Dragon Age II Part 10: Alone No More

Whilst trying to stem the tide of revolutionaries, we met an Orlesian Grey Warden named Stroud. He thanked us for helping him fight off a group of Qunari revolutionaries, but he could not stay due to a more “pressing matter” of great secrecy. “Maker watch over you, my friend.”

He gave Hawke a ring: the Warden’s Promise and left Darktown.

Unlocked Mogul.

At one point, the elves joined in. Oh, dear.

They just wanted to protect their home.

Once we reached Hightown, a saarebas tried to kill us, but Meredith saved us. She said that the Qunari took hostages to the Keep. Hawke offered to help Meredith save the city, and the Knight-Commander said that she would overlook Hawke’s own use of magic… for now.

Further into Hightown, we rescued an older elf named Orsino, Fist Enchanter of the Circle of Mages. He mourned the loss of his fellows. “I told them to run…”

He was interrupted by Meredith’s arrival. She demanded that someone lead an assault on the Keep. Hawke came between Orsino and Meredith’s belligerent sexual tension to lead what little forces we had left to stop the revolution.

Hawke voted for a distraction, and Orsino came through in spades. He conjured up a few fireballs to disperse the front guards while Hawke and co. sneaked inside.

Butching past the front entrance, they made their way to the audience hall. The hostages made their discomfort known, and the Arishok did nothing to allay their fears.

Here is your viscount!” The Arishok tossed the Viscount’s decapitated head into the crowd.

That was genuinely a shocking scene that combined horror and tragedy.

Unlocked Friends in High Places.

I thought the Qunari were better than this…

Hawke confronted the Arishok and told him that she could get the Tome of Koslun back for him, but he still complained that he did not have the book. Fenris spoke to him in the Qunari language, Qunlat, and invoked the right to a duel for Hawke.

The duel with the Arishok can look a bit silly if you can outrun him most of the time. As a mage, it helps a lot if you have magic that can slow him down or freeze him. He has a few potions with him, so pecking away at his health may take a while.

When the Arishok fell, he swore that the Qunari would return one day. The Qunari withdrew from the Keep.

Meredith arrived too late to steal the glory for herself and the Templars, but she still declared Hawke the new Champion of Kirkwall.

So ends Act II of III.

…And now we return to the present. Cassandra seemed in awe of Hawke, but denied it when Varric asked if she verged on worship. Cassandra claimed that what he told her so far did not explain what happened to the Gallows, so he continued telling the story of Hawke.

In the ensuing three years, Meredith clamped down harder on the freedomrs of the mages in the Circle. Orsino addressed an assembly of nobles at the Gallows, demanding that Meredith step down.

She insisted that she must maintain control over Kirkwall in place of a Viscount. Hawke got involved and stood with Orsino. Meredith implied that, if anyone were to govern Kirkwall, it should not be someone who could not protect their mother from a blood mage.

WOAH. I’d totally forgotten that Meredith said that.

Leave my mother out of this,” growled Hawke. Meredith left without the matter being resolved.

How could you not take the mage’s side? Meredith’s a fascist.

Oh, snap!

Unlocked King of the Hill. Yaaay.

Time to check in on how everyone’s been doing…

We’re having fun on this one forum talking about Dragon Age. Apparently, Duncan’s beard went looking for a host after Duncan died, and found a home on Varric’s chest.


A certain Qunari stayed in Kirkwall to collect the swords of their brethren. They requested Hawke’s help, and she agreed.

Anders is trying to keep innocent little Merril safe. Hawke gave him a key to a tunnel that they can use to hide people in Darktown. He was very grateful.

Fenris followed through on Hadriana’s tip. She spoke the truth. His siter worked for a magistrate until she betrayed them.

Fenris worked up the courage to send his sister a letter, and he got her to come to Kirkwall. But he was afraid that it was a trap of some kind, and he was troubling Aveline with checking out the… thoroughness of the visit.

The look on his face when he said it would mean a lot if Hawke came with him was so moving.

When he saw his sister, he remembered that they used to play together while their mother worked in their master’s yard. He remembered.

But Verania was curt. She told Fenris that his real name was Leto.

It was a setup. Danarius got to her. He arrived to ask Hawke if she was Fenris’ new mistress. Wrong choice of words.

Fenris doesn’t belong to anyone,” clarified Hawke.

Danarius doesn’t see anything in people that isn’t useful to him.

He summoned many demons, Corpses, and Shades to fight for him.

Fenris killed Danrius and said, “You are no longer my master.”

Unlike Danarius’ apprentice, he didn’t beg for his life. That’s no fun.

Maybe he accepted that his time had come? Nah.

Fenris then threatened Verania, but Hawke and Varric talked him down. “I killed my brother, so I know what I’m talking about.”

Get out,” spat Fenris.”

Before Verania left the Hanged Man, she attempted to explain herself. She said that Darnarius would have made her a magister if he got Fenris back.

Probably a lie.

She also said that Fenris did want the lyrium markings, and fought for them, to win freedom for herself and their mother. But for Verania, freedom was no gift.

Fenris was shocked. He said that magic tainted yet another thing in his life.

I am alone,” he lamented.

He felt that the lyrium did not just scar his flesh, but his soul. He told Hawke that he wanted to leave the Hanged Man. They did.

Now Verania’s not so well-off either.

Varric and Aveline tried to tell Fenris that he could leave Danarius’ mansion, but he claimed that he wanted to stay.

Hawke spoke with him after Varric and Aveline left.

Yes,” began Fenris. “I am free. Danarius is dead. Yet… it doesn’t feel like it should.”

You thought killing him would solve everything, but it did not,” said Hawke.

It seemed like he had no idea what freedom meant without… anything, really. He felt it was impossible to be Fenris without being a person whose life had been ruined by magic. Hawke tried to argue with him on the point, but then he brought up Leandra, so she begrudgingly agreed with him.

He said he had never anticipated having a mage as his friend, but he was grateful for having Hawke as one. Aww. ❤

In what has to be one of the evilest options in a BioWare game, you can sell Fenris back to Danarius. If you do, he will send Hawke a letter thanking him/her and say that Fenris’ memory was erased again and was perfectly obedient. Danarius believes that Fenris is truly happier this way. A person reduced to a plaything.


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