Final Fantasy Record Keeper Tournament of Champions Part Three

Final Fantasy III Characters

1. Luneth |Physical/Magic Hybrid | LV: 64

HP: 4462

Attack: 271

Defense: 192

Magic: 78

Resistance: 124

Mind: 79

Accuracy: 118

Evasion/Speed: 125

2. Arc |Healing Magic |LV: 64

HP: 3400

ATK: 131

DEF: 142

MAG: 244

RES: 241

MND: 277

ACC: 118

EVA: 128

SPD: 126

Arc is probably one of the best Healing Magic characters in the game because of his stats, skills, and the Soul Breaks that he can get.

3.  Refia |Physical Attack | LV: 58

HP: 4035

ATK: 213

DEF: 135

MAG: 87

RES: 148

MND: 98

ACC: 114

EVA: 132

SPD: 144

4. Ingus | Physical Defense | LV: 49

HP: 3877

ATK: 164

DEF: 161

MAG: 57

RES: 101

MND: 70

ACC: 111

EVA: 124

SPD: 96

5. Desch | Offensive Magic | LV: 49

HP: 3122

ATK: 159

DEF: 93

MAG: 219

RES: 125

MND: 54

ACC/SPD: 117

EVA: 121

6. Onion Knight | Physical/Magic Hybrid | LV: 48

HP: 904

ATK: 149

DEF: 94

MAG: 54

RES: 85

MND: 47

ACC/SPD: 115

EVA: 125

Basically, he’s a glorified Core character.

Overall: 1. Luneth/Arc/Refia: 41 points overall

2. Desch: 26

3. Ingus: 25

4. Onion Knight: 14

This is odd. Luneth, Arc, and Refia all advance to the next round of the ToC. 

Overall LV: 332

Average LV: 55.3


Final Fantasy Record Keeper Tournament of Champions Part Two

Final Fantasy II Characters

From left to right: Firion, Maria, Josef, Gordon, and Leon

1. Firion | Physical Attack | LV: 44

HP: 3329

Attack: 175 

Defense: 108

Magic/Mind: 63

Resistance: 93

Accuracy: 113

Evasion: 126

Speed: 121

2. Maria | Offensive Magic | LV: 73

HP: 4350

ATK: 145

DEF: 187

MAG: 229

RES: 235

MND: 152

ACC: 112

EVA: 123

SPD: 126

Apparently, Maria has a Soul Break called Kersplode. That is great.

3. Guy | Physical Attack | LV: 63

HP: 5125

ATK: 211

DEF: 149

MAG: 74

RES: 97

MND: 76

ACC: 115

EVA: 122

SPD: 105

4. Leon | Physical Attack | LV: 54

HP: 4195

ATK: 169

DEF: 177

MAG: 110

RES: 129

MND: 94

ACC: 114

EVA: 134

SPD: 119

Leon can use Black Magic, but he sucks at it. He also has one of the most worthless default Soul Breaks in the game: Hypnotize, which can confuse some enemies. It’s amazing that this is the best SB that was thought up for him.

5. Minwu | Healing Magic | LV: 44

HP: 2638

ATK: 75

DEF: 70

MAG: 108

RES: 130

MND: 168

ACC: 110

EVA: 121

SPD: 114

His default SB, Basuna VI, is decent if you don’t want to spend a skill slot on a vanilla spell like Esuna. 

6. Gordon | Physical Support | LV: 56

HP: 3960

ATK: 125

DEF: 96

MAG: 156

RES: 144

MND: 178

ACC: 114

EVA: 122

SPD: 121

7. Leila | Physical Speed | LV: 41


HP: 2732

ATK: 137

DEF: 85

MAG: 63

RES: 92

MND: 69

ACC: 111

EVA: 121 

SPD: 148

8. Ricard | Physical Attack | LV: 42

HP: 2977

ATK: 155

DEF: 143


RES: 100

ACC: 111

EVA: 124

SPD: 139

He has B. Magic 2*, which makes him an even worse mage than Leon.

