Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World Part Six

July 28th, 2013: The Day Before

Tenebrae said that he was glad to have known Lord Ratatosk as Emil. Aww.

Marta obtained the title Pact of the Heart


Marta and Emil admitted they loved each other and kissed. Emil said that she would always be in his heart even if she found someone else to love. But she said that he would always be the one for her.

When they blush, it’s so cute.

Even half-elves are long-lived. That;s why Genis asked if Emil will always be his friend; as a Summon Spirit, Emil will probably live forever.

July 29th, 2013: Let’s crash Richter’s party.

For some reason, a lot of the skits late in the game have Emil, Marta, and the Tales of Symphonia heroes talking about food and cooking. The skits are cute and funny.

It’s so darling how Emil and Marta ultimately became friends with everyone.

Fighting alongside them is so badass. This is the way the game SHOULD have been, instead of fighting alongside mostly lame and generic monsters.

The game randomly cycles through the ToS heroes’ titles. One of Regal’s is “Paw Dandy”. =w=

Synthesizing items would have been much more fun if the items you could make were organized instead of just all lumped together.

Slime Molds annoy me with their high HP and defense, and their ability to cause status effects.

When you see the game’s intro and see Alice and Decus before getting to know them, you’d probably think, “Wow, these characters are really cute. I wonder if they’ll join my party?” Don’t believe the cuteness! The cuteness is all a lie!

Alice hates Marta because she’s so “weak”. This is probably Alice projecting her own weakness and fear onto Marta, and she’s jealous of how Marta has people around that really care about her. Thus, resentment builds.

In the real world, people sometimes hate others because they see similar weaknesses of their own in them. That’s one reason why people hate characters who are whiny, emo, and/or cowardly. Think Hope from Final Fantasy XIII or Raiden from Metal Gear. Interestingly, it seems like us Western gamers are far less tolerant of these types of characters than Japanese gamers. I guess we’re extremely attached to being badass. We want to project ourselves onto characters who can handle this stuff. Perhaps the idea of American exceptionalism compounds this.

Decus was the one who disguised himself as Lloyd and committed the Blood Purge in Palmacosta, all because his darling Alice wanted him to. God, I hate these two. Probably more than Van from Tales of the Abyss.

July 30th, 2013: Darker Half


This complaint was probably spurred by the slightly long cutscene before you have to fight Alice and Decus.

You also can’t skip the animations for Mystic Artes. Double ugh.

The squiggly analog stick on the Wii nunchuk isn’t the best for this game.

A lot of the punctuation in the subtitles is noticeably lacking.

Emil accidentally killed Decus when he was trying to defend Alice. Decus said that he always loved her even though she said she was always disgusted by him, but she desperately admitted that she loved him too, a few seconds too late. She tried to attack Emil with Decus’ sword, and Marta struck her down.

Alice crawled over to Decus’ body and placed her hand over his.

Emil and Marta regretted killing them but continued on their mission to stop Richter from opening the gate to Niflheim.

Richter kicked my butt, so you know what that means…


Kenkno evolved into a cool-looking Fenrir!

I don’t understand how certain monster evolutions are unlocked.

There just isn’t a lot of rhyme or reason in the monster system.

I presume that, if I keep leveling up my monsters, they will get stronger, but I have yet to see an “ultimate” monster.

This game has a skill capacity points system like Theatrhythm Final Fantasy. I realized that Marta’s skill points were cluttered up by less-than-useful skills.

The Blue Rose monster is really cute! How did I never notice that before?

There are bad bunnies in this game, too!

Richter is hard to beat because he can regain some health, cast some devastating spells, and can have fireballs flying around him which hurt whoever tries to attack him directly. I don’t know how to get past ’em.


Courage Is the Magic that Turns Dreams into Reality

Emil and Marta defeated Richter. Then, Emil had to settle the dispute inside himself between him and Ratatosk. It was kinda like Ichigo’s inner conflict from Bleach. Maybe I’m just saying that because Emil/Ratatosk are both voiced by Johnny Yong Bosch. 😛

Emil prepared to seal off the Otherworldly Gate so that no one can access the gate to Niflheim ever again. His friends bid him farewell.

Zelos thanked him for saving his sister. Regal said it was an honor to travel with him. Presea said that he was not alone, and she left behind carving of a bear. Genis asked Emil to never forget him. Colette promised to always protect the beautiful world that Emil helped save. Sheena wished him good luck. Lloyd said that they would meet again someday, so he didn’t say goodbye.

Marta did the same because Emil will always be in her heart. She will always love Emil, and Emil, Marta.

Richter had to stay with Emil inside of the gate to help complete his task of ensuring the world would no longer need to run on mana. As a half-elf, Richter would be alive for a long, long time… and it would take Emil a thousand years to complete his task to make a new seal.

This is the normal ending of the game. The bad ending has Emil kill himself after he accidentally hurts Marta. Ratatosk then seals the gate. In the best ending, Emil returns to the outside world to be with Marta. Aww.

I’m disappointed that I didn’t get the best ending, but the ending is rather short anyway. Marta is shocked to see Emil alive again, and embraces him.

Was that a cheagle from TotA that I saw in the credits?

Chapter 9: Symphony of the Heart


Actually, there were two cheagles. One of ’em was pink. A girl?!

Alice and Decus were harder to beat than Richter.

After Emil accepted Ratatosk, his eyes turned red like when he used to go into “Ratatosk mode”. His voice became much calmer. But when he said that he would always love Marta back, his voice sounded more tender, like the old Emil.

I’m torn. Should they have even made a sequel to ToS, and should Dawn of the New World have been that sequel? I dunno.

Apparently, I got the “neutral” ending.