Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World Part Two: Regal Didn’t Start the Fire

January 22nd, 2010: I’ve determined that monsters need to be level 14 to evolve.

Why do Ogres look just like Blanka from Street Fighter?

Chimeras are so cute in this game. They’re more like chimera… puppies?

I don’t know why you can’t name your monsters. The names that the game picks for them mean less than nothing to me.

Naming things in games can also help you remember what they are, like a mnemonic device.

Not being able to name your monsters is just one of the problems with the “mons” aspect of this game. The others are waiting in the Final Thoughts.

June 18th, 2010: Looking for Paul, Lloyd’s number one fan, at the human ranch.

Monsters in the ranch drop Grey Manuscripts like they’re bad habits. Grind for them to beef up your monsters.

Manuscripts give monsters extra experience points.

There are lots of (gasp) puzzles in this RPG. The one at the ranch is deceptively simple.

After you open the upper leftmost door, you can use that to return to the start of the facility without losing your progress.

I caught a cute little Chimera.

Instead of echoing Tales of Symphonia – the closest thing the GameCube had to Final Fantasy XDawn of the New World reminds me of… Xenogears. IDK why; I barely played that game.

September 2nd, 2010: I finally find Paul! But…

September 3rd, 2010: …he’s unconscious is a room with a monster. However, someone comes along to help us save him.

The story of this game is OK, but I think some scenes are overdone. I politely nod my way through them, but some of it doesn’t pierce my void.

Tales of the Abyss had the same problem.

As I later learned, other Tales games have this problem, as well. Sometimes, the games just drone on with exposition, several of it filled with the game’s bizarre jargon. I love Tales, but I zone out on the plots sometimes.

It’s cool to have guest characters, but they don’t gain any XP. 😦

I evolved some of my monsters and got a Vorpal Bunny. Cuteness +2.

The monsters’ evolution reminds me of Castlevania: Curse of Darkness, which I liked.

September 27th, 2010: You can’t skip cutscenes in this game. Faux pas.

Why would Lloyd wear one mask, let alone two different ones?

We had our toughest battle ever against a big tree and three birds! Gads.

In the Triet Ruins, despite the opposition, we acquired the Centurion core Ignis.

The dungeons in this game are really well-designed. You can always find your way back.

Well, except maybe in a certain later dungeon…

We need the Centurion’s cores to awaken Ratatosk. But he’s after them too.

By “he”, I meant Lloyd.

Next, we’re going to Izoold. Marta wants to find the core in Flanoir.

March 18th, 2012: Emil talked down Richter (who totally didn’t resemble Kratos Aurion, Lloyd’s dad) from killing an orphaned monster.

Richter said that Ratatosk was his enemy, but he would let Emil and Marta go for today.

Emil returned to the campsite, having forgotten the firewood that he went off to get in the first place. Everyone groaned.

Chapter 4: Light and Darkness

Emil obtained the title “Monster Lover”. Ooh!

I can’t believe that Regal is incarcerated… again.

He was accused of igniting a fire in Izoold.

March 25th, 2012: Marta earned the title “Sensitive”.

Regal’s back!

Crawlers have funny faces. XOX

I’ll miss Crispin Freeman as Regal, but his replacement seems OK. None of the replaced VA’s are bad, they’re just not the originals.

March 26th, 2012: Let’s Go to Flanoir

Actually, Crawler’s faces look like this: OxO

Somehow, Emil’s Havoc Strike has the fire attribute.

Raine and Genis went ahead to Flanoir, but not before Raine gave Regal, in her own words, “a love letter”. Are they serious, or are they pullin’ our legs?

Emil and Marta are so socially awkward.
Raspberry Gels sound delicious.

I didn’t understand for a long time that Gels are consumed in Tales games, although you never see anyone eating them. It seemed weird to rub fruity gel all over your wounds. XD

Genis hates Gels. Maybe it’s the texture?