The Walking Dead Part Four: Sick

April 22nd, 2013: Episode 3: Long Road Ahead

This episode takes place three weeks after Episode 2.

The survivors returned to the motel. Supplies retrieved from Macon ran low.

When Lee and Kenny raid a drugstore, Lee gets attacked at one point. Whether or not Kenny immediately comes to Lee’s aid depends on how they have interacted with each other.

Depending on how many supplies were found by the duo, Kenny will wish that they would leave the motel for a place with more food, or protest the idea that they could survive the winter without freezing to death in the motel rooms.

Lilly was still being a bitch to everyone, but trying to be a leader – especially to some people who pretty much killed her father – was very stressful on her. It didn’t get any easier when she discovered that some of the medical supplies were missing. She thought that there was a traitor amongst the survivors.

She went to Lee with her suspicions. Some of the opiates went missing, and she found a broken flashlight in a dumpster. No one was supposed to throw away something that was broken. Lee had to find the culprit.

Duck eavesdropped on their conversation, and the kid tagged along on Lee’s investigation. ~ACE DETECTIVES~

They discovered some broken glass shards outside of the motel, and an X drawn on the wall facing away from the parking lot. The X was drawn with pink chalk.

Lee asked Clementine if she had any pink chalk. She explained that she did, but she lost it. Duck revealed that he found the chalk inside of the dumpsters that the adults had positioned as makeshift gates.

Lee investigated a grating in the wall outside of the walls surrounding the motel. Inside, there was a bag filled with the opiates.

Lee returned to Lilly with their findings, but before Lilly could determine who stashed the drugs, raiders attacked the motel.

When raiders attack the motel, Doug shoots one of ’em! Hardcore.

Before Lee could kill the last raider, he threw himself over the wall and whistled, summoning a large group of raiders.

What is it with bad guys in TWD and whistling?

Kenny tried to get the RV started while the others struggled to escape into the RV or fight off the raiders.

Lee tried to come to Duck and Katjaa’s aid when they were attacked by a walker. Katjaa fell and split her forehead open on a wooden crate, but Lee shot the walker before it could further endanger the mother and her child.

Doug helped Kenny turn the RV over. Lilly barely managed to get into the RV before Kenny drove through the wall.

Unlocked Goodbye, She Says and Bad Blood.

All of the episode names are three words long.

Lilly suspected that Ben hid something from everyone else, but he protested his innocence. When Kenny hit a walker on the road, trapping it in the vehicle’s frame. Kenny stopped the RV in an attempt to dislodge the walker. In the meantime, Lilly demanded that everyone get out of the vehicle to resolve the matter with Ben. Lilly wanted to throw Ben out of the group.

Lilly was obsessed with blaming Ben. She tried to shoot him, but Doug got in the way and got shot in the head, so I chose to abandon Lilly.

Jeez. Doug was a good guy, but I was sad that he died after I chose to save him instead of Carley. Though Lilly just would have shot her in this situation anyway. Straight-up cold-blooded murder.

Goodbye, Lilly. You won’t be missed.

Unlocked Hit the Road and “What now?”

April 23rd, 2013: Kenny and Katjaa noticed that Duck did not wake up during the arguments with Lilly and when she shot at Ben. Kenny revealed that Duck got bit during the attack on the motel. Kenny hoped that someone in Savannah had a cure for the infection.

Katjaa asked Lee to explain to Clementine what happened to Duck, which Lee did.

The RV’s path was blocked by a train. Lee and Ben investigated the boxcar, and found that someone was living in it recently. Lee also found some water and a map of the train’s routes, which he gave to Katjaa (for Duck) and Kenny respectively.

In the engine car, Ben found a button under a dead body, and he pushed it, disabling the train’s brakes. Then, Lee and Kenny worked on getting the train up to speed, but Lee was found by a man named Chuck. 


He told Lee that he had already met everyone else, and even gave candy to Clementine, Duck, and Ben. Chuck endeared himself to the group and boarded the train with them.

A few hours later, Duck coughed up some blood. Katjaa asked Lee to clean up the blood off of Duck’s face, and then she asked him to get Kenny to stop the train.

Kenny refused because he believed that Duck was different from other infectees, so he would not die before he could get help. Lee tried to persuade Kenny to stop the train.

Kenny thought that Duck getting sick was karma for not helping Shawn. If that’s so, then we’re just as responsible.

Unlocked Handle It.

Kenny stopped the train. Depending on your choices, Kenny and Katjaa or just Katjaa took Duck into the woods so that Clementine would not have to see what they had to do to Duck. However…

I couldn’t believe that Katjaa killed herself on top of everything else.

Afterward, you have to choose to have Lee or Kenny put Duck down. Or you can refuse or not shoot him, and Lee and Kenny left the poor boy all alone in the woods.

The rest of the survivors continued to follow the railroad tracks to Savannah.

Ben revealed to Lee that he really was the traitor. Ben gave the bandits drugs in exchange for the life of a hostage that they supposedly had.

Chuck advised Lee to teach Clementine how to use a gun because he saw a girl younger than Clementine die. Lee taught Clementine how to shoot a gun, and he also cut her hair (she previously kept her hair in pigtails).

The train was blocked by yet another obstacle: a petroleum tank truck, which was hung up by a bridge above the tracks. It was here that they met Christa and Omid.

Omid is a RAIL FAN! OMG.


Lee convinced the two to join the group – despite Christa’s hesitancy – and to have them help get rid of the tanker.

The group cleared the debris. Later in the day, Lee took over driving the train. When Kenny came in to ask Lee what they should do once they got to Savannah, something unexpected happens – a man’s voice came across Clementine’s walkie-talkie. The man said that he was glad that Clementine was going to Savannah, and that he had her parents. He then told Clementine to find him, whether Lee approved or not.

Just then, the train pulled into Savannah.