Infinite Undiscovery Part Two

March 18, 2010: Halgita was turned into a smoking ruin. I think it’s because people’s lunaglyphs turned on them.

Genma, one of Sigmund’s servants, rescued Faina and her younger brother, Leif. Faina is a girl that Capell met earlier on. They like each other! She has great style.

When the Liberation Force arrived, Genma said that the Dreadknight was already inside the palace with Empress Svala.

How do you defeat a man who can conjure chains out of nowhere? And can shrug off arrows at point-blank range? And has terrible voice acting?

The Dreadknight wanted to chain the moon to the world in a bid to increase the power of his lunaglyph and become immortal. His power sufficiently proven, he just left.

I can’t stand… to think that someone like him killed Sigmund…” protested Capell.

He had a bizarre dream of Empress Svala. She conjured a brown-haired baby boy out of nowhere. Behind her stood a young boy. Darkness swarmed around him.

He looked like he had been betrayed.

I think that boy was Leonid, the Dreadknight.

Empress Svala sent young Tohma to go with us to sever the last chain. He saw through Capell’s ruse.

Tohma called Komachi into the room. She was the kunoichi from before, in the Timberlands. He brought her along with us.

He revealed that Sigmund was an unblessed, just like Capell. The other members of the Force already knew.

We shall save the world together,” said Tohma, perhaps amused.

Empress Svala knew all along, too. This woman, who barely looked like an adult, said that she was like a mother to Sigmund.

Capell? Promise me I won’t lose you too,” asked Svala.

He promised. That promise was very much like Sigmund’s promise to her.

Capell promised to return alive.

When Capell left, Svala mumbled to herself, “Impossible… Their resemblance could mean… Capell… are you that child?”

Tohma said that we must go to Dais, north of the Cobasna Timberlands. The lunar rain had stopped there, except in the area before Kiriya’s house.

I went back to the rescue-the-Empress scenario and unlocked Imperial Guard. This also unlocks a Situation Bonus that earned me an item.

We had to cut through a cave full of giant spiders with an antlike mentality. Aya was horrified. Capell wondered if the spiders would taste good cooked.


Rico and Rucha said that their mother cooked things like that, and “they’re yummy boiled!”

Your mother cooks these,” said Aya. “I can’t believe it.”

Her profound disgust was perfectly delivered (for a change) with this line.

I’m already annoyed with this new dungeon.

Unlocked Aspiring Alchemist. And then we died.

Vic wants to be like Capell now.

April 24, 2010: The last time I played IU, I got so pissed off because of vermification. No lunaglyphs this time through the Timberlands.

Vermification acted like confusion status in other RPGs; it turned your party members with lunaglyphs against you.

Unlocked Groundbreaking. Yay! The “trick” is to trap an enemy in a confined space.

Shlepping your wounded party from one area to another without any fast travel or overhead map by the skin of their teeth – NOT fun.

April 25, 2010: I’ve decided to do some grinding before I dare attempt to sever the Amber Chain.

All of the chains were named after colors.


Unlocked “Mister” Chef. But Aya was the one whose cooking skill leveled up!

While under the effect of lunar rain, little Ms. Mr. Chef Aya blurted, “I could behead a gnat from 500 paces!” Woah.

Lunar rain is really quite pretty.

May 12, 2010: Party member-acquiring in IU! Damn! What’s this game think it is, Suikoden?

I dislike that there are “secondary” party members. They can’t be in the main party. 😦

On the save screen, there are still plenty of empty spots for more characters.

Is Aya’s dad, the emir of Fayel, an elf?

Unlocked a Situation Bonus and an Achievement (Marathon Man) by reaching the town under siege in three minutes of less.

Why can’t I seem to hurt the vermiforms?

Capell’s thought process has become… disturbing. But after what happened, yours would be, too.

What happened was the death of Faina and Leif. Afterwards, Capell acts more serious and aggressive. His tone changes from lighthearted to angry and serious.

What if he doesn’t want to liberate the moon anymore? Did he ever?

There was this cool cutscene with Capell’s profile in silhouette as he reflected.

Gina, Aya’s ditzy maid, wants us to retrieve a bow that Gustav, Aya’s pet bear, buried out in the Obsidian Dunes. But man, her losing that bear in the Dunes is part of how I got stuck in this game.

Even Capell’s voice samples have changed. He is a whimsical musician no more.

Unlocked Goldsmith.

The complexions of the characters are especially well-rendered, even though the game isn’t super-realistic in its art style.