The DISSIDIA Saga Part Six

January 13th, 2015: In this game, Tidus sounds younger than he did in Final Fantasy X.

Tidus’ voice actor, James Arnold Taylor, has come a long way since FFX.

March 19th, 2015: Tidus keeps interrupting Firion when he talks and it’s funny. He actually asks Tidus if he enjoys interrupting him.

It’s great to see such contrasting, but still friendly, personalities.

The otherworld music for Tidus’ chapters is an arrangement of the Zanarkand theme from FFX. Tidus tries to keep it lighthearted, but that song is a reminder of what happened to him in his original game…

The voice actor for the Emperor sounds familiar. Maybe Tenebrae from Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World.

I liked Tenebie. :3

I ❤ how cute the moogles are in this game, flying around all willy-nilly.

One of the Summonstones that you can get from the Moogle Shop is the Chocobo, which shuffles both fighters’ bravery values. Sounds fun.

April 4th, 2015: You can actually attempt the chapters in any order, but I’m doing them in the order offered up by the game.

Kathy the moggle says that today’s lucky color is “Red Rose”, kupo. Firion’s scenario is the next chapter. WOOOAHHH

Firion’s dream is a world filled with wild roses.

I unlocked a secret Report mission with Kain where he fought manikins sent by Exdeath at Orphan’s Cradle to let Yuna and Lightning go on ahead. After Kain beat Exdeath, Golbez tried to talk to him about how he thought the cycle was endless and that Cecil was beyond saving. Kain, however… “Not all roads have a future waiting at the end. But this is mine.”

This is his story, eh?

Then far be it from me to stop you from walking it to the end,” said Golbez.

There will be an end to this. A true end. I promise you that.”

I enjoyed that a bit more than replaying the same old story missions.

How dare Gilgamesh imitate some of my characters’ own moves!

At least Firion’s chapter has good overworld music. Honestly, the huge amount of Final Fantasy music was always one of my fav things about DISSIDIA. It prepared me for the Theatrhythm games.

It’s safe to say that Theatrhythm is my fave rhythm game, even though I played a lot of Guitar Hero back in the day.

April 9th, 2015: The Astromog wants to find out who my ideal traveleing companion would be. “What do you look for in an ally?”

>>A wacky sense of humor

Brutal honesty

Lots of tolerance

C is probably the best choice, but I ❤ a funny sidekick.

I kinda dig this remix of Final Fantasy II music.

Apparently, I’ve never used Gilgy, not even once. O_O

I ❤ how goofy he is in Final Fantasy V Advance.

That version made the game get the attention that it deserved in the West thanks to its superior translation. It’s a joy to read.

The PS1 version of Final Fantasy V in the Final Fantasy Anthology was infamous for what it did to Faris; so much so, that someone did an LP of that version just to show it off as a brutal and lasting reminder.

What happened was that Faris’ given name was mistranslated. The name she assumed in her life as a pirate was a mispronunciation of her actual name (Sarisa) because she was so young. In the Anthology version, Sarisa was translated as… Salsa. I’m no Japanese expert, but I think that Sareesa would have been a more direct transliteration. If her original name was romanized as “Sarusa”, then it could have literally been translated as “Salsa”. But it still would have been silly.

They also gave Faris a heavy-handed, typical pirate accent. Even after the reveal of her true identity as a princess.


When Firion told Cosmos about his dream, she said she wished that she could have such a dream.

I like Firion’s story. The others come together to help him believe in his dream.

I’m not a superfan of Firion, but he is a good guy; humble and noble.

Laguna is made of win: “Expand our horizontals”?

OMG, I think that Firion has a crush on Lightning. I hereby dub this ship “Flight”.

He keeps trying to talk to her, but the others keep interrupting them.

Actually, he wanted his wild rose back. Light had it. She gave it back to him, but asked for it back when he got his memories back. She had a vague memory of flower petals dancing in the wind…

This is a reference to a scene from Final Fantasy XIII where Light held a flower until the wind scattered its petals like a daffodil. A beautiful scene.

Next, Squall’s story. 

He annoys me because it takes him forever to open up to someone, even if he’s suffering.

Thanks to Theatrhythm, I can identify the remixes of these Final Fantasy VIII songs.

  1. The Castle”: Gateway Theme

  2. Blue Fields”: Overworld Theme

  3. Man with the Machine Gun”: Battle Theme

You can get a Summonstone from the gateway in chapter 7-2. When you pick him up, he says, “I am… the hallowed king… Revere… and worship me…”

Then, Squall says something kind of awesome. “(Whatever. You just want some attention.) If you want me to worship you, then show your strength to me.”

It’s Alexander (Auto).

This may sound weird, but I feel like I’ve barely scratched the surface of some of the stuff in this game.

I must begrudgingly admit that I like Squall’s animations.

Maybe it would be cool if there was a Dynasty Warriors-style FF game.

I found a chest with 1999 gil in it. Was that a reference to the year in which FFVIII came out?