Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World Part Four: Tales of the Nadir of Dungeon Design

July 5th, 2012: I love the animations of the Katz Guild member.

The parts where you have to navigate dark stairways with lightning trying to zap you is annoying.

Why does Regal still wear clothes that look like his prison gear?

I missed the part where Regal put his old prison clothes back on in an attempt to snap “Lloyd” out of his madness when we briefly saw him in Flanoir. But it wouldn’t have worked anyway because that was not the real Lloyd.

Some artes can’t be used in midair.

July 8th, 2012: The Temple of Lightning dungeon is annoying. On top of it all, the random lightning bolts that you have to dodge will contribute to your likelihood of getting a worse ending.

Emil learned the arte Swallow Fury. It’s stylish.

A list of annoyances with the Temple of Lightning: Visually uninspired; tough and irritating enemies; dark areas; the bad ending bolts; and so – much – backtracking.

When I get through this dungeon, I want all of the Tales games you’ve been holding back smugly from the NA and EU gamers.

All Tales games have their annoying parts, but…

I’m getting really tired of failing pacts with these personality-lacking monsters.

You have now befriended twenty-five monsters.” Thank you, Tenebrae.

I wish I could replay skits.

I think they added this feature in Tales of Xillia.

One of my monsters, Jujube, a Treant, had a branch in evolution between Madocello and Filifolia. But I could only choose the latter. What the heck, game?


Kind of annoying how there are invisible walls in the battle screens.

Even the FAQ by HolyLancer9 started to make fun of how much backtracking is needed in this level.

Decus is such a creep.

You always makes me do your dirty work,” said Aster, before he took over Emil and sucked Decus and Rilena (a scientist) into a dark vortex. He did not know how he did it.

After he expressed apathy towards finding out where the heck Rilena went, Marta slapped him. “You’re despicable.”

Thankfully, Tenebrae thought that Decus and Rilena may be at the altar of a Centurion whose core was not in ours or Lloyd’s hands. That meant that the Centurion of Lightning (please let that be it) or Earth. The group decided to investigate the altar of the lightning Centurion.

Decus has no villain swag.

Even the boss is harder than average in the Temple of Lightning, but still easier than the rest of the dungeon.

Lloyd escaped with the Centurion’s core. The party decided to head for the Temple of Earth. Emil apologized to Marta for being insensitive, but she just wasn’t ready to talk to him again just yet…

July 14th, 2012: The original Japanese subtitle, Knight of Ratatosk, sounds cooler.

Jujube can already evolve again? Efficient.

I’m looking forward to never returning to the Temple of Lightning ever again.

Regal blushed. I almost fainted.

July 15th, 2012: “GINNUNGAGAP”? Apparently, it’s the gateway between the regular worlds and Niflheim, the demonic realm. As if these worlds weren’t screwed up already.

OMG, Marta said that Ratatosk Mode Emil is just as nice as the regular meek Emil! He turned away and blushed!

Dragon growls sound cool.

Every monster has a fav food.

Emil obtained the title “You Are You”. D’aww.

July 17th, 2012: Amirite, Altamira?

How do Katz swim? Meow. That’s a secret.”

Obtained the recipe for Omelet.

Recipes are much easier to find in this game than in Tales of the Abyss. The Wonder Chef always congratulates you on finding him, but he’s not that hard to find.

So. Very. Bored.” Not for long, lady merchant!

Regal put his fancy business clothes back on!

I’m gonna pluck your feathers, Hawk.

Regal Gear Solid

Thoroughly annoyed at being defeated by Hawk twice, I readjust my battle settings, giving Emil the ability to use the Mystic Arte Devil’s Hellfire. It’s the most powerful attack seen yet in the game.

As the group attempted to flee Altamira, they were menaced by a flustered Alice. But then…

Crescent Strike!”



Emil has a sort of scary look on his face in the cut-in for Devil’s Hellfire.

Chapter 7: Reawakened Memories

Once Presea joined the party, their attempts to hide Marta from the Vanguard led to hilarity. Presea convinced Marta to hide inside of her iron maiden, which was a good luck charm sent to her from the Lazareno Company… Just go with it…

Regal was the president of the Lazareno Company.

What’s weird is, Marta looks too big to fit inside of the iron maiden…

Next, the party tried to get past the Vanguard checkpoint. The guards demanded to see what was inside of the iron maiden, so Presea went on the offense with her awesome deadpan. She told the guards that a terrible curse would befall them if they opened the iron maiden before it granted its wish.

First, you’ll experience stomach-churning sickness and diarrhea for seventy-seven straight hours. Then, for the following seven-hundred-and-seventy-seven days, the king of demons will appear and stick his finger up your nose. Every. Single. Day.” (And he doesn’t wash his hands!)

Y… You think I’d fall for that?” asked the Vanguard soldier. Presea urged him to open it, but he passed it up and let us through.

Marta obtained the title “Iron Maiden”. Darn right.

She was probably giggling herself silly inside of that thing while Presea made her threat. OwO

Presea is so cute with “Mr. Tenebie”. She tickles his paws, saying, “Poke, poke, poke” all the while. ❤

The music can rock pretty hard in this game.

Obtained the recipe for Pickled Vegetables.

Aquatic monsters like fish? O_O

There’s a hilarious skit where Sheena cooks for the group and Emil is stunned because he didn’t know that women could cook that well.

Good thing it wasn’t Raine cooking instead. XD

Genis is so cuuute around Presea. He stutters.

Genis has had a crush on Presea ever since the first game. But Presea is an adult in a body whose growth was suspended due to experiments performed upon her. The experiment increased her strength but suppressed her emotions and paused her growth. She did so willingly because her father became too ill to continue being a lumberjack.

However, over the course of the first game, Lloyd’s group made a Key Crest for her Exsphere, allowing her emotions and aging to return to normal.

Long story short: By the time she appears in DotNW, Presea is physically 14 but chronologically thirty. Genis is also 14 in this game.


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