The DISSIDIA Saga Part Five

June 17th, 2011: I’m pleased as punch that there are two new characters to unlock here.

Bartz doesn’t just imitate other characters’ moves, he imitates the way that they call them out.

Prishe is so cute! She has great fashion sense.

Prishe in her default and alternate costumes

Her EX Burst is very complicated. Auto EX Burst, here I come!

Auto EX Burst was an ability that let the computer input EX Burst commands for you.

June 18th, 2011: Continuation of last night’s Labyrinth run with Prishe. I must say, her moves are kind of amazing.

A level 82 Squall as an Assist? Yes, please.

Every Cloister has a different piece of BGM.

That level 82 Squall must be mine. Characters that can enter your party reflect the levels that they have been leveled up to. I’m not used to the differences between the Labyrinth and the Duel Colosseum yet. 😛

I don’t understand how you can win a certain report where Cloud defeats Chaos but the ensuing cutscene has Cloud defeated. Wha.

I took a long break from the game, partially because I was still messing around with the Level Adjust in the story mode of the 13th cycle, the temptation from other modes, and also because I had already played through the 13th cycle in the original DISSIDIA. Even though that would have made for an easy beat on my backlog.

February 21st, 2013: The discrepancy in volume between sound effects and dialog is a bit annoying.

I’ve always found that grunt that Laguna makes when he’s defeated incredibly weird. “URGGGH!

Liam O’Brian sounds so regal as Kain.

I’ve always liked how Shantotto howls “NOOOO!” upon being defeated.

February 22nd, 2013: Prishe yells “Oh, helllllllllll!” when she loses. Mind your manners, young lady!

Tidus’ HP attacks can be controlled slightly after executing them for better precision. I don’t know if I never knew that before, or did know but forgot it.

I reached the end of the Cloister of Encounters in the Labyrinth.

One of the Reports reveals that Vaan tried to be like Onion Knight’s big brother, much to the latter’s chagrin. Vaan just wanted to make sure that he would still be a kid. In private, Squall, who was partnered with Laguna at the time, says, “Sucks to be us, huh?” to the Onion Knight. Grump.

Watching a level one Jecht versus a level 130 Feral Chaos and still coming out on top in less than a minute – simply incredible.

That must have been from a Youtube video.

January 10th, 2015: Terra’s Story, 13th Cycle

I love this game, but I wish that the story mode for the 13th cycle was not so redundant. Though it does have a new overworld.

Hey, one of the Player Icons looks like Theatrhythm Final Fantasy‘s art style. Would that be considered a scoop since TFF originally came out about a year after D012FF?

I think that I will just stop doing the Level Adjust thing to earn bonuses, just so I can expedite the 13th cycle.

January 11th, 2015: I remember swearing off Level Adjust before. Why did I do it again?

Finished chapter three with Terra. Next up: Chapter Four with Cecil.

I can see how this game influenced TFF with its bonuses on different days of the week and how certain achievements gather more Rhythmia.

Early on, Final Fantasy had a lot of enemies in big armor with closed helms: Garland, Golbez, Exdeath…

I must have played too much TFF/Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call, because these characters look weird with their normal proportions. XD

Sometimes, the Manikins level up in battle. Does that mean that characters you do not play as level up as well?

I got the automatic Magus Sisters summon. Cecil said that he felt like he had met them before…

That dungeon alone is hard, let alone the Sisters.

Cecil’s armor is rather… tight.

January 12th, 2015: Sometimes, moogles ask you silly questions over Mognet, such as “What are your goals?”

Destroy everything!”

>>”To find the real one”

Amusingly, the Player Icons for the then-yet-to-be-named Noctis is described as coming from Final Fantasy Versus XIII. Yeah, about that…

Also, the two PI’s featuring Ace from Final Fantasy Type-0 describes the game as Final Fantasy Agito XIII.