Final Fantasy Fundamentals: Class It Up #3 (Final Fantasy X-2 and Final Fantasy Tactics A2)

Final Fantasy X-2 Dresspheres

Boy, do I love FFX-2. The game has a wonderful combat system with Garment Grids that let you change Dresspheres mid-battle.

Dresspheres are placed on Garment Grids. When you change Dresspheres, it traces the lines between them on the grid, which can give the Gullwings extra skills or affect their stats for that battle.

Each lady has their own slightly different costume for every Dressphere.

Songstresses use the power of rock – well, technically J-pop – to buff allies and inflict status ailments upon their enemies.

Gun Mages are basically Blue Mages… with guns.

Alchemists are actually Chemists from other games under a different name.

Lady Luck is a fun Dressphere. They can throw dice to deal varying amounts of damage, or spin reels to trigger the use of random physical, magical, or item-based skills. They also learn the Double EXP auto-ability. Yeah.

The Trainer is a unique Dressphere. All three Gullwings get their own animal spirit to come to their aid. All three spirits can heal, cure ailments, or gang up on enemies.

Yuna’s Kogoro has attacks that deal elemental damage and ailments at the same time. Rikku’s Ghiki can steal from enemies, while Paine’s Flurry can cause ailments or heal and bestow Protect or Shell upon a human ally.

Mascot is the only Dressphere that has eluded me in my playthroughs of the game. It can be acquired by beating Shinra at the math-based (ugh) minigame Sphere Break. Due to a glitch, if Zanarkand is the last area completed in Chapter 5, the Mascot can not be unlocked. The HD and International rereleases added a new condition to make unlocking the Mascot easier.

Similarly to the Trainer Dressphere, the Mascot has unique commands for each lady.

Yuna’s Moogle costume is pretty much the ultimate White Mage with superior healing and support skills. The auto-abilities Swordplay and Arcana let her use any Warrior or Dark Knight abilities that she has learned.

Rikku is dressed up like a Cait Sith (“Aw, I wanted to be a cactaur”). It gives her the ability to debuff enemies and cast magic with ailments. She can also use any Berserker and White Mage skills she has learned.

Paine is an oddly charming Tonberry (“Don’t say a word”, she says, as well as “Laugh and I hurt you.” Heheh). This costume lets her do physical damage and cause ailments. She can also use any Samurai and Black Mage abilities that she has learned.

Finally, each lady has her own exclusive Dressphere. They can be triggered by changing into every Dressphere on a heroine’s Garment Grid. Once Grid has only two slots to facilitate quick and easy access to the special Dresspheres.

Each special Dressphere lets the ladies break their HP and damage limits when special items are found.

Yuna’s Floral Fallal lets her use powerful magic, scan enemy attributes, fully protect against physical and magical attacks, and revive her KO’ed friends.

Rikku’s Machina Maw specializes in physical attacks that cause ailments. MM can also restore HP and MP and lower enemy stats.

Paine’s Full Throttle has magic, buffs, and debuffs. Full Throttle seems to do a little of what both Floral Fallal and Machina Maw do.

HD Remake/International Exclusive Classes

The Festivalist was based on a design sent in by an eight-year-old Japanese fan for a contest. I wonder if that fan wound up working for the games industry.

In terms of costume design, the Festivalist taps into the Japanese influence that X and X-2 had. I especially like Yuna and Paine’s Festivalist costumes.

Like the Mascot and Trainer Dresspheres, the Festivalist gives each lady unique skills. The Dresspheres’ abilities are based off of Japanese festival activities, such as setting off fireworks.

Yuna’s Festivalist features elemental skills. The type of spell used is determined by how Yuna throws her sandal off of her foot. It has a chance of triggering low, middle, or high-level spells (e.g. Fire, Fira, or Firaga).

Rikku’s Festivalist lets her use goldfish to attack with various elements.

Paine’s Festivalist lets her use masks to inflict damage and ailments.

The Psychic Dressphere has an icon that resembles the Screw Attack symbol from Metroid. Come to think of it, Samus increases her power with different suits, almost like Dresspheres, but her and her suits came first. 😉

This Dressphere gives the ladies cool-looking visors.

In terms of abilities, it lets the Gullwings use psychic powers to cause multiple buffs or debuffs.

Time Trip stops time for everyone but the user.

Defensively speaking, Psychic lets you equip multiple [element] Eater skills to absorb most types of elemental damage.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift Classes

Hume Classes

The Parivir looks like a samurai, which is cool. Their skills include Iai Blow, which halves an enemy’s HP and may KO them, and Unburden Soul, which KO’s the user but heals his allies and restores their status. They also have some skills that cause elemental damage and ailments.

Iai Blow is a reference to an actual samurai swordfighting technique.

Seers have the unique ability to recharge their own MP. FFTA and FFTA2 had characters begin battles with zero MP, though some is restored each turn.

Bangaa Classes

Cannoneers are fun and unique. They use hand cannons to boost stats and aid their allies. They can even restore allies’ HP and MP.

Master Monks are an improvement over the White Monk job. Master Monks use their skills to deal powerful and/or debilitating attacks.

Tricksters wear visors because their skill, Sleight of Hand, involves cards, which they also use to attack with. Their skills let them Mug enemies or cause damage based on how many ailments the enemy is suffering from.

Nu Mou Classes

The Arcanist uses some uncommon spells – no Fire, Blizzard, or Thunder will do for him. Instead, he uses spells like Drain, Death, Gravity, and Graviga. He also has a few spells that affect units based on their level, e.g. Lv. 5 Haste. It gives Haste to characters whose lvs are a multiple of five.

Viera Calsses

Green Mage? WTH? They support allies with buffs while crippling enemies with ailments.

Spellblades are not your usual Magic Knights. The swords of the Spellblades inflict ailments and melee damage upon enemies.

Moogle Classes

Chocobo Knights are sooo cuuute~ >w<

A Chocobo Knight is nothing without a chocobo. A chocobo can be mounted when their HP is below critical lvs. The color of the chocobo determines what skills the Knight can use once he mounts his steed. These skills include healing and bringing a meteor down upon an enemy’s head.

The Flintlock is like a slower Cannoneer with more of a support focus. Flintlocks must Prime their cannons before they can use their skills.

The Gunners have been renamed Fusliiers, but have all the same attributes that they had in FFTA. Similarly, the Gadgeteer class was renamed Tinker.

FFTA2 added two new races: the porcine seeq and horned gria.

Seeq Classes

Lanista are swordsmen who can sacrifice their own HP to deal elemental damage or sap an enemy’s HP. They can also cause ailments, destroy armor, or boost the stats of their allies.

Gria Classes

The Raptors can decrease enemies’ stats with their skills.

The Ravager (not to be confused with the Paradigm of the same name from Final Fantasy XIII) have skills with some unusual properties and ranges. This class is called Bastard in the Japanese version. Uh… OK.