9. Josef | Physical Attack | LV: 58

HP: 4202

ATK: 267

DEF: 115


RES: 111

ACC: 117

EVA: 124

SPD: 140

10. Emperor | Offensive Magic | LV: 1

It’s not that I don’t want to use him; I’ve just forgotten getting him. XD

HP: 182

ATK: 5

DEF: 8

MAG: 12



SPD: 81

Overall: 1. Maria: 64 points

2. Leon: 60

3. Josef: 55

4. Gordon: 53

5. Guy: 52

6. Firion: 41

7. Ricard: 40

8. Minwu: 35

9. Leila: 32

10. Emperor: Nine

Overall LVs: 476

Average LV: 47.6

Maria advances to the next round of the ToC to represent FFII and Offensive Magic characters. By this logic, she should have been the game’s representative in DISSIDIA. ๐Ÿ˜‰

VGJ Miscellany #2: Final Fantasy Record Keeper Tournament of Champions, Part One

I have been playing FFRK for about two years now, hard as it may be to believe (and admit…), so I thought it would be fun to compare the characters that the game has to offer. The format is the usual way of calculating Final Stats for characters in games. However, to prevent any further damage to my sanity, I will only compare characters that are listed under the same series in the game itself. Once the statistically best character/s is/are determined for each series, they advance to the Tournament of Champions to decide who the ultimate characters are. Cosmos help me. ๐Ÿ˜›

Please note that all characters’ stats are affected by the items equipped on to them.

Final Fantasy I Characters

From left to right: Wol, Echo, the Warrior of Light, Sarah, and Garland

1. Warrior of Light | Physical Attack | LV 61

HP: 4949

Attack: 206

Defense: 229 (Boon, or best stat. Term stolen from the Fire Emblem fandom.)

Magic: 73

Resistance: 144

Mind: 70 (Bane, or worst stat)

Accuracy: 115

Evasion: 135

Speed: 100

2. Garland | Physical Attack | LV: 42

HP: 3554

ATK: 132 (Boon)

DEF: 130

MAG: 64

RES: 97

MND: 45 (Bane)

ACC: 110

EVA: 130

SPD: 92

3 . Sarah | Healing Magic | LV: 46

HP: 2507

ATK: 95

DEF: 73 (Bane)

MAG: 105

RES: 135

MND: 180 (Boon)

ACC: 114

EVA: 121

SPD: 104

4. Wol | Physical Speed | LV: 49

HP: 3482

ATK: 178 (Boon)

DEF: 113

MAG: 71

RES: 117

MND: 79

ACC: 111

EVA: 134

SPD: 147

5. Echo | Offensive Magic | LV: 45

HP: 2362

ATK: 57 (Bane)

DEF: 95

MAG: 151 (Boon)

RES: 143

MND: 123

ACC: 111

EVA: 121

SPD: 118

6. Master | Physical Attack | LV: 1

HP: 205

ATK: 12

DEF/MAG/RES: 7 (Bane)

MND: 8


SPD: 115 (Boon)

7. Matoya | Master of Magic | LV: 1

HP: 157

ATK/DEF: 6 (Bane)


RES: 10


SPD: 83 (Boon)

Yeah, I’ve never used these latter two and probably never will. Not unless I get a piece of Soul Break equipment for them.


  1. Warrior of Light: 51 points overall
  2. Wol: 43
  3. Echo/Sarah: 40
  4. Garland: 33
  5. Master: 16
  6. Matoya: 12

Warrior of Light advances to the next round of the ToC. 

Total LV: 245

Average LV: 35

Final Fantasy XIII: Final Stats, Thoughts, and Trivia

I’m a little disappointed… that I did not put quite as much detail into the game’s final chapters as I did the earlier ones.

I thought that this would be a slightly longer LP by about three parts.

