The DISSIDIA Saga Part Eight

April 16th, 2015: Morou has this to say: “If you’re going to play that way… What kind of horror story would you like to hear, kupo? Give me an example, kupo! Yeah! How about you tell me one, kupo? I want you to try to scare me, kupo!”

I’ll show you scary.

I’m actually a ghost.

>>I like to eat moogles.

You don’t really exist.

I thought that answer would get the funniest reaction. Mwahahaha!

The third one seemed the scariest…

When the heroes gather, Zidane and Bartz run ahead of everyone else, of course. ^_^

The Emperor tried to tempt the Warrior of Light with a crystal, but he wasn’t fooled and destroyed the false crystal.

The Warrior pitied Garland. The Warrior saw him as trapped in despair by his perceived destiny.

I read once that the villain defeats the hero for the villain’s sake, but the hero defeats the villain for the villain’s sake.

They are the last hope left to the world. Having overcome the limits of fate, the ten warriors finally reunite, crystals in hand and hope in their hearts. With Cosmos’ wish realized, the battle is about to enter a new phase–”

The fantasy must come to an end,” said Cosmos.

Your fate is to fall… into true darkness,” Chaos told her.

She told him that her warriors needed to know true darkness, so he killed the goddess of harmony.

Chaos: “Powerless beings… Fall into the shadows of despair, and begone.”

I feel sad that Cosmos died. She had to sacrifice herself, really, to end the cycles. But it’s OK, because she’s playable in the Theatrhythm Final Fantasy games! =D

When I first played through the original DISSIDIA, I don’t think I really understood why Cosmos died. It was so sudden, like, “Oh… she perished.”

Any of the characters could shout out the game’s name on the title screen. It’s kind of a shock to hear Kefka howl the title.

Wanna know what this one moogle thinks about the Emperor? “The pompous ass in gold went towards the floating isle. He oughta stay there, kupo.”

Sephiroth is way too possessive of Cloud.

Tidus’ aquatic sword looks so cool. It’s probably one of the cooler Final Fantasy weapons.

However, that sword, Brotherhood, is not his ultimate weapon in Final Fantasy X.

Sephiroth: “On your knees. I want you to beg for forgiveness.”

I kinda can’t believe that they reused the name “Climhazzard” for one of Cloud’s attacks, considering how derp Final Fantasy VII‘s original translation could be. See, things like this are why fans want a remake, Square Enix.


Then again, some of that derp gave FFVII some charm.

Sephiroth: “We’ll meet again, Cloud. I’ll keep coming back – as long as you are who you are.”

Cloud: “No thanks. The one I really want to meet is…”

Who?! Zack?! Tifa?! Aeris?! Yuffie?! Barret?! Cait Sith?!

I got 96 Kupo Points from a single optional gateway.

Tidus’ sword must look really nice in the HD remaster of FFX, and in the new DISSIDIA.

Do we need a new DISSIDIA? Maybe, if they add more new characters.

April 17th, 2015: Kefka reveals how much he is in despair when Terra defeats him.

Why create, when it will only be destroyed? Why cling to life, knowing that you have to die? None of it will have meant anything once you do!” He sounds so tired and angry.

Destruction! Destruction is what makes life worth living!”

He exploded and vanished into nothingness.

Terra lamented, “It was your broken heart – You were trying to fill it with destruction.”

I know you’re all dying to know what became of Morou. I got a letter called Sheer Fear.

Kupo!? You want to eat me up!?”

Of course. You’re so sweet and delicious…

My pompom’s all shriveled up, kupo.

I don’t want to hear a horror story…

I’m fearing for my life, kupo!”

Then the game told me, “Not nearly scary enough.”

I’ll wring ya!

I’ll grind ya!

>>You’re right.

Zidane faced off against Kuja for the final time.

Kuja: “I have been disowned by the world. I have been defeated by life itself.”

Zidane offered to let Kuja up. “Why?” he asked, astonished.

