The Walking Dead Part Five: No Sanctuary

A funny thing happened on the way to playing this game through – well, less “funny” and more “annoying”. I tried to order a copy of it for my collection, but the seller backed out at the last minute. In the end, I didn’t get back to the game until I rented it a second time.

October 4th, 2013: Unlocked Look Behind You.

It’s funny when Omid says, “What the what?!”

October 5th, 2013: Unlocked Lend Me Your Ear.

Episode 4: Around Every Corner

This episode was written by Gary Whitta, who wrote for PC Gamer. He also appeared in the pilot episode of The Walking Dead TV series as a walker. Pretty cool.

When the group arrived in Savannah, they took a break for a while until they heard a church bell ring. Lee spotted someone running across the roof of a nearby building.

The man who claimed to have Clementine’s parents warned the group to move out of the street over the walkie-talkie. Walkers attacked the group, and Clementine and Ben were separated from the adults.

Damn Ben left Clementine surrounded by walkers! First Doug, now this? I don’t like Ben.

Chuck saved Clementine in the nick of time. Clementine returned to the others, but Chuck stayed behind to kill the rest of the walkers. He told the others that they should go on without him, and that he would reunite with them later.

Unlocked Down By the River.

This game has good examples of show, don’t tell. Like when Lee looks regretfully at the picture of the family dog in the house…

The story of the dog involved Lee digging up a dead dog to try and unlock a pet door after the group fled to the backyard of a mansion. A wounded Omid was the one who said that the pet door could only be locked or unlocked electronically by responding to the electronic signal in a dog collar.

When Lee tried to remove the dog’s collar, its head fell off, causing Christa to vomit. Clementine asked if she was all right, and she said that it was the smell that sickened her. Omid wondered if it was something else.

Before any of the adults could do anything, Clementine sneaked in through the pet door and unlocked it.

Kenny and Ben searched the second floor of the mansion. All that they found were two bottles of whiskey and some dog food.

While Omid recovered, Lee and Clementine went with Kenny to find a boat. They tried to search the coastline for boats, but instead, they found a woman named Molly. 

Molly. Is it just me, or does she kind of look like Heather from Silent Hill 3?

She mentioned a place called Crawford, which was supposed to be a safe place.

Unlocked Support Group, Bedside Manor, and Georgia’s Last City.

October 6th, 2013: Crawford was supposed to be a safe haven for survivors, but their leader then established rules that made supporting the infirm forbidden.

No children, no elderly, and no one who suffered from an advanced medical condition.

Walkers approached Lee, Kenny, and Molly. She climbed up a fire escape, and she helped Clementine and Kenny up onto it. Kenny lost his grip on Lee’s hand. He fell into an alley and retreated into the sewers. There, he unfortunately found Chuck’s corpse. An empty revolver was next to the body.

Deep down in the sewers, Lee found a makeshift safe zone for a small group of people. They are hostile towards him because they were afraid that he was from Crawford. Its reputation proceeded it.

Lee learned that the people in the sewers were from a cancer support group. They fled Crawford once someone named Oberson killed five of the group’s members.

You can have Lee ask the survivors to return to the mansion with him. The survivors include Vernon and Brie. If taken back to the mansion, Vernon takes a look at Omid’s wounded leg.

Lee looked for Clementine in the mansion. He found a drunken Kenny, who did not know where she was. Lee finally found Clementine in the shed in the backyard. She hugged him before she revealed that she found something in the shed: a boat. Kenny was happy to see it as well.

Molly wanted to join the rest of the survivors on the boat, but it needed gas and a battery. They discussed the idea of getting supplies from Crawford, but Vernon refused until they agreed to… borrow… some medicine as well. He returned to the sewers to inform his people of the plan.

Kenny informed Lee of an unfortunate truth: the boat was only 30 feet long. It was not big enough to carry everyone.

Crawford itself was already overrun by walkers by the time our group arrived there. Molly angrily dispatched this one male walker in particular, but she denied knowing him personally.

In the nurse’s office, Lee, Vernon, and Christa looked for a way to open the safe containing Crawford’s medical supplies.

Lee found a tape in a camcorder. It showed a pregnant woman discussing something with a doctor.

Women in Crawford were forced to terminate their pregnancies. Such was the story of Anna Correa, until she rejected the rules. She attacked Dr. Logan, who was going to terminate her pregnancy, and that was the beginning of the end of Crawford. Wonder if Anna even got out alive.

Lee recognized Logan as the walker that Molly killed. On Logan’s body, Lee found a second tape and the combination to Logan’s locker.

If you open up the locker, you will find another tape which tells the story of Logan and Molly’s relationship.

Molly hated Logan too because she had to have sex with him in exchange for the medicine that her younger, diabetic sister needed.

Molly retrieved a picture of her sister from Crawford. She was killed by some of the residents in Crawford when her symptoms began to surface after Logan cut off her insulin. He stopped doing deals with the other residents when Oberson began to get suspicious.

After Vernon got the medical supplies from the safe, he returned to a classroom with the others. A guilty Ben revealed that he was the one who tried to make a deal with the bandits, which caused Kenny to attack him.

The group began to turn on Ben and vote him out of the group. Clementine resisted because Ben was her friend.

Just as Brie wondered if she and Vernon would get a vote or not, three walkers broke through the door and killed her.

The group tried to escape up the stairs. Kenny gave Lee a shotgun that a dead guard had.