The Walking Dead Part Two: Guts

April 21st, 2013: Unlocked Hey, Bud.

Clementine unknowingly picked up Lee’s dad’s cane to help Lee bar the door to the pharmacy.

I have to choose between saving Doug or Carley? GAH!

I chose to save Doug because I like him. I don’t feel good about not saving Carley.

Unlocked Two Enter, One Leaves.

When the group tried to escape the drugstore, Clementine was tripped by a walker. Lee helped her, and Larry held the door open for her, but he then punched Lee out. Kenny took it upon himself to rescue him.

At the end of the episode, Glenn left because he heard about how badly the infection had spread across Atlanta, and he was worried about his friends.

Clementine was left without a working walkie-talkie because she broke hers when she tripped, and Glenn kept his walkie-talkie.

Lee and the others holed up at the motel where Glenn got the fuel from. No matter who you save, Carley/Doug are traumatized by how the other was unable to be saved.

Larry called over to Lee to warn him that he would tell the rest of the group that Lee was a convicted killer if he did not stay away from Lilly, and if anything happened to her or Clementine.

What about Duck? I’m genuinely puzzled. Maybe Larry just hated Kenny that much. Wouldn’t put it past him.

Lilly finally thanked Lee for getting into the pharmacy and acquiring the nitroglycerin for Larry.

Lilly and Kenny thought that the group would be able to make it on the supplies and light that they had in the hotel.

Then the power went out.

Once you beat an episode, the game compares your choices to that of other players! Most didn’t save Duck instead of Shawn, or Doug instead of Carley. Reminds me of the poll results from Catherine.

Ugh, Catherine. I beat that game, but the scars from trying remain.

Unlocked Everything’s Going to Be Okay

Episode 2: Starved for Help

This episode takes place three months later. Some new guy named Mark joined the group.


With next to no food left, Lee and Kenny went out hunting with Mark, but all they found were these two teens (Travis and Ben) and their teacher (David Parker). David was caught in a bear trap and the two teens tried to get him out of it.

If you try to free David, Lee tries to sever his leg from the trap, but he passes out from blood loss and pain. Mark tries to carry him back to the hotel.

Travis doesn’t make it when he’s so nauseated from the sight of David’s lower leg being stuck in the bear trap, that he doesn’t notice a walker sneaking up on him. Ben tries to go back to help his friend, but Lee stops him.


When we brought Ben to the motel, Lilly yelled at Mark, who told Ben, “Welcome to the family, kid.”

OMG, Kenny told Lilly that this isn’t her personal dictatorship! Hmm. “Licktatorship”. Just sounds weird. >.>

This is a reference to how Rick’s group on the show is sometimes called the “Ricktatorship” when he takes charge of things… for good or ill.

Unlocked Going Hungry

Lilly put Lee in charge of distributing rations for the day. It was kind of a sad scene, but not that bad compared to what came later.

When you give Duck some food, he looks so happy!

Unlocked Conversation Killer

Clementine lost her hat. Lee agreed to help her find it later.

After Lee distributed the rations, he talked to Katjaa, who tended to David. (Katjaa was a veterinarian.) Despite her efforts, David died and came back as a walker. Ben did not know that David was bitten. Ben then dropped a bombshell: everyone was already infected. Dying triggered the transformation into a walker.

In David’s case, it was probably a combination of being bitten and the blood loss from getting his leg chopped off that accelerated his end. Nice breaking it, Lee.

A pair of brothers, Andrew and Danny St. John, came around looking for gas. 

Danny St. John

They claimed that they came from a dairy farm, and were willing to trade gas for food. Lee, Mark, Doug (or Carley), and Ben went on a trip to bring some gas to the St. John’s farm…

Along the way, the group stumbled upon two bandits. One of them killed the other in a fight over food.

The group made its way safely to the farm and met the brothers’ mother, Brenda. She said that their last cow was unwell. Mark alluded to the fact that the group had a veterinarian, and that they ran low on food. Brenda invited the group over to the farm for a nice meal. Doug and Ben were sent to get the others from the motel.

Meanwhile, Andrew asked Lee and Mark to clear out walkers that were still attached to the electric fence that surrounded the farm while Andrew refueled the farm’s generator.

After they cleared out the walkers, Andrew turned the generator on, but Lee and Mark were then attacked by bandits. Mark was shot in the shoulder by a crossbow bolt.

Lee and Mark fled from the bandits and made it into the farmhouse, where Brenda saw to Mark’s wound.

The rest of the group arrived. Lilly felt that the farm was not safe. Andrew claimed that his family had a deal with the bandits. As long as the bandits were provided food, they were supposed to leave the farmers alone. He suggested that Lee and Danny find the bandits’ hideout.

In the woods, Lee and Danny found the bandits’ camp. Not very well-hidden, was it?

In one of the tents, Lee found a bloody stuffed rabbit… and Clementine’s hat. Then, a woman named Jolene got the drop on Lee and Danny at gunpoint. 


You can choose to have Lee kill her; if not, Danny shoots her.

Unlocked Thank You for Shopping

I think that saving Doug has some benefits because he’s a techie. He tries to build stuff for the group.