Heavy Rain Part Two

March 29th, 2010: Continuation of “The Bear” chapter. It was the most intense chapter yet.

The Bear was the first of the five trials that Ethan undertook to save Shaun.

Ethan found an origami figure of a bear with a message inside of it: “ARE YOU PREPARED TO SHOW YOUR COURAGE IN ORDER TO SAVE YOUR SON?”

The figure also has instructions written inside of it to take a pickup card and go to the address. Ethan follows the instructions and gets a car in a parking garage. The GPS instructs him to drive the wrong way through traffic for five minutes.

This is my favorite trial in the game for its intensity.

Unlocked Good Driver, Cat & Mouse, and Tough Guy.

March 30th, 2010: Concluding “The Butterfly” chapter.

The Butterfly was the second trial. The butterfly origami figure’s message: “ARE YOU PREPARED TO SUFFER TO SAVE YOUR SON?”

This is the infamous chapter where Ethan has to crawl through a dark tunnel littered with broken glass.

Unlocked Electrified. I was made very nervous by those electrical conductors.

This morning, I was listening to the radio. I heard a show hosted by a guy who sounded like Scott Shelby!

Too bad I can’t remember what show that was.

March 31st, 2010: Continuing “The Nurse” chapter.

This is the chapter where Ethan gets tended to by Madison Paige, an attractive journalist.

Unlocked Good Cop, Hands Up!, Ludwig Von, and Wise Guys. Heh.

April 2nd, 2010: When Ethan was sent to kill Bill Silver by the Origami Killer, and Bill said that he was a father, and there was proof in the apartment, that was exactly what I was afraid of. That was when I knew I couldn’t kill him. Even though he was also a drug dealer…

Unlocked “I’m not a killer!”, Smart Girl, and Queen of Ropes.

This is the best mascara-applying game ever! Sorry, old Barbie game on the Sega Genesis.

That must have been a reference to one of Madison’s chapters.

Sexy Girl”

In this chapter, Madison went to the Blue Lagoon club to interrogate a guy named Paco about the apartment he rented from Adrian Baker in an attempt to find out who rented the location of “The Lizard” trial.

In that chapter, Ethan had to cut off the last section of one of his fingers while being filmed by a camera. This Origami Killer is a real sicko.

In “Sexy Girl”, Madison gets the idea to make herself look sexier to attract Paco’s attention. She undoes the top of her shirt, tears her skirt to make it shorter, and applies makeup. She then has to perform a dance on a platform to get invited to Paco’s office.

In the office, Paco drew a gun on her and demanded that she perform a striptease. She reluctantly complied until she could get out of it by knocking Paco out with a lamp. She then turned the tables on him by tying him to a chair and holding a gun to his head. She asked about the apartment, but one of Paco’s goons asked if he was okay from behind the door.

You can choose to have Madison tell the goon that Paco is preoccupied… or you can have her fake orgasmic sounds.

Madison got the name of the killer from Paco by applying pressure to his testicles. Damn. O.O

Unlocked Lover Boy and Escape Master

I can’t believe that Gordi’s father caught up with Scott!

April 3rd, 2010: Continuing through the “Trapped” chapter.

This chapter has Scott and Lauren (who joined Scott’s investigation) being confronted by Charles Kramer. Charles did not want Scott investigating his son, Gordi, as a suspect of the origami killings.

Charles’ goons knock Scott and Lauren out and trap them inside of Scott’s car and submerge it in water.

Hey… this is kind of like a similar situation in Silent Hill: Shattered Memories.

I didn’t save Lauren. Perhaps she couldn’t be saved. That thought hurts more.

On top of that, I failed in Scott’s assault on the Kramer mansion.

Unlocked Sacrifice

And then I let Norman die! I just wanted to find more clues…

I’m fairly upset. I want to restart. But is that “right”? Should I start a new game, or try to fix my mistakes, multiplying like shame on a reality show?

Unlocked Save the Kid and HEAVY RAIN Hero. Nonetheless, I’m less than satisfied.

I killed off a character that I just started to like. He does have a post-death cameo, though. That part was kinda cool.

What happens is that Norman dies with his ARI equipment on. His annoyingly confrontational partner tries the ARI visor on after Norman’s tragic death, and who does he see? Norman. He became the ghost in the machine!

Norman’s untimely death threw me off kilter.

You CAN replay chapters without having to start a whole new game, but this may affect the flow of the game depending on whether you choose to save. It was kind of confusing, but I retried with the option to save.

Unlocked Swimming Instructor, Invincible Scott, Kind-Hearted, and Cold as Ice

I didn’t let Norman die this time, but he didn’t find his culprit, either.