Final Fantasy VIII Part Four: Promised

January 31st, 2013: Two more bosses to go.

Oh, man. Krysta looks cool. Too bad it speaks in dorky allcaps.

Its death animation is cool, too.

One more to go.

Tiamat was a cool-looking purple dragon.

And then, there were none.

Random battles just wear me down.

February 1st, 2013: Ultimecia waited in the clock tower. Initially, she fights on her own, but eventually, she reaches into Squall’s mind and creates an “ultimate Guardian Force” from Griever, his necklace. When Griever falls in battle, she Junctions herself to him. Cue “Maybe I’m a Lion”!

After all of the time and effort I put into getting everyone’s ultimate weapon and Limit Breaks, I relied on three characters to beat Ultimecia: Squall, Irvine, and Quistis, mainly for their Limit Breaks. Quistis was kind of a toss-up, but I decided that I like Blue Magic, and I don’t think that I had used the other characters quite as much anyway.

Squall’s Limit Break let you time button presses to do extra damage. Irvine’s Limit Break lets you utilize multiple ammo types to do extra damage and/or to cause status ailments. Irvine’s ammo types were made by collecting different materials. Either Limit Break can cause tens of thousands of points of damage.

Ultimecia/Griever fell, but Ultimecia pulls a new form out of her butt for the last phase of the battle. It’s somewhat… face-challenged. Maybe it’s symbolic of how Ultimecia tried to bolster her power by stealing the bodies and powers of other Sorceresses. She had a weak identity of her own, and the emptiness of her face in her final form represents that, as well as her hunger for more power.

I am Ultimecia. Time will compress… All existence denied.”

Perhaps fittingly, the background for the final battle is a black void.

Ultimecia gains a new spell for her arsenal: Apocalypse. However, you can Draw Apocalypse and cast it yourself. You can also use the Double and Triple spells to cast it multiple times in a row. I remember relying more on Limit Breaks and maybe some good items, though.

Ultimecia: “Time… It will not wait… No matter… how hard you hold on. It escapes you… And…”

When the final blow was dealt, a beam of light shot out of Ultimecia’s face. Her body exploded into beams of light which consumed the SeeDs.

Squall got separated from the rest of the team. He was in a different and desolate world that looked like a desert. He wandered for a while until his stamina began to waver. He finally reached a cliff. He looked back, and saw that he stood on a disembodied piece of rock.

Rinoa was alone in her own space. She was initially sad, but then she turned her thoughts to Squall. Suddenly, he saw a feather fall from the sky, and his thoughts turned towards Rinoa. He saw her against a sunset backdrop. He called out to her, and she turned around.

He relived seeing her at the SeeD graduation ceremony, but her face was blurry. He replayed the memory in his mind as he struggled to see her face clearly.

Then, he was flooded by other memories of his fellow SeeDs, and he saw Rinoa without any distortion. He reminded himself of her over and over, until Ultimecia invaded the memory.

He remembered when he rescued Rinoa when she was freefalling through outer space.

(This scene contains the infamous flash of Squall with a hole in his face. Interesting, considering that Ultimecia’s final form looks similar.)

Suddenly, he heard glass breaking. A tear rolled down his face, and he looked up as he was consumed by light, and he fell unconscious.

(Cue “Eyes on Me”!)

Rinoa found him. She stroked his face. He did not wake up, and she cried.

But then, the desolate landscape exploded into a gorgeous and healthy landscape filled with flowers.

Meanwhile, Seifer, Fujin, and Raijin were fishing. Raijijn caught a nice fish, which made Seifer throw his fishing rod onto the dock. Fujin suddenly kicked Raijin into the water, which made Seifer laugh.

He actually looked… happy. God, what a jerk.

The aerial Balamb Garden flew overhead. Seifer smiled faintly.

Laguna looked down at the ring on his finger, and reminisced to when he tried to hide the ring from the woman he loved: Raine, the singer that would later become Squall’s mother. She found the ring, and she put it on his finger. They embraced.

In the present, Laguna visited her grave before he saw Balamb Garden overhead.

Everyone had a big get-together after defeating Ultimecia. Selphie filmed it. Quistis let her hair down. Selphie wore Irvine’s hat. Zell almost choked on hot dogs, and he got peeved at Selphie and Quistis for beating on his back.

They saved your life, you dummy!

Just as they caught sight of Rinoa on the balcony, the camcorder shut down due to lack of battery power. Then, after the credits…

Rinoa watched a shooting star through the sky. She smiled at Squall, who smiled back and they kissed.

Huh. That wasn’t very hard at all. What was the big deal about beating this game?

Ultimecia’s Hell’s Judgment attack threw me for a few loops, but being reduced to critical HP meant that we could use our Limit Breaks. And oh, did I use Irvine’s Hyper Shot Limit Break.

All of my guides were in love with Squall’s Lion Heart Limit Break, but it triggers randomly, and I could rarely get it to work. If you can have Irvine’s best ammo, his is truly the best Limit Break in the game.

I was quite surprised at Zell’s lack of table manners.

It was weird to see Laguna as a middle-aged man.

You only see the CGI model of his middle-aged self at the end of the game.