Resident Evil Director’s Cut Part Three: Shame Though What They Made

October 17th, 2014: Eyes of the Tiger

I got the Colt Python magnum by fetching the Red Jewel and putting it in the tiger statue in that little room on the Mansion 1F west wing.

I mentioned it because I think this is an optional side quest.

All of the backtracking in the Mansion was getting boring.

I had a theory that the Black Tiger was the mother of all of the tarantulas in the game. If so, how did they get out of the caverns and into the Mansion and Guardhouse? Guess they could have grown on the way there… but how did they get so big?

…Oh, god. Oh, god! Don’t tell me they fed on the mansion staff!

Where did their carapaces go?

Not that I actually want to know. ^^;

Why didn’t Wesker kill Barry and Jill along with Enrico? Probably because he waned more combat data from their fighting the BOWs. Jerk!

I beat the Black Tiger with like three Colt Python shots. I had an easier time with it than the “regular” ones upon returning to the Mansion from the Guardhouse.

I didn’t actually know where the Black Tiger was, so it was quite a surprise. >.>

I wonder if the codename of the Black Tiger was a reference to an old Capcom game of the same name. AFAIK, that game has absolutely nothing to do with spiders or horror, and RE1 doesn’t seem to have many other references to their older games, either, so it seems unlikely.

October 18th, 2014: MOLE

For some reason, I like the way they present the computer of the researcher that was dating Ada. They actually show your character’s hands, which is probably a separate render from their regular model’s hands. I don’t remember the showcasing of your character’s hands in the remake.

This room with the poison gas and the crates annoys me. I don’t even know if there’s anything that’s actually worthwhile in it besides shotgun shells. Yet, I want to know what’s up with that vent on the wall…

I think that the nude zombies in the third level of the laboratory basement respawn.

Of course, they’re not anatomically correct. Unless… oh, god. Oh, god! >.<

Why does one of the Umbella researchers in the pic that also has Wesker in it look like Kevin Costner?

That picture looks weird, like the heads don’t match the rest of it somehow.


I figured out that puzzle. You have to block both vents with the crates, and then line up the stepladder with the button that releases the gas. If it is lined up correctly, you can go into the next room via the vent. It’s worth it because in the next room, you’ll find Magnum Rounds and one of the computers that you can use an MO Disk on. These disks are necessary to free your partner from the northwestern prison cell on basement level three.

If you’re playing as Jill, your trapped partner is Chris, and vice-versa if you’re playing as Chris.

So Wesker was plotting to overthrow Umbrella from the beginning.

Depending on who you’re playing as, someone releases the T-002 Tyrant, which is supposedly the ultimate BOW, despite just being a big human with a claw hand and an exposed heart. Umbrella: We r smart.

If you’re playing as Jill, Barry accidentally releases the Tyrant. If you’re playing as Chris, then Wesker intentionally releases him.

Either way, the Tyrant lashes out at Wesker, seemingly killing the man before turning his attention towards Jill or Chris.

The Tyrant is not that tough to beat in your first encounter with him in the lab. I brought him to his knees with three Flame Rounds.

Barry was embarrassed that he got attacked by the Tyrant.

Replacing the nude zombies with Chimeras is just mean.

Chimeras only appear late in the game, but they make quite the impression. They are human/fly hybrids that were carried as embryos by human women. Their existence seems to be tortured, and how human they are is up to debate. Do they have emotions? Do they recognize that they are different from other humans? Can they breed? I read that some players noticed that Chimeras can drop larvae after they are killed.

The Chimeras were clearly inspired by The Fly, and seemingly the David Cronenberg remake starring Jeff Goldblum and Geena Davis in particular. And Capcom did their inspiration proud.

Comparing this game to the remake is fun. The caverns have much better lighting in the remake, which make them look more dark and ominous, and less abstract. The lab looks darker and dingier in the remake.

Fitting, I suppose. There were some dark minds at work there.

In the remake, the Black Tiger is monstrously huge and looks more distinct from the regular tarantulas; it’s not just a larger palette swap. The Chimeras also look more distinct and have a really horrible look to them, like a rotten and mutated humanoid.

The CG cutscene that shows the Tyrant in his tank looks awful.

Even though I was in orange Caution status, I still managed to kill the Tyrant with the Rocket Launcher.

When Brad throws it down onto the helipad, he encourages Jill to kill the Tyrant, and he calls her an amazon. He knows what I like.

October 19th, 2014: The ending is basically the same as in the remake. One difference is that your partners don’t fight with you on the helipad here, so you don’t have to worry about the Tyrant killing them.

Total Time: 5:56:03 | Number of Saves: 20