Do I… need a reason to help someone?” asked Zidane. “Or is my help… not good enough for you?”

It’s likely that… I will hurt you again.”

I can take a beating.”

I don’t think… I will ever come to understand you.”

Kuja pushed Zidane’s hand away and stood up on his own. “Off with you. Aren’t there more important things for you to seize?”

His body was enveloped in blue energy. “I return… to where I must…”

Zidane looked up into the sky. “We’re going back… to the same place.”

For some reason, I’m fairly neutral towards Final Fantasy IX‘s battle themes, but arrangement of “The Darkness of Eternity” is pretty cool.

Bartz asked Tidus to teach him that “Whatsma ball sport when the fight’s over?”

You mean blitzball?” asked Tidus. “Let me warn you now, you can’t mimic me easily. Me and my dad were both pros in the sport, and ace athletes to boot!”

Ha!Now you’re looking lively, Tidus! If I can mimic you, then I’m an ace, too. Alright, time to hone my skills!”

Well, first of all, you need to learn how to hold your breath for the length of an entire blitzball game.

Terra: “The moogle crossed the lava stream… You think he’ll let me fluff him?” Yeees. :3

Terra: “Do you think losing a dear friend will feel lonelier than being all alone to begin with?”

Depends on how they were lost. If they left willingly, is there any deeper form of betrayal?

Later that year, I learned exactly what it was like. I didn’t feel betrayed, but I did go from sadness to anger. Yes, anger. Now it’s just another terrible thing that’s happened that I couldn’t do anything about.

Squall: “I remembered this promise I made… There’s someone waiting for me.”

He thought it was selfish of Cosmos to sacrifice herself without consulting her Warriors.

Chaos had a dream where he governed the world with Cosmos. Garland was surprised.

When the Emperor finally fell, he made that infamous “UNGAAAH” sound.

Garland: “At battle’s end, there will be no joy, no glory, no salvation, no future. To the god Chaos, a world without Cosmos is naught but an empty husk.

Farewell, Warriors of Cosmos. May we meet again in the afterworld…”

Terra: “Maybe Chaos is trying to erase his own despair…”

Cecil: “The sadness of absolute solitude, having lost his equal in Cosmos…”

Onion Knight: “No way… That’s just wrong! Trying to erase everything is no better than running away!”

Bartz: “Cosmos didn’t run away, but held on to hope. And the crystals are what she gave us to prove that!”

Firion: “We are not mere pawns being moved around by destiny. We’ve come this far because we have dreams we want to protect.”

Cloud: “Once you stop traveling down the path you’ve chosen, you might as well have disappeared.”

Squall: “We will stick to our paths ’til the end. And then… We’ll have something to tell Chaos.”

Zidane: “Right. Our time here may be limited. But there is always something we can leave behind.”

Warrior of Light: “As Cosmos bestowed hope upon all of us – we, too, bestow upon this world a similar gift. The light shall be passed.”

Something (the Great Will?) gave Chaos the power of Shinryu to bring this fantasy to its conclusion.

Chaos: “Let us mark the end of this eternal conflict!”

When you enter battle with Chaos, the game tells you to “Shape the Future!”

I ❤ the music that they have for these battles with Chaos.

Even with my high levels, Chaos is tough. He has some crazy and cool moves.

Chaos: “Cosmos… Now I know what you left behind.”

The Warriors of Cosmos vanished from Chaos’ throne.

Chaos: “Here ends the war of the gods. Destiny’s hand cannot be stayed. Begone, mortals…”

Chaos’ realm exploded and disappeared.

The battle has come to an end,” said the Warrior of Light.

The ending is the same as that of the original DISSIDIA‘s. ^^;

The End” graphics are really pretty.

The sacrifice of both Cosmos and the Warriors of the 12th Cycle were not in vain.

It’s sad when the 13th Cycle’s warriors expressed a desire to meet them.

There’s so much postgame stuff to do.