Final Fantasy XIII Part Two: In Ruins

March 27, 2010: The group eventually found Serah frozen into the landscape. Snow, Sazh, and Vanille tried to dig her out, but Lightning refused to help. She said that PSICOM would soon arrive to take them all out. Snow objected, and Light hit him.

But his resolve was the same. When he said that he would do whatever it took, Light relented…

…but then, a Manadrive Warmech stopped them from proceeding further.

It’s a pretty tough enemy, requiring some serious staggering, and therefore, Ravager Pardigms to finish off.

Sazh and Light reminded Snow that, without proper tools, it could take days to free Serah. Light drove the point of his Focus home. But he still stayed behind to try to excavate Serah’s crystal…

Light and the others pressed on into a temple. Vanille was awed at how even the fires were crystallized until she was menaced by a two-faced Garuda bird.

This fight with the Garuda consists of two parts. It is easily picked apart by three RAVs in the Tri-Assault Paradigm.

In the second phase, I suggest the Diversity Paradigm with Vanille as a Medic to keep you from submitting to the Garuda’s stronger attacks, and Sazh will keep the pressure on as a RAV. I suggest that Light be a Commando because her magic is terribly weak against the Garuda. As a COM, Light can help Sazh stagger the beast with Ruin, a spell new to Final Fantasy that lacks an element.

Spoils: Synergist Paradigm unlocked for Sazh; Saboteur Paradigm unlocked for Vanille

The party was relieved to have survived the battle—some (Vanille) more than others (everyone else). None of them took notice of the odd bird that seemed to be watching them.

Meanwhile, PSICOM closed in on Snow. Their battle was interrupted when a strange ornate orb enveloped our hero. The Eidolon sisters, Nix and Shiva, wanted to prove his worthiness in battle.

Somebody needs to put a damned leach on these mystical forces.

A woman in blue, a man with a gun, and two other people watched Snow try to best the Eidolons.

Besting Garuda gave me a combat high.

Subdue the Eidolons by guarding against Nix’s attacks as a Sentinel. When Snow proves his worth, Shiva turns into a motorcycle.

And then, the group from before turned him in to PSICOM. The woman in blue is a l’Cie.

Meanwhile, Lightning and the others tried to leave the ruins by airship with PSICOM in pursuit. Sazh temporarily outmaneuvered them, which gave the l’Cie some breathing room.

Enough free time to see the Sanctum’s Prymarch, Dysley, defending the Purge on a holoscreen broadcast. Despite NORA’s efforts, the Purge was successful.

PSICOM pushed on the l’Cie again, and they tried to take refuge inside of the crevices of one of Cocoon’s fal’Cie. But they were still shot down, so they crashed into the Vile Peaks.

Sounds pleasant.


Light was also in Bodhum on Day Eleven. It was her station in the Guardian Corps. She watched the fireworks like everyone else.

The Lieutenant, a hearty man, came by to tell her that her shift, which she abandoned, was over anyway. He said that she should expect a promotion because she was long overdue. But that was not why she was in the Corps.

He brought up the fact that tomorrow was supposed to be her day off.

Yes, sir. My sister… she insisted.”

It was also Serah’s birthday. The Lieutenant knew that Serah was turning twenty-one.

When Light talked to the Lieutenant, she was slightly off guard and very formal. It was the first time I ever heard her laugh.

Back to the present. Light left Sazh and Vanille behind while they rested. Hope clumsily followed Light.

He wanted to know why she was on the Purge train. She explained that, on Day 13, she went to rescue Serah, who was on the train. Light forced her way onto it. Sazh just happened to be there.

Sazh and Vanille tried to catch up, while Light rushed ahead of everyone else.

PSICOM took Serah with them when they captured Snow.


March 29, 2010: Sazh and Vanille found Hope moping alone.


I was more patient with Hope than some other gamers, but even I pointed out when he moped. XD


He had given up because he could not leave the Peaks. He reminisced about that day—Day 11, when he watched the festival with his mother.

She asked if he wished on any of the fireworks. He insisted that he was too old for such whimsy.


Typical kid trying to act mature.


The day after, the Pulse fal’Cie was discovered, and Hope and his mother were unable to return to “Palom Polom” when the Sanctum cast its net around Bodhum.

So disenchanted was Hope that Sazh and Vanille had to cajole Hope into joining them.

Your dad’s gonna be worried,” reminded Vanille.

Let ‘im worry,” snapped Hope.

All dads worry,” insisted Sazh softly.

Hope relented, and trod forward with Vanille and Sazh.

Battling is so much more fun with three characters. Then again, it depends on which two characters you are stuck with. Sazh and Vanille were fun together.

Eventually, we caught up with Light. She was either resting or waiting for the others, but would not admit to either.

Didja miss us?” asked Vanille.

Light said nothing.

Would it kill her to smile?” asked Sazh quietly. Yes.

We still don’t really know where we’re going. Shouldn’t we rescue Snow and Serah? But the others don’t even know what’s happened to them.

Light is so beautiful. She has chiseled, almost manly features. I’m trying to say that she reminds me of certain male characters designed by Tetsuya Nomura.


I think that was the point. Light was inspired by Cloud Strife (Final Fantasy VII).


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