Final Fantasy VIII Part Two

February 3rd, 2010: Dude. I totally won the Quistis card!

I stand in awe of those who completed this game to 100%.

Will Final Fantasy XIII still have random battles? >.>

I thought that one of those “Trepe Groupies” had Quistis’ card, but they all had it.

Just because a player has a card doesn’t mean they’ll use that card every time.

January 26th, 2013: These old graphics are so chunky. The animations are choppy too.

When playing Triple Triad, any of your opponents’ cards listed in blue are ones that you don’t have yet.

The BGM is nice.

What I want to do before beating the game is get all the ultimate weapons and Guardian Forces. It’s not gonna be easy.

Apparently, you can get Eden from a boss in the final dungeon, but not Doomtrain or Bahamut.

Let’s see what we need for them thar weapons (and for summoning Doomtrain):

Zell’s Ehrgeiz: Adamantine x1

Quistis’ Save the Queen: Energy Crystal x4

Selphie’s Strange Vision: Adamantine x1

Doomtrain: Malboro Tentacles x6

Okay, so maybe some of the spell effects are pretty nice, very typically Squaresoft. All of the GF animations are super nice, especially Diablos’ and the Brothers’.

I’m trying to get the Adamantoises to drop the Adamantine I need, but they don’t drop it very often, and they take forever to kill. They’re tedious and uggo.

But I soon got all of the UW’s, except for Quistis’. Ugggh.

To be honest, I’d rather use up my time gathering Malboro Tentacles for the Doomtrain sidequest. Although I still need Energy Crystals, too… I’d rather get the harder one out of the way first. Also, another GF would be more useful than Quistis’ UW.

Or MAYBE I should try to get Bahamut and its Rare Item ability. I remember trying to get him before and failing for some reason which I don’t remember.

January 27th, 2013: Odin and his instant-death Zantetsuken attack seem to occur a lot on the Islands Closest to Heaven/Hell.

The Islands Closest to Heaven/Hell were unmarked islands on the world map. Both islands had tough enemies, and tons of rare magic draw points. You could clean up some nice spells if you equipped the GF ability that turned off random battles.

Instead of MP, FFVIII had the Draw system. It allowed characters to Draw magic from enemies and certain areas in the game (some hidden, some not). However, drawing magic could be a drag.

Drawing magic is only the half of it. The other half is using Junction to attach magic to your stats. The more powerful the spell, the greater the effect it had on the stats of your characters.

You could also junction spells to your defense and offense. Want total protection against a certain element, or be able to inflict ailments upon enemies with your physical attacks? You can, by junctioning the appropriate spells.

I went a little crazy with refining items out of materials and now I need one more Sharp Spike. ^^;

Every battle now involves Squall using Diablos to do 9,999 points of damage to an enemy with his gravity magic. Diablos’ compatibility with Squall is maxed out as a result. Squall also has Auto-Haste, meaning that Diablos is summoned even more often.

Seeing Red

Ah, yes. Ruby Dragons. They were what kept me from beating the Deep Sea Research Facility.

It’s times like this when I miss Hope and Sazh. >.>

Even Bahamut is a little easier than the Ruby Dragons.

I’ve made more progress in this game in the last two days than I have in years. Now, all that’s left is Eden and Save the Queen.

Cactaurs are funny when they fall over.

They’re also great because they make grinding for GF abilities trivial.

They dropped 20 Ability Points per specimen.

Selphie’s Strange Vision can put enemies to sleep for some reason.

January 28th, 2013: Wherefore Art Thou, Energy Crystals?

These Elnoyle things are harder to find than the Adamantoises and Malboros.

All the guides I have for this game, and none of them mentioned that Bahamut was immune to gravity damage.

I’ve wondered if writers of game guides grow to resent the games they cover.

It’s surprising just how weak early GF’s are unless their attack hits an enemy’s weakness.

Guardin’ Eden

The inner sanctum of the Deep Sea Research Center is pretty cool.

Gravity just doesn’t work on these late bosses.

The people working in the Deep Sea Research Facility must have evacuated because they realized what they were excavating: the Ultimate Weapon.

You know you’re in trouble when a boss uses similar sound effects as the final boss from Chrono Trigger. Screw you, Lavos!

I used Quistis’ Mighty Guard Blue Magic against Ultimate Weapon.