Final Fantasy VIII Part Three

January 29th, 2013: Even as the President of Esthar, Laguna is still Laguna. He believes that courage is the magic that turns the plan to defeat Ultimecia into reality.

Squall, are you a bad enough dude to follow the President’s plan?

The plan was to let the sorceress Ultimecia compress time… which is what she actually wanted to do. With all of time compressed into one moment, Squall’s team could infiltrate the Lunatic Pandora facility and attempt to defeat Ultimecia in her own era.

I had to try over and over, but I won the Squall card from Laguna!

The Lunatic Pandora BGM is spacy and cool.

An enemy group consisting of two low-level Imps and a Torama nonetheless nearly brought my party to a standstill with their Confuse and Berserk spells. On top of that, confused characters were casting even more ailment-inflicting spells on healthy characters! If I didn’t know any better, I’d say the game was cheating. Confused characters’ actions are supposedly chosen at random.

It is slightly funny how the game portrayed Confusion: the character would spin around until the effect went away.

Not only do Raijin and Fujin let Ellone go, Fujin drops her weird shouty dialect to address Seifer directly.

Ellone was a powerful psychic and potential sorceress, so Ultimecia wanted her body. To possess, I mean. Ellone’s ability to see historical events as they happened was key to Ultimecia’s attempted compression of time.

They were just trying to help their friend.

Fujin: “You’ve lost yourself and your dream. You’re just eating out of someone’s hand. We want the old you back! Since we can’t get through to you, all we have to rely on is Squall! It’s sad… Sad that we only have Squall to rely on…”

Well gee, thanks, guys. I was with you up to that point.

Fujin: “Seifer! Are you still gonna keep goin’?”

Seifer shrugged and cocked his gunblade. “Raijin, Fujin! It’s been fun!”

Raijijn and Fujin left as Squall’s team confronted Seifer. Odin arrived to take down Seifer, who countered and killed the Guardian Force. Odin’s sword flew out of Lunatic Pandora, only to be retrieved by… Gilgamesh!

This event only occurs if you got Odin as a GF. Gilgamesh takes over for Odin in battle from this point on. Gilgy is actually an improvement on Odin because Gilgy can appear in any battle at any time, even boss battles.

All of this just begs the question, if Seifer could waste Odin, why is it so easy to beat Seifer?

He escaped and kidnapped Rinoa to force her into merging with the sorceress Adel. This short scene plays a smaller scale version of “Liberi Fatali”.

Adel is female, but her body is very masculine with large muscles. The French version misgenders her with male pronouns. Some people read her as transgender.

I seem to recall reading somewhere that Adel’s chest is masculine looking because Square really wanted her to be topless… but they couldn’t get bare breasts past the censors, so they designed Adel this way. But I can’t remember where I read that, or if the info was actually sourced.

You may wonder why Adel’s breasts would be censored when Eve from Parasite Eve‘s were not (though they were sans nipples). It must be due to the fact that PE had a higher content rating than FFVIII. The FF series has always been rated the general equivalent or 12 or 13+ or below, whereas PE games have always been rated the equivalent of an ESRB Mature 17+ rating.

Mobile Type 8’s Corona attack was nasty. It was a harder boss than Seifer and Raijin with Fujin.

January 30th, 2013: Adel was a long and boring boss battle. >.>

Upon entering the Time-Compressed World, the sole save point splits into ten.

The final dungeon in the game is Ultimecia’s Castle. In the Castle, several of your battle and menu commands are sealed away. Only the Attack command is available by default. To unlock other commands – even the ability to save – you have to traverse the castle and beat eight bosses. When you beat a boss, you choose which command to unlock.

Locked Commands

  1. Draw

  2. Save

  3. Resurrect

  4. GF

  5. Item

  6. Command (in-battle commands, such as abilities learned by GF’s)

  7. Magic

  8. Limit Break

The cannon fodder Sorceresses look cool. The last one is a creepy insect/human hybrid.

That Sorceress and Adel die in a cool way: their bodies flash multiple colors before they dissolve.

Grand Mantises are too spiderlike for my comfort. Uggo buggos.

Grand Mantis

Apparently, Ultimecia just lets this monster crap fly in her Castle. How unbecoming of someone with a mansion.

When you kill Trauma, he explodes into little pieces.

Junctioning 100 Ultima spells to your Elemental Defense sends your resistances through the roof. I should have equipped that the whole time.

The only boss that has been remotely tough so far was Tri-Point. He used Scan on me! Didn’t seem to help him, though.

Gargantua had annoying, ailment-inflicting attacks, but his hit points were low. Three to go.

All this zig-zagging across the Castle to reach the bosses isn’t very fun.

Sometimes, you can get caught on the prerendered environs.

It’s kind of nice how each character has different footstep noises in the game.