Silent Hill: Shattered Memories Part Two: A Spliting Headache

February 1st, 2010: I don’t understand why Konami bothered to do such a radical remake of Silent Hill, and for systems that are now outdated (the PS2) or not really for the fanbase (the Wii). If it’s really supposed to be a reboot, why not make a AAA game?

I say give the series over to Climax and make them do something progressive with this series.

My Silent Hill is in shambles! I am sad.

February 3rd, 2010: Harry got a phone number for someone named… Dahlia. When he called her, it sounded like she was having sex with someone.

Inside of the gym, a young woman named Michelle Valdez used the stage for her performance of “Always on My Mind”.

Which was also a song on the soundtrack, though that version is sung by Mary Elizabeth McGlynn.

She claimed that a “Cheryl Mason” was above her in high school, and she showed Harry a picture of Cheryl. She looked like Cheryl, but as a teen when Harry remembered her being only seven years old the last time he saw her.

Michelle led Harry to the principal’s PC. Harry hacked into the system to find out about the other Cheryl.

The student registry showed that Cheryl Heather Mason lived in an apartment on Simmons Street in Silent Hill.

We moved,” said Harry. “What else did I forget?”

He called the number in the registry. Dahlia picked up. When he told her he was Harry, she screamed, “Who do you think you are?!” and begged to be left alone.

Then, the ice came. Michelle was nowhere to be seen…

A puzzle in the Ice World school involved melting icy statues blocking the exit. To melt them, you had to take pictures of other icy statues with Harry’s cell phone.

Apparently, one student was having an affair with a teacher.


One student got another to take photographic proof of the affair. These pictures showed up on Harry’s phone.

In the Ice World school, Harry learned that Cheryl was bullied in school.

Michelle was safe outside of the nightmare. Apparently, nothing weird happened to her.

Harry wanted to go to the apartment on Simmons Street, a rough part of town.

Michelle led him to the Balkan Theater. It was where she worked.

He tried to join her for some drinks, but when she assumed that he was married, and he saw the ring on his left hand, he suddenly felt sick and took a break in the bathroom.

But when he returned…

A scantily-dressed woman was at the bar where Michelle was just sitting. The woman said that she was Dahlia, “the hottest piece of ass you’ll find in this town.”

She seemed to be intimately involved with Harry, but he did not remember her at all.

Nonetheless, she took him to a car to try to get to Simmons Street. She noted that no one else was on the road, and considered it lucky. She also said that Harry nicknamed her “tits” Sid and Nancy.

Always hated that term for breasts. Seems… reductive.


Finally, the Jefferson Bridge was up, so Harry had to lower it down.

That’s not the only thing up, amirite, Harry? -nudge nudge-

He had to call a guy named Jimmy Capra to figure out the levers.

Then, Harry returned to Dahlia. She said she didn’t know Cheryl, but knew of her. Dahlia did not want to talk about it.

Suddenly, ice formed over the windshield.



She froze solid. The bridge started to collapse, but the car stopped just before the hole. Harry tried to make the car go in reverse, but it lurched backwards and off the side of the bridge. They plunged into the icy water below.

Harry had to open up the windows to let enough water into the car to make his flashlight float up from the floor so that he could reach it. As soon as he did, one of the monsters slammed up against one of the windows. Thick ice formed over them.

STOP FIGHTING” was written on the inside of one of the windows.

Water filled the car again. “IT WILL BE OVER SOON” and “SO COLD” were also written on the windows.

The radio turned on. “Always on My Mind” was playing, and when Harry tuned it in…

The game switched back to Dr. K’s office. He claimed that what Harry just recounted was about confronting death. Dr. K wanted him to group photos of people into two categories: Dead or Sleeping. Dr. K bet that Harry would die in his sleep if he could choose how to die…

After Harry finished the exercise, Dr. K claimed that the people in the photos were ALL sleeping.

Back in Silent Hill, Cybil found Harry and took him to Alchemilla Hospital. She claimed that the Jefferson Bridge was closed, and that she pulled the file of Harry Mason at the station.

Yeah? So?” asked Harry.

Just as she was about to reveal what she found, she became frozen, too. Harry had to flee in the wheelchair that she put him in, until he bailed hard down some stairs.

Harry was changed into new clothes. Cybil changed him out of his old ones because the water in that nightmare was very real and very cold.

Now, he’s lost in the nightmare in Alchemilla Hospital.

Frankly, I’m discomforted by questions about death.

Michelle’s voice wasn’t on the radio.

It’s possible that her troubled boyfriend, Jon, took her home like he was supposed to, but she’s so friendly. There’s no way she’d just abandon Harry. She would send him a message or voicemail.

This game is kind of exhausting but in a good way.

Before Dahlia took him along on the disastrous trip across the bridge, she sent Harry a text whining about her being horny.

Ew! On the other hand, it is kinda funny that she basically sent him an “U up?” text.

I thought it was just another weird thing that the game did.

Maybe Harry is not really Harry Mason. But why? I want answers!

I don’t think that the answers I gave to Dr. K’s questions in the school chapter really affected anything in it.

Harry left the nightmare section of the hospital. In the reception area, he encountered a panicked and wounded nurse named Lisa. He said that he would walk her to her apartment at Nightingale Apartments.

Lisa was in a car crash herself.

On the way, he admitted that he was a novelist. In regards to Lisa’s love life relating to Harry’s romance novel series, she always fell for the guys that look like her father. Michelle said something similar earlier.


The path leading to Lisa’s place reminded me a little of the first game.

She insisted that Harry warm up before he left.

Aww, that’s nice.

After she changed her clothes, she asked him to get some pills for her headache.

Then, another therapy session. Dr. K said that Harry felt guilty about everything, and insisted that he blame everyone but himself.

The next exercise: assign the level of guilt or lack thereof in the death of Princess Celestine at the hooves of a bull. Apparently, Dr. K said that Celestine did not have to run.

Now, we’re trying to go to Simmons Street.

We got a text from Michelle. She was STILL waiting for John.

Just call a cab, Michelle. Why wait around for this fool?

Suddenly, Lisa called just when Harry reached the front of the Toluca Mall. She said that she woke up from a terrible dream with “so much blood”. Her call was abruptly cut off. Harry returned to Nightingale Apartments.

At one time, I thought I always felt guilty. Now I wonder how much of our guilt is manufactured or genuine.