Final Fantasy XIII Part Three: The Worst Birthday Ever

March 30, 2010: We wrecked a piece of leftover Pulse machinery and received an Omni Kit. This allows us to upgrade our weapons and accessories at save points. All those items that seem useless are components for upgrades.

The upgrade system could have been better handled. Progression is very slow and requires a ton or components, from what I remember.

Eventually, Lightning revealed her plan: infiltrate Eden, the cradle of the Sanctum. Vanille and Sazh were reluctant to join her; but since Hope believed that destroying Eden would doom Cocoon and Serah’s Focus, therefore hurting Snow, he tagged along with Lightning. To get to Eden, they had to cut through Palumpolom.

Lightning asked Hope to call her Light.

Hope found a piece of Pulse tech that was like a giant mecha. He totally cut through swaths of PSICOM soldiers, but he crashed it and fell out. Light said he was “too soft” as he caught his breath.

He’s a kid.

March 31, 2010: Light grew tired of Hope’s exhaustion. She demanded that he leave, but they were forced to stand together when Odin, an Eidolon, somehow came out of Light’s body. Odin was a knight in majestic black and white armor.

This battle was slightly frustrating because it resigns Light to being a Medic. LAME!

Hope should be a Ravager. I tried to make him a Synergist in one attempt, but that just did not fill the Gestalt Meter fast enough.

The Eidolon battles were timed because they cast Doom on the l’Cie they were connected to.

While Hope draws Odin’s attacks, Light should heal him as he gets whaled on. This method should fill the Gestalt Meter just before Light bites it from Odin’s Doom.

When Odin yielded, he transformed into a horse! Light can summon him into battle, but only if she has enough Technique Points.

Light doesn’t kick Hope out of the party after defeating Odin. Hope promises to get stronger… but I think that Light just can’t abandon a child. She actually apologized for being harsh earlier. Red letter day.

In the next fight, you can learn how to summon Eidolons and transform them in Gestalt Mode. Can you use Odin’s Zantetsuken in this mode? Yes.

Light saw how tired Hope was and allowed him to rest. He quickly fell asleep and said, “Mom?”

Light smiled ever-so-slightly. “Not even close!”

Meanwhile, Sazh and Vanille stumbled upon as abandoned mining facility. Sazh determined that the others were going to Palumpolom. “Hope’s goin’ home!”

But where are these two going? Do they even know?

The facility has Bombs! But these aren’t the Bombs that you know.

Odin emerged from a glyph resembling a pink flower blooming—just like Light’s Crystarium.

April 1, 2010: Sazh and Vanille moved beyond the processing facility. They found a place to crash. Vanille made a little cot and lied down only to wake up again. She took a stick and drew a line between her and Sazh.

Don’t cross this line!”ordered Vanille. “Understand? And goodnight again!”

She lied back down.

A little later, Sazh woke up, and realized that Vanille’s back was up against his. She was smiling.

Still a kid…” said Sazh.

Meanwhile, Snow and Serah were taken to the Lindslum airship. There, he met Brigadeer General Cid Raines, a handsome man, of the Wide-Area Response Brigade, AKA the Cavalry. He told Snow that the Sanctum planned a public execution of a l’Cie to ease the populace of Cocoon.

Serah was wheeled away somewhere.

Once, she willingly left him on Day Seven, in Bodhum. She dropped the breakup bomb on him. He wanted to know why. She admitted to becoming a l’Cie and Snow fell to his knees.

Bye,” said Serah. She ran off crying.

Snow eventually regained his composure and ran after her. He found her standing on a dock at the beach.

The theme song that is played in this sequence is very pretty.

Snow wanted to know what her Focus was, but she did not even know back then. He swore that he would help her discover and complete her Focus.

She was also worried about turning into crystal. But he promised that they would be together, no matter what…

They deserve to be together. We have to reunite them.

In the present, Hope offered to take point in the Gapra Whitewood. Light trusted him enough to do so.

The Whitewood was full of strangely inorganic trees with crystalline leaves.

Before activating an elevator, Hope thanked Light for sticking with him. Light gave Hope a strange-looking knife.

He thanked her again. She did not respond.

The path through the Whitewood actually consisted of interconnected bridges to Sanctum territory, used for biomedical research. “Lots of angry teeth and claws,” deadpanned Light.

The enemies here are a little difficult to sneak up on, so I suggest that you use Deceptisol shrouds to give you an edge.

I kind of forgot about this. Certain Shrouds could be applied to the party to sneak up on enemies.

Light and Hope talked about the others. Hope begrudgingly asked about him.

He’s too stubborn to die,” said Light. “And that’s his best quality. He’s arrogant and chummy from the get-go. Never liked him much.”

Ooh, burn!

Hope asked what NORA stood for.

It’s their creed—No Obligation, Rules, or Authority,” explained Light.

They passed through the Bulkhead fal’Cie into the Bioweapon Research Site B. The site was an old place. Definitely a part of the Whitewood, the creations roam (relatively) free inside of large and open areas blocked off by security laser grids. Giant, glowing flowers bloomed right out of the floor. You sure Umbrella Corp isn’t partners with PSICOM?

Feral Behemoths are tough! If you’re not watching your party’s HP, one of the Feral Behemoths could kill Light or Hope in one shot. But if you stagger them, you can use Light’s Commando ability Launch to catapult them into the air. What a concept! Reminds me of Soulcalibur.

Light and Hope had to cut through some crystals in their way. In Hope’s hand, Light was reminded of when she got the knife and who she got it from.

Day 12. Bodhum. Light’s birthday. A bad day to tell her that you were a l’Cie and were engaged to a man that she could not stand.

Light basically chased Serah and Snow out of her house. Light also told Serah that punishing l’Cie was one of her tasks…

I remember that Light called it “the worst birthday ever”, and that Serah ran crying out of Light’s house. That’s what people do when one of the few people that they can rely on treat them like a nuisance.

Later, Light opened her lone present: a knife. The same knife that she gave to Hope.

Suddenly, a monitor blasted a report that a Pulse fal’Cie was found on Cocoon.

Ninety-nine percent of the time, Light retains a cool head. What she said was too much, but Serah and Snow could have taken it slower, too.

Snow said that, if Light would not, he would protect Serah.

Light and Hope came across some fallen PSICOM soldiers. Hope freaked out, and Light admonished him to keep emotions out of it.

Hope insisted that he would stick with Light. He called their mission “Operation Nora” after his mother.

He knew that confronting Snow would never bring her back…

Light insisted that the Sanctum killed Nora, not Snow.

Whose side are you on?!” asked Hope.

The side of the truth.”


Vanille’s narration asked how Light could cope with being “exactly the same” as Hope.

Even I have dark secrets.”

Light and Hope ignored a small black device with a flickering green light that laid beside the PSICOM soldiers.


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  1. I was not a huge fan of the weapon upgrade system. I needed to get one of every item in the game for a trophy, and wow, that took a lot of giant turtle/C’ieth Stone farming! I enjoyed the combat so it was a fun grind at least. I remember Gil was pretty hard to get to.

    I’ll refrain from saying many things about Lightning, haha.

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