The DISSIDIA Saga Part Three

DISSIDIA 012 Final Fantasy

System: Sony PlayStation Portable

Developer/Publisher: Square Enix

Released: March 22nd, 2011

The What: An enhanced version of DISSIDIA with new features (such as overworld maps in story mode), characters, and a new prologue scenario that tells the story of the 12th cycle in the war between Cosmos and Chaos. Also, some of the Warriors were on different sides of the conflict in the 12th cycle.

The Who – The Warriors of Cosmos, 12th Cycle

Kain Highwind (Tactical Striker), Tifa Lockhart (Feint Brawler), Laguna Loire (Tactical Gunner), Yuna (Grand Summoner), Vaan (Adroit Attacker), and Claire “Lightning” Farron (Paradigm Commando).

The story of the 12th cycle is that Chaos is winning the war. The manikins modeled after the Warriors of Cosmos and Chaos helped tip the balance in Chaos’ favor. Despite the threat of the manikins, the Warriors of Cosmos still have to seek their crystals.

April 1st, 2011: I had an emotional reaction to reading Lightning’s profile in the manual.

Whatever you do, don’t tell the moogle in the tutorial at the start that you’re a “master” of DISSIDIA.

If you do, the moogle shoves you into a battle against a maxed-out Feral Chaos with a level one Lightning. Jerk move, but kinda funny…

The Orphan’s Cradle stage is huge! Wow!

The new RPG Mode is much smoother than Command Mode in DISSIDIA.

Despite being an (ahem) DISSIDIA veteran, all of this new stuff is kinda underwhelming.

Liam O’Brien as Kain? Awesome.

He is one of my favorite voice actors.

I lost playing as Vaan for the first time. 😦

April 2nd, 2011: It turns out that Yuna and Kain are kind of awesome.

A Fal’Cie Husk can be created in Battlegen from Orphan’s Cradle. Eww.

I think that the graphics look even better in this game than in the first.

Tifa likes Lightning’s attacks. Tifa said that her attacks were “just punches and kicks”.

But those kicks hurt a lot…” lamented Laguna. “Tifa, would you stop practicing on me?”

Read the Character Info Battle Tips! Penelo (Final Fantasy XII) has some new gossip!

I realized that Light has one of my favorite attacks from Final Fantasy XIII: Blitz!

Oh, but I do love cutting Kuja down to size.

On the world maps, you can encounter moogles. As you earn Kupo Points, you can trade them with moogles for items or skills to use in the self-contained gateway stages where you fight enemies on a grid.

In gateways, you can lower your character’s level through Level Adjust in order to earn bonus KP. This Level Adjust feature turned out to be a pain, so I eventually stopped doing it so that I could beat the story mode.

So that’s what KP are! I should have known, kupo.

Oh Selphie, you’re so random.

April 3rd, 2011: Kain took Bartz away! And… Xdeath Exdeath actually did a “Mwa-ha-ha” laugh.

The Evening Mog Friend Card has a very special character on it.

Where my stats page at?!

Dang, Vaan, you stink! But you have very good balance.

I knew he was gonna get a crossbow or bow-based move.

I’m digging how the characters are actually interacting with each other. More heroes and villains; now it’s like a full fanfic.

The new format for story mode allowed some characters to travel with a team of companions. When one character was defeated, the next member would take over for them. Nice.

I wonder if the PSP2 will be compatible with the PSP.

This was before I learned that the PSP’s successor would be called the PlayStation Vita.

In the 12th cycle, Terra was a Warrior of Chaos, as were Cloud and Tidus.

April 7th, 2011: Action Mode is much more fun than RPG Mode.

Kefka is such an annoying opponent. This one time, he used the same ice spell over and over. HATE HATE HATE!

April 1th, 2011: I used Laguna seriously, for the first time. He’s cheesy, but good at ranged counterattacks. However, he has the befuddling EX Mode activation message ever. Faeries? Where?! Just how little of Final Fantasy VIII did I remember?

I didn’t forget the demi-human hockey team, though. :3

I still hate the Cloud of Darkness. HATE HATE HATE!

Her moves are tricky and she’s deadly in close-quarters.