The Walking Dead Part Three: Last Meal

April 22nd, 2013: Back at the farm, Danny told his mother, Brenda, that nothing happened.

Kenny and Lilly began to argue over a room in the farm. He was suspicious about it and wanted to investigate, while Lilly just wanted to take the food and leave.

Lee gave Clementine her hat back. He asked her if there was anyone suspicious around the motel, probably referencing Jolene, but Clementine said no. She then complimented Lee by saying that he would be a good dad someday. Aww.

Andrew noticed Lee and Kenny investigating the barn door. Andrew warned them away from messing with it. Lee created a distraction by shutting off the generator, which Andrew had to leave the barn to examine.

Just before Lee unlocked the barn door, the dinner bell rang. Kenny said that he would make an excuse for Lee’s absence if he investigated the barn.

You can choose to examine the barn or leave for dinner. I highly, highly suggest investigating, because when you do…

…you find that the barn is filled with blood and torture devices. Andrew sneaks up on Lee and claims that the devices were used to skin animals. Lee decides to go to dinner with the others, but he excuses himself for the bathroom after Andrew explains that a hallway is barricaded in the house after a walker got inside some time ago.

Lee’s suspicions mounted when he found a bottle of morphine and blood stains on the floor upstairs. He entered a secret room blocked off by a bookcase and discovered the horrible sight of Mark with his legs severed. Mark explained that Andrew and his brother, Danny, skinned his legs… and that was what was served for dinner.

This next part is pretty panic-inducing. Lee rushes to the dinner room to warn everyone before they start eating. Or you can say nothing! It doesn’t help that the timeframe you get for your answer is dangerously short. Lee arrives just in time before everyone took their first bite.

And what does Brenda say to Lee’s accusation? What does Brenda say? That she was taught not to waste a thing while growing up in rural Georgia. What a cold-hearted bitch.

Danny said that Mark would have died anyway. Because you people killed him!

Lee can tell Clementine to run; or for Kenny to grab his gun; or for Lilly to grab her knife, but the result is the same and the group is kidnapped. Andrew even grabs Clementine by the hair, the bastard.

Lee awoke in a meat locker with Kenny, Lilly, Doug, Ben, Clementine, and Larry. Lee warned Larry to calm down as he banged on the door, but he threatened Lee with the truth of who he was, so he backed off.

Things got really panicked when the stress triggered a heart attack for Larry. Lilly rushed to his side, while Kenny argued that Larry had already died. If he revived, they would have a huge walker to deal with in the tiny, enclosed meat locker.

You can choose to do nothing, or help Kenny or Lilly. Helping Kenny has him pushing Lilly aside. He then picks up a salt lick to bash Larry’s head in. Clementine looks away in horror. Lilly then says that she hates Lee and Kenny. Lilly accuses Kenny of only caring about his family, none of the other survivors.

Lee used coins from Larry’s pocket in a desperate bid to unscrew the air conditioner. It was then up to little Clementine to go through the vent to unlock the door. She stayed with Lilly to console her while Lee and Kenny looked for Katjaa and Duck.

Lee and Kenny sneaked up on Danny, who guarded the barn. He pulled out a bear trap that looked like the one that David fell prey to and set it in front of the barn door.

Depending on your choices, Kenny or Lilly comes to Lee’s aid when he tries to dispatch Danny, who falls into the bear trap. Ha, irony!

You can have Lee kill or spare Danny. Lilly will call Lee out if he supported Kenny in the meat locker, but did not kill the cannibal.

In the house, Brenda held Katjaa hostage. But Brenda did not realize that Mark had turned, so she accidentally backed up into his reach, and was bitten. More irony.

Brenda gets attacked by walker Mark

Outside, Andrew held Duck hostage. Carley will shoot Andrew’s ear, or Doug will blind the bastard with a laser pointer. Nerds rule!

Lee attacked Andrew, and the two wrestled with each other near the electric fence. Depending on earlier choices, Lilly will help Lee by shooting Andrew, or leave Lee to fend for himself.

In the end…

I spared those useless brothers back at the farm. Maybe it will teach them something.

I don’t think I’d make that same decision now. They’re cannibals.

Whoops, that other brother died. Never mind. Dunno about the other one. Maybe he’ll join the bandits. Ugh.

The farm was overrun by walkers. The group fled back to the motel.

Kenny told Lee that he and Clementine could come with his family to the coast.

The group found a car full of food and supplies.

I was surprised when Clementine said it was bad to take some random peoples’ supplies. What a good girl.

Doug found batteries. Lee used them to power up a camcorder. When the group watched what was on the camcorder, they were shocked to see… Jolene. She was filming the group at the motel.

The dead don’t kill their own. It’s the living you gotta be afraid of… the people I used to call friends… The people who took…

Don’t worry, little girl. Bandits got their eye on that dairy. As long as they keep getting food from them, you’ll be safe, I promise.”

She was obsessed with Clementine because she believed that the child needed a mother to look after her…

On the tape, the bandits found Jolene. She knew several of their names.


The tape ended there.

Unlocked Guess Who’s Coming for Dinner?, and Too Much Salt Will Kill You