I like Final Fantasy XIII, though I have wondered if that was because I love Final Fantasy so much that I really needed XIII to be a success for the sake of it. However, redoing this LP confirmed that I still fell for the grandeur of the game, and the characters’ storylines. Some events in the sequels have extra resonance in the context of this game that I had forgotten while I was playing through them. I really want to talk about them, but I can’t yet. :3

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Final Fantasy XIII Part 10

October 18, 2010: Three months. That’s how long it took for me to get back in the saddle again.

Well, two and half, technically.

Allow me to describe Barthandelus’ basics. He has 3.3 million HP, nasty lasers, debuffs, and two particular moves you’ll come to hate: Thanatosion Laughter and Apotosis. The former is just a brutal laser barrage. The latter neutralizes all of your buffs and cures his debuffs.

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Final Fantasy XIII Part Nine

July 13, 2010: I sure anticipate meeting this fal’Cie.

After a horrifying detour, we rode Roly-Poly into the Sulya Springs. It was beautiful. A springs situated in a ravine โ€“ waterfalls and small rainbows everywhere.

Vanille asked to see Serah, and she reflected on meeting her.

Day 9, Bodhum. Vanille and Serah gabbed on the shore. Nature painted a glorious sunset for them.

โ€œThis place was beautiful, and it was my Focus to destroy it,โ€, narrated Vanille.

Vanille has more love than most fal’Cie on Gran Pulse or Cocoon. Continue reading Final Fantasy XIII Part Nine

Final Fantasy XIII Part Eight: Free Will

May 2, 2010: Sazh wondered about whatever force allowed the ship to phase through the building. I cringe to think of it as another fal’Cie meddling in their business. Haven’t we had enough of them?

A floor above, beyond the tunnels, lied a more open area. When the party stepped out, a large insignia โ€“ the l’Cie โ€œbrandโ€ โ€“ appeared on the floor. The l’Cie’s brands glowed with intense heat.

I somehow failed to bring up the brands before now. All ‘Cie have a brand somewhere on their bodies. Snow’s was on his forearm; Vanille’s was on her thigh.

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Final Fantasy XIII Part Seven

April 22, 2010: On one of the side docks on the Palamecia, Lightning and the others were menaced by a storm dragon. After the party defeated it, another one flew overhead. Before the second dragon attacked, there was a giant explosion. Somebody blew a hole in the deck from the inside out. And…

…a chocobo flew out, chirping joyously. It was Sazh and Vanille! We got the band back together!

Vanille and Fang embraced. Vanille said she had something to tell her companion, but Fang told her now was not the time.

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Final Fantasy XIII Part Six

April 18, 2010: Sazh and Vanille escaped to the entrance to the Fundland attraction. PSICOM dropped a big, fat mech on them.

After Sazh and Vanille wrecked it, Dajh came running out after Sazh. โ€œDaddy!โ€

Dajh hugged his father and said, โ€œGot you!โ€

โ€œHow did you find me?โ€ asked Sazh.

โ€œBecause you promised.โ€ Continue reading Final Fantasy XIII Part Six

Final Fantasy XIII Part Five: The Cavalry

April 16, 2010: Hope guided Lightning through a passage to an underground complex managed by the fal’Cie Carbuncle. Instead of the cute little rascal you may remember from Final Fantasy VIII, this game’s Carbuncle its a rotating crystal with a creepy face on it.

Light realized something profound after an offhanded comment by Hopeโ€”the fal’Cie treat the people of Cocoon like pets. But if any Cocoon citizen became a l’Cie, that care was withdrawn like a spiteful parent.

They worked through the complex to the city square. PSICOM and the Guardian Corps closed in on them from all sides.

Until Snow busted through the crowd of soldiers with the Cavalry l’Cie woman in tow. He summoned Shiva in Gestalt Mode and canvassed the square in ice in a spectacular CGI cutscene. Continue reading Final Fantasy XIII Part Five: The Cavalry