Resident Evil Director’s Cut Part Two


August 24th, 2014: Your path through the mansion takes you out of the mansion and into… the Guard House on the mansion grounds.

I hate this place because I think I know what the game wants to do. So why doesn’t it just do it already?!

Brad called over the radio, but he could not hear Jill trying to respond to him.

The Guardhouse is full of weirdness like Plant 42, giant wasps, and sharks. When you drain the water in the rooms around the shark tank, the medium-sized shark and the two baby sharks just sort of flop around helplessly. Ha! Land animals, bitch.

I don’t even wanna know how many bad horror movies they had to watch to get inspiration for this game.

Or maybe I do.

There were also baby snakes, who jumped from somewhere, somehow, in the courtyard area. Don’t tell me that Yawn is a mother!

I already know that the spiders are when the babies come out. Babies that, BTW, explode when you step on them. (shudders)

Just think about all they need to eat to get from that size to full grown…

I thought that the Guardhouse was bad, but I was wrong. The mansion is much, much worse on the return trip. Spiders replace dogs in the infamous L-shaped hallway, and Hunters replace zombies.

I didn’t know that Hunters could open doors. That’s… intelligent.

Maybe the spiders in later games are scarier because their coloring is less colorful and more realistic.

Wesker had a certain purr to his voice, even in this game, that DC Douglas mastered later on.

August 29th, 2014: Jill tried to kill the giant mutant plant in the Guardhouse, but it would not die. Barry came back into the room and torched it with a flamethrower.

It kind of makes sense that Wesker was surprised that Jill had survived for as long as she did up to that point, because he was trying to determine the effectiveness of Umbrella’s bioweapons.

I feel like I’m missing out on the battle mode in the Sega Saturn version. Why couldn’t they have slapped it onto one of the later re-releases?

October 10th, 2014: Billiard Balls of Steel

One of the Mansion Team’s orders was to “collect two embryos per B.O.W. Type making sure to include all species except for Tyrant.” Huh, I wonder why?

B.O.W. stands for “Bio-Organic Weapon”.

I do not like this new mansion BGM because it’s so ominous. O.O

I went into the break room in the Guardhouse, where there were Ink Ribbons, mercifully enough. Unmercifully, there were two tarantulas in there, too. But I took them down and soldiered on.

What I do not understand about this room is that there appears to be a remnant of a puzzle in here involving a billiards table and a pinball machine, but IDK what to do with them.

I remember this room from the remake. Gee, I wonder why.

October 14th, 2014: Barry to the Rescue

Barry filled an old save room with ammo and a First Aid Spray! I love you.

I discovered that if you shoot a Hunter with BAZOOKA, its arms get blown off. Nasty.

I think that Barry intentionally dropped the rope that Jill used to get into the basement!

The way that the giant snake dies is weird because it melts into purplish goo. This game with zombies is totally unrealistic!

Apparently, you can wait for Barry to come back with more rope. But you still have to go down into the basement.

There is a sneaky little jumpscare in the kitchen with a cleverly obscured zombie.

October 15th, 2014: Deadly Vipers

Tried to kill the giant snake again, but sucked so bad at it that I will probably just replay this part anyway. Fun!

October 16th, 2014: Jill’s Dangerous Journey

I made it through the basement back to the mansion, even though I was in DANGER status until I discovered a Green Herb that I missed since the screen was too dark. Pretty sneaky.

A zombo actually scared me when it grabbed me. XD

Now, we have to get into the caverns. Gulp.

I think this game is more difficult than the other PS1 RE games, but I’ve never played Resident Evil: Survivor. 😛

I have a morbid curiosity about that game because it was the first bad RE game. Notably, it has never been rereleased or remastered, unlike all of the other PS1 RE games.

I heard that it has branching paths, which sounds fun.

One of my friends, who is much better at RE games than I am, said that Survivor is one of the worst games he’s ever played. XD

Maybe an interesting continue point for a future RE game would involve Tall Oaks and its few survivors. I read that Capcom briefly announced but quietly canned a revival of the Outbreak series involving Tall Oaks, which kinda breaks my heart. ;-;

Tall Oaks is a town that suffers its own outbreak in Resident Evil 6.

I remember some rumors that Capcom was going to remaster Resident Evil Outbreak for the series’ 20th anniversary, but it didn’t happen. 😦

That remaster or the Tall Oaks Outbreak game couldn’t have been worse than Umbrella Corps, right? Which I haven’t played, but reviews were not kind to the game, which was an attempt at branching Resident Evil out into eSports.

A few Japanese REO fans keep the dream alive by maintaining online servers for the game. o7

I blew a zombie’s arm off, which I didn’t even know was possible.

Huh, Barry and Wesker are the same age in RE1: thirty-eight. Barry seems older than Wesker, however.

I don’t think that Wesker and Jake Muller would get along…

I don’t know if Wesker would think much of his child if he actually knew that he existed. Wesker… I don’t think I understand him very well.

Wesker would probably exploit the fact that he passed some of his genes down to Jake with experiments.