Final Fantasy XIII Part Four: In This Lifetime

April 4, 2010: Before leaving this protracted segment in the Gapra Whitewood, Light and Hope are menaced by a plant/lizard thing. I suggest having a Commando/Synergist Paradigm before staggering it with the Dualcasting (Ravager/Ravager) Paradigm.

The Aster Protoflorian has some brutal attacks that require more than a mere Potion to recover from.

Getting past this beast was “Operation Nora, Phase One” according to Hope. After the duo defeated it, Lightning told him that “You did well.”

Elsewhere on the Lindblum, the Sanctum-employed l’Cie – with the same accent as Vanille — informed Snow that it was time to track down some l’Cie for that public execution that the Sanctum ordered.

Snow looked down at Serah’s crystallized tear in his hand. “Serah… What should I do?”

Day 12. Snow and Serah attempted to evade PSICOM by velocycle. When it was damaged, Snow allowed Serah to step onto the Pulse fal’Cie.

In the most beautiful CGI cutscene thus far, the fal’Cie captured Serah with bands of water. Snow would rather have been with her, but PSICOM had other ideas. They shot his velocycle down.

He barely bailed out of it and landed on the beach in time. Instead of bending to despair, he decided to mobilize NORA to retrieve Serah. After all, she had to become Mrs. Villiers.

The Sanctum l’Cie smacked Snow out of his reminiscence. “Ow!”

What is it with this game and people hitting Snow?!

I knew you were hard-headed, but…”

That was, ow.”

Apparently, at one point, I thought that Nolan North was voicing Snow instead of Troy Baker. Whoops! ^^;

Meanwhile, Sazh and Vanille had left the Vile Peaks for a swampier region. Despite his being older and wiser, Sazh looked to Vanille for direction. She said that they should run away — towards Nautilus, away from the PSICOM velocycles that pursued the other rogue l’Cie…

Vanille also said that she was led to the swamp by the smell of some pretty flowers. But I wonder if there was another reason.

I’m concerned that they have a lack of team spirit. Vanille is, too. But between them, they have access to almost all of the Paradigms, so that’s fun.

April 5, 2010: After coming to a peaceful part of the Sunleth Waterscape overlooking a valley, Vanille asked Sazh to tell her about himself. He admitted that he had a child — Dahj — and that he “was” married.


It took him back to Day 11, the day of the wonderful festival in Bodhum. His adorable son made a wish. Sazh asked what it was, and Dahj said that it was for his father to be like his old self again.

The chocobo chick nestled in Sazh’s afro popped out and chirped. Sazh hoisted Dahj onto his shoulders. “Well, you got your wish.”

Dahj asked what his dad’s wish was. He seemed withdrawn again. “It’s a secret.”

Then, a gorgeous woman in glasses with long hair came up to them, smiling. I presume that she is his wife. If so, what happened to her and Dahj? You don’t think…

Vanille happily hopped down the trail.

Now I got kids lookin’ out for me,” reflected Sazh. “Some dad I am.”

Later, Sazh and Vanille found a little spot to rest in. Sazh’s chick slept with Vanille, but a short while later, it woke her up because Sazh wandered off.

It happened on Day 5, at the Euride Gorge. Dajh wanted to see a fal’Cie, do Sazh took him there. He wandered off and found it, but at the same time, l’Cie from Pulse crashed the place. The cowardly fal’Cie deemed a child an appropriate l’Cie candidate.

This scene opened with a young lady, clearly Vanille, holding Dajh’s hand. Perhaps she rescued him from the Pulse fal’Cie. She cleared ou when Sazh entered the scene and found Dajh.

The boy was unharmed, but he was turned l’Cie.

PSICOM scientists—including the bespectacled woman, Jihl Nabaat, from Day 11—did their best to interpret Dajh’s Focus, but no one could divine it.

I was way off when I assumed that Jihl was Sazh’s wife.

Desperate, Sazh assumed that Dajh’s Focus was to protect the fal’Cie. So that’s why Sazh boarded the “train to Purgeville”, to assassinate it.

Technically, they are all Dahj’s enemy. Sazh’s soul was in conflict. Still, he soldiered on… there must have been a better way.

Sazh and Vanille encountered spheres of energy that affect the amount of precipitation in the area. Some enemies retreat in rainy conditions. I say leave it sunny, because those those frogs are annoying.

There are technically two bosses in this area. Twin furry beasts with different elemental resistances and weaknesses. One is weak to water and uses the thunder element, and vice versa. They’re surprisingly easy to beat, even with a Paradigm that’s only half-aggressive.

Besting them expands the Crystarium (just when I maxed out Stage 4!), and they drop two accessories.

After the battle, the duo pondered the title of Nautilus, the “City of Dreams”. Even Vanille seemed to doubt the suitability of such a title.

Snow should make a break for it when they go hunting l’Cie! Of course, he doesn’t know where everyone is.

Shouldn’t NORA be looking for him?

Infiltrating Sanctum airships may be beyond even them.

Sazh and Vanille reached an airship port. It started raining suddenly—a downpour.

In a quiet moment, Vanille asked Sazh if he hated Pulse. “Of course I do.”

Vanille looked sad at his answer.

But then Sazh explained that he did not always feel that way. He never bought into Sanctum’s Pulse xenophobia.

Sazh laid the blame at the fal’Cie’s feet, but Vanille disagreed. “That’s not true! It was all…”

Vanille ran out from under the hang of the canopy into the rain. Sazh warned her that she would get soaked.

It’s OK,” said Vanille. “It’s just rain.”

You can actually see the rain dappling her face as she looks up, perhaps to ease the release of a tear.

Meanwhile, Light and