Dragon Age II Part 11

Guess what? Sandal isn’t Bodahn’s biological son! Bodahn found him all alone in the Deep Roads, and raised him as his own!

Sandal: “I like Bodahn!”

Bodahn said that Sandal has always enchanted things. A year after they moved to the surface, Bodahn brought Sandal to a Circle of Magi. They declared him a savant. But then, they started eying him as if they wanted to keep him there, so Bodahn took him and left.

Sandal made a special rune for Hawke to use. It increases the chance of knocking an enemy back.

Anders has heard of a way to separate himself from Justice. A Tevinter magister formula.

How many problems in Dragon Age begin with Tevinter’s involvement?

For the ingredients, we need Drakestone and something found in the Sewers. I just really hope this isn’t taken orally.

The Sewers were littered with lyrium smugglers! They weren’t so hard to beat.

Next, Drakestone, from the Drakestone Mine.

After we gathered the materials, Anders told Hawke that he needed to get inside of the Chantry, and that there was no potion. He got extremely defensive when Hawke started asking questions.

He needed Hawke to talk to the Grand Cleric as a distraction while he did whatever it was he needed to do that would help the mages.

A man from Antiva called Nuncio apprehended an elven assassin that was hidden amongst the Dalish. I know who that is~

Nuncio told us to look for an associate of the assassin named Variel. You can flirt with her.

She said that the assassin was hiding in a cave nearby, and that he would know that others would come for him.

The cave is a bitch to go through.

You can tell Zevran that you thought he’d be taller. Hah.

You can flirt with him, too. But now, he looks different. His eyes are too far apart.

In the end, Hawke let the odd elf go, because Nuncio lied about his identity as an Antivan Crow assassin. Zevran said that Nuncio would probably come after us, so we could go to the Antivan Camp in order to deal with him.

Back at the Hawke estate, Bodahn suggests that it may be time for Sandal and him to depart. Sandal has been offered a position in Orlais. The Empress likes his enchantments.

Sandal and Bodahn like Anders because he’s funny, “but it’s a shame that he’s so intent on… whatever he’s doing.”

Bodahn said that he worries about Hawke, and hopes that the business with the Templars doesn’t get any worse.

Anders said that the Grand Cleric was a doddering old fool, and that Kirkwall deserved better. Does Anders think that he can do a better job?

I don’t think she’s a doddering old fool at all. Even she doesn’t approve of Meredith’s methods.

Anders got a new coat.

Varric wants to know the details between Anders and Hawke. Like a gentleman should, Anders didn’t tell, but Varric warned him that he would have to make it up.

Nuncio boasts that Zevran would not escape the Crows’ wrath because the Warden isn’t around to protect him anymore. Zevran arrives on the scene, to “keep such a beauty” from being marred by an Antivan blade. In the ensuing battle, you fight by his side against Nuncio and his men, just like the old days.

After the battle, Zevran says that killing his former brethren is oddly satisfying, and that he has a little war to start back home. Has he finally had enough of the Crows trying to kill him.

He gave Hawke a dagger named Finesse, and bid her farewell. How polite!

The thing is, though, at that point, the only character who could use daggers (Isabella) was long gone…

An item that can revive your fallen comrades is treated as a bomb? Huh?

Merrill’s becoming a rival. I suppose that whole “MUST RESTORE CLAN” goal is a little overbearing. But she’s so cute…

Fenris plays Diamondback with Donnic once a week. Fenris really enjoys Donnic’s company. Aveline wants to know why she isn’t invited. It’s because she gets angry when she loses. AVELINE SMASH!

Meredith wants us to track down three apostate mages that have proven elusive: Huon, Emile, and Evelina.

Huon is an elf that used to live in the Alienage. Emile is of Orlesian descent, but his parents haven’t seen him since he was sent to the Circle. Evelina left the Circle and fled the Blight, so she is considered apostate.

Evelina kept some kids at her house in Darktown. Two of the kids, Cricket (a boy who sounds older than his brother) and Walter said that the Templars did something to Evelina, and now, it’s really bad when she gets angry. They let it slip that she was holed up in the sewers and ran off.

Meredith has a Tranquil servant.