The Walking Dead Part Six: This Sorrowful Life

October 7th, 2013: They escaped Crawford and returned to the mansion, where they found a motionless Omid. Just as Christa began to cry, Omid woke up.

Molly decided to leave because she believed that she was better off on her own.

Lee and Clementine fell asleep on the couch. When Lee awoke, Clementine was nowhere to be found.

In the backyard, Lee found her hat on the ground. He also found her walkie-talkie next to a trash can. When he tried to investigate it, he was attacked by a walker that was hidden beneath a board. After he killed it, he realized that he was bitten on the arm.

When Lee told the others that Clementine was missing, they wondered if Vernon was the kidnapper. They returned to the sewers to investigate, but it had been abandoned.

Suddenly, Clementine called to Lee through the walkie-talkie. The unknown man’s voice came across next. He was not Vernon. He told Lee that Clementine was fine, but also that Lee should choose his next words very carefully.

Unlocked For Whom the Bell Tolls, The Morning After, and Penultimate

Lee was badass fighting off those zombies on the stairs.

Episode 5:




They cut off Lee’s hand to stop the infection (maybe…).

Would you be able to make that kind of sacrifice?

I’d like to think that I could, despite my low pain tolerance.

I’ve imagined just how much something like that would hurt. It’s not just a matter of severing the limb, it’s also a matter of breaking the bone.

Ben stood up for himself when Kenny railed into him.

Ben finally snapped and told Kenny that he was lucky that he even got to say goodbye to his family, unlike Ben. Kenny was immediately remorseful.

After they discovered that Vernon stole the boat, the group returned to the mansion, which was invaded by walkers. The group retreated into the attic. There was a weak wall in the attic, which led to the house next door. In this house, they were disturbed to find a couple that committed double suicide. Kenny was reminded of how his wife killed herself, but he forgave her for it. He picked up a pistol that the deceased couple left behind. It only had one bullet.

The group tried to reach the next building by way of the balcony. When Ben tried to jump off of it, it collapsed. Lee and Kenny ran to his side and discovered that the boy was impaled on the balcony’s railing. Kenny tried to pull Ben off of the railing, but his pained screams attract the attention of walkers. Kenny stayed behind to try to help Ben, and told Lee to find Clementine.

Kenny used his last bullet to mercy kill Ben.

Unlocked Into the Fire, Twice Shy, There Ain’t No Way, and Mercy. 36/40

October 8th, 2013: Lee escaped with Omid and Christa. They climbed over a large sign to get to the next roof and avoid the walkers below.

You have to decide who Lee will tell to cross over the sign first: Omid or Christa. The sign collapses after the first person crosses over. Lee will tell whoever crossed over first to take care of Clementine when he is gone.

Lee took to the streets and fought off walkers with a meat cleaver that he foud in the mansion. He got so much blood splattered on him that it covered his scent from the walkers.

In the Marsh House, Lee found the stranger that kidnapped Clementine. The stranger drew a gun on Lee and talked to him.

“The Stranger”

The car at the end of Episode 2, Starved for Help? It belonged to the stranger and his family. They left their car there when they searched for their son, Adam, who had gone on a hunting trip. His wife, Tess, took their daughter, Elizabeth, and left after our group took their supplies.

Somehow, the stranger wound up with his wife’s severed but reanimated head in a bag.

The stranger had been watching the group’s actions ever since the end of Starved for Help.

The stranger threatened Lee by saying that he would take Clementine and hurt him badly. But Clementine sneaked up on the stranger and attacked him just as he said that she wouldn’t hurt a fly.

Oh, how wrong you are.

The opening allowed Lee to counterattack the stranger. The confrontation ends with Lee choking and killing the stranger, failing to kill him, or showing him mercy. If Lee fails to kill him, the stranger begins to choke him, and Clementine shoots the stranger dead.

Lee had to rub the scent of a walker onto Clementine to protect her as they made their escape from the Marsh House. They walked through the neighborhood, but…

Clem’s parents became zombies and she saw them. Lee passed out and Clem dragged him into a jewelry store, where she thought that they would be safe. He knew that the time was coming, so he coached her in getting around a walker.

He asked her to chain him to a radiator so that he would not attack her when he turned.

I’ll miss you,” said Lee.

Me too,” agreed Clementine.

He told her to find Christa and Omid, and to leave him there. She did so, reluctantly.

Later, Clem left the city and reached the countryside. When she sat on a log, she found some shell casings on the ground. She fixed her eyes on the horizon, where she saw two silhouettes. She got off of the log and moved towards them.

Christa and Omid? I don’t know. That’s where it ends.

I know there will be another season, but a cliffhanger?!

A Walking Dead story that ends on a cliffhanger?! :O

I guess that some of the decisions that Lee makes near the end of season one could affect S2.

Unlocked The Marsh House, “What’s in the bag?”, Stay Close, and What Remains. 40/40