Tales of Symponia: Dawn of the New World Part Three: Off the Richter Scale

March 27th, 2012: To Bait a Light-Fish


Boss: Nazdrovie | Element: Light

Kind of an annoying fight. Nazdrovie can use Seafood Gels to restore over 4,000 HP. Try using juggles to keep it from using the Gels.

Rewards: 3,500 XP, 10K Gald

My lv. one monster gained 10 levels from this battle!

Why did I have a lv. one monster in my party for a boss fight?

Nazdrovie was the one that truly started the fire in Izoold. It tried to frame my man, Regal! :[

On the boat to Flanoir, Marta and Tenebrae almost hurled chunkage.

When the party arrived at Flanoir, it was devastated.

Some of the surviving villagers’ word balloons quiver.

One of the villagers claimed that Lloyd was the one who razed the town.

Marta obtained the title “Apprentice Cook”.

Eau de Seduction was forced on you.” O_O

Flanoir has lovely BGM when it isn’t being razed.

Havoc Strike has the fire attribute because of a skill I equipped onto Emil.

Marta, I’m so sorry.” “Daddy!”Whaaat?

Emil said he really admired Richter. Then, he saw Richter taking Ratatosk’s core from “Marta”. But it was all a trick! It won’t take Richter long to notice, though…

Ugh. Sheena’s replacement VA is no Jennifer Hale. Then again, Sheena was always kind of awkward.

She has the “Unlucky” skill and can’t unequip it.

March 28th, 2012: Rest and Recovery

For once, a monster’s development branched. I had Murmur evolve into a Talos instead of a Mythril Golem. Because there was a Talos monster in Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles.

Chapter 5: Truth Behind the Mask

June 22nd, 2012: Tenebrae was reduced to his core form, but we can undo it.

This was because he sacrificed himself by attacking Alice with an exploding monster. What a guy.

The Temple of Darkness looks cool. The enemies there are tough.

In Meltokio, there are different versions of the same theme to separate the rest of the town from the slums.

June 23rd, 2012: I charged the Sorcerer’s Ring with darkness, but I don’t know what I’m supposed to do with it. Extinguish a light? Which one? The blue ones?

Emil earned the title “Marta’s Knight”.

Boss: Richter

This is one of those hopeless battles that I hate in RPGs so much. After a few minutes, a cutscene cues where Emil (in Ratatosk mode) uses the arte Ain Soph Aur against Richter. He counters with his own arte, but Marta throws herself in front of Emil to absorb the attack for him.

Obtained Tenebrae’s Core. Emil learned the skill Tenebrae.

Zelos loves dem breasts.

Meltokio’s layout is confusing.

When I first saw Zelos, he was so pretty, I thought he was a she. And boy, does he know how pretty he is.

The skits with him are hilariously animated.

Wow, there are skits you get if you fail at making several monster pacts in a row.

The monster collecting stuff is a little boring.

July 2nd, 2012: I have to re-unlock the skits about failing monster contracts, because I didn’t want to miss one. -.-

I think you are more likely to get the monster to join if you don’t skip the pact animation.

Two Lloyds fighting each other!

The party found the two Lloyds fighting each other in the headquarters of the Vanguard.

The extremely dorky, Eau de Seduction-wearing Decus was the fake Lloyd – for a while, anyway. He doesn’t quite strike me as someone capable of laying waste to entire villages like Palamacosta because he’s a dork. Alice, on the other hand…

Decus used the core of the Centurion Solum to shapeshift into Lloyd.

Lloyd, Colette, Regal, and Sheena chased Alice off while Emil, Marta, and Zelos defeated Decus. Then, Richter came to Decus’ aid, and guess what? It was another Hopeless Boss FightTM.

Richter didn’t kill Emil off because he suddenly reminded him of someone named… Aster. A brother, perhaps?

Obtained Glacie’s Core. Unlocked the skill Glacies.

Ha, the Vanguard didn’t even get what they kidnapped Zelos’ sister, Seles, for.

Decus is in love with Alice. It’s sickening.

One of Zelos’ win quotes: “That was totally gnarly.” You the man, Zelos.

I knew Lloyd wasn’t capable of such evil.

I don’t think I ever fully realized how adorable Colette is.

It’s really hard to steal with her Item Thief arte.

The adorable Colette will rob you blind. ^-^

Regal sounds like Professor Layton without the accent.

July 3rd, 2012: A mana cannon? Kind of like Vegnagun from Final Fantasy X-2?

Alice’s parents were killed by monsters while on a pilgrimage of the Church of Martel. That’s why she hates it so much.

How can Decus stand being so stinky with Eau de Seduction? How can Alice even stand to be around him?

Chapter 6: Dark Premonition

What do you think, Zach? Oh wait, wrong game. :3

Kratos’ original VA plays a totally different character in this game: Dr. Schneider. I think he knows something about Aster.

Katz are a mystery and that’s what makes them Katz, meow!” says the Worker Katz in Sybak.

I only just discovered yesterday while fighting Decus that you can use some artes in midair. >.>

The Katz Guild members are so kewt.

Apparently, Aster is someone that Richter killed when he was researching Ratatosk. They were best friends.

Richter is a half-elf…

Marta obtained the title “Trusting Girl”.

A certain race of elves, Desians, experimented on humans to create Exspheres. This led to humans treating elves with the courtesy that the Desians denied them disgust and fear.

Genis and Raine are half-elves. You only learn this near the end of Tales of Symphonia. Lloyd was understandably worried that they felt resentment towards humans. They admitted that they did, but no towards humans that treated them fairly, like Lloyd and their other friends.

I don’t believe that half-elves have fully pointy ears, but notice how Genis and Raine hide their ears behind their hair.

Emil remembered getting killed by Richter because he may be Aster.

Aster worked at the Sybak Imperial Research Academy. It’s possible that Lloyd and co. met him on their quest, but Sheena doesn’t remember doing so.

One of the foods that you can make for your monsters is Fruit Cheese. I’d try it.

Cooking in this game lacks the XP system in other Tales games. Choosing who to use as a cook in this game feels a little random.