Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World Part Five

July 20th, 2012: The Witching Hour

I found a secret Katz village on the map. There isn’t anything mind-blowing there, but there is this Katz pun: “My wife ate a ball of wool and gave birth to a litter of mittens, meow! Get it?”


Tenebrae shifts into the shape of a beautiful woman to get past some Vanguard dorks, letting the group back into Altamira. It works.

How long are you planning to stay like that?” asked Emil of Tenebrae.

Why, Emil honey, don’t you like it?” asked the Centurion.

I miss paw pad,” lamented Presea.

Mythril Mittens? Cute and sturdy!

An Emil and Marta win quote has Emil asking Marta if she saw him fighting. Marta happily says that she watched all of it. Emil then tells her to fight too, not just watch. XD

It’s kind of a shame that many monsters don’t have much in the way of tactics.

I guess that Decus really was capable of the Palmacosta Blood Purge with Solum’s Core in his possession, but he’s still so hard to take seriously.

Colette and Zelos are in the house!

The Vanguard soldiers are boring to fight after a while.

July 21st, 2012: You can attack multiple enemies with Devil’s Hellfire! The game only shows whoever is getting the brunt of the arte, though.

Zelos calls Sheena “Jubblies”. She smacks him for it.

Later on, a Vanguard “soldier” demands to know who the group is. Zelos steps in to say, “The great Zelos Wilder, and his hunnies!”

Get serious!” demands Sheena.

In a skit, Zelos says that all that Sheena has going for her is her chest. That’s not true! She can cook and she’s the worst assassin ever (which worked out in everyone’s favor in Tales of Symphonia when she failed to kill Colette).

She also has an adorable crush on Lloyd~

The skit you get when Marta reunites with Emil is so adorable. “Why won’t you hug me back?” she asks.

W-well, I-” stammers Emil.

Meanie,” said as cutely and gently as possible. So cute! Oh, no! Feels! FEELS ARE HAPPENING TO ME!

Apparently, Presea has a penchant for paws.

I’m glad I’m not the only one that hate hate hates the Temple of Lightning. That place was imploded poo.

Can Commander Brute – Marta’s father – be saved in time?

Some names in Tales games are subtle. Others are “Brute”.

When the heroes try to leave the Lezareno Company building, they find Richter fighting a spent Lloyd! Apparently, Richter was using the power of the demonic realm to wear Lloyd down.

I’m getting tired of not actually being able to defeat Richter.

In the past, Aster and Richter tried to get Ratatosk to restore the world’s mana by awakening his Centurions. But Ratatosk thought that humans and half-elves were parasites on the world, so he ordered his Centurions to kill them all. When Aster and Richter objected, Ratatosk killed the former.

Richter wanted to kill Ratatosk, not Emil. Lloyd stepped in to defend Emil as his friend before Alice swooped in to rescue Richter.

Chapter 8: Eternal Bonds

Emil was Ratatosk all along.

Since Richter is trying to kill Ratatosk, does that mean he’s a good guy?

Emil obtained the title “Summon Spirit Ratatosk”.

To save Emil and to keep Richter from opening the gate to Nifliheim, the group will try to merge Emil and Ratatosk’s consciousness into one. For that, they must seek the Summon Spirit of Heart in Iselia. What is this, Captain Planet?

Lloyd hasn’t finished school yet, and Raine won’t let him forget it.

Wow, Emil’s Luck stat is pitiful, just like Luke’s from Tales of the Abyss. Actually, I think that even Luke’s luck is higher than Emil’s.

That’s not all they have in common. Neither of them are exactly who they think they are…

The game has a hot springs! Zelos tells Marta that she should take a dip. “With Emil? Oh my, should I?

Emil obtained the title “Peeping Tom”.

Marta obtained the title “Ironing Board”. Tsk, tsk, game.

Lloyd got the Peeping Tom title… again…

July 23rd, 2012: Regal and Presea are members of the Paw Pad Apprectiation Club.

Gotta appreciate the squishbeans, right? :3

Marta doesn’t like Rheiards.

Rheiards are flying beasts, like wyverns.

Why does Lloyd’s dwarven stepdad sound Canadian?

Why couldn’t this game let me go without one last tedious puzzle?