The DISSIDIA Saga Part Seven


April 10th, 2015: The Astromog said that my ideal partner is… Galuf?! “His unique meanderings will keep you distracted before you realize you just saved the world!”

This one moogle is weird! It says, “EXECUTING MISSION RECEIVE kp GIVE MERCHANDISE”. It only flies in straight lines.

Zidane: “What? Do I need a reason to help someone?”

Next, Zidane’s story.

It’s funny when Bartz mimics Zidane.

One thing about this game kinda weirded me out: how they retained Zidane’s diminutive proportions to stay faithful to Final Fantasy IX‘s graphical style.

April 11th, 2015: Bartz: “Didn’t think I could mimic manikins. Maybe I’m just a genius!”

His friendship with Zidane is fun.

I guess it would have been weird to see Zidane with regular proportions after being used to his FFIX appearance.

His gateway theme is a remix of “A Place to Call Home”/ “The Place I’ll Return to Someday”. I ❤ that song.

His overworld theme is a gentle instrumental mix of “Melodies of Life”, the FFIX ending theme, which I also love.

Maybe it was the same way in FFIX and I just never noticed, but Zidane’s tail looks like it’s coming right out of his butt. >.<

I feel like I’m tearing through the story mode by not messing with Level Adjust and by skipping needless battles.

The new arcade DISSIDIA seems to have much bigger levels than the old DISSIDIAs, which makes sense.

Zidane defeated Kuja because he believed in his friends. Next, could Bartz find his way?

Morou the Mog wants to tell me a scaaary story!

>>You? Really?

Let’s hear it.

I want to hear a fun story.

Bring it on, punk! Kupo!

I think that Bartz has the lowest level out of all 0 of the 13th Cycle Warriors of Cosmos.

Some of the item components are weird, like Chocobo Chick Powder. Don’t tell me that people go about grinding up poor little chocobo chicks…

I can’t believe how costly some of these items are.

Summonstones are so pretty.

There’s a Summonstone in the chapter 9-2 gateway. “Whenever your heart shatters, Flames of Rebirth shall protect you.

Bartz: “Ah! Could it be – …Nope. Sorry about that. Just to let you know, I’m bad with heights.”

Gained Phoenix (Auto)!

Not the lawyer. Thought that would be funny.

Somebody had a moogle summon! Do want!

A chest had 1992 gil in it.

It appears that the Moogle Summonstone has random effects, just like the Chocobo one.

It’s better to grind for KP at those optional white gateways, then to mess around with Level Adjust and bring your game down to a crawl.

Bartz is so silly and lighthearted, no matter how serious the Warriors of Chaos are about fighting him.

Golbez is the most noble of the Warriors of Chaos. He seems to be trying to help the heroes sometimes.

This game’s story mode, played in order, feels more coherent than that of the original.

Exdeath has a nice cape. A lot of Final Fantasy characters used to wear capes.

April 12th, 2015: The Noise Teller: “You’re not the first to tell me that I’m too noisy to be a horror story teller, kupo… but I’m serious, kupo! There are so many scary stories to be told, kupo! And that’s my calling! Kupo!

He insists on telling a scary story.”

>>Fine. Go ahead.

Your existence scares me.

You don’t know what a horror story is.

I thought that it was too cute to tell a scary story, not because he was noisy.

I changed my Play Plan for the first time in ages.

Bartz’s story came to a close when he stopped running and fought off Exdeath.

In the new missions, “A Convenient Loss of Memory”, Bartz is asked by Tidus if he remembers anything from his old world. Bartz eventually references Galuf as someone that told him to not worry about things that you can’t control.

April 13th, 2015: Time for the beginning of the end in Chapter 10: Champions of Her Will.

But first, Morou’s trying to tell me a horror story.

Lost and Found

This story… is about when an adventurer came back to Mog House from a long trip. She heard a thin voice from her room…

‘Kupo… Kupo… It’s so dry and withered, kupo…’

That was his scary story.”

I have lost all hope in you.

>>You should learn a real horror story.

The snap ruined it for me.

Back to Chapter 10.

The crystals, shining even in the depths of despair – It is said that hope can be restored if the ten surviving warriors can take hold of them. Now the journey begins for the Warrior of Light…”

I have but one goal, and I will carve out my path regardless of who challenges me,” he declared.

Garland is such a downer.

I think that Sephiroth scared this poor little moogle. “I was so scared, kupo! That guy with the loooooong sword… I he gone, kupo?”

r dey gone?

I finally bought the Chocobo Summonstone from the moogle.

Sephiroth stole Firion’s wild rose and questioned the Warrior of Light’s reason for fighting. Sephiroth said that he and the Warrior were the same, that they found pleasure in fighting. I hate it when bad guys try to pull the “not so different” card.

Sephiroth said that fighting the Warrior made him realize who he really had to fight.

I wish that the characters had more moves.

I found a chest that had 1987 gil in it.

Are those little jewels in Sephiroth’s pauldrons supposed to be materia?