bachelorette #2: Isabela

Yeah, she’s hot and wild, but I don’t really like her. She hasn’t really said anything deep of interest yet.

Bachelorette #3: Aveline

I have a lot of sympathy for what happened to Ser Wesley, but let’s just be friends.

Besides, she likes cares for Guardsman Donnic.

This little quest, “The Long Road”, offers amusing observations from the two other party members. Especially no-nonsense Fenris and oh-so-innocent Merril.

Aveline just couldn’t bring herself to talk to Donnic herself, so Hawke and the others had to take over her patrols while she tried to straighten it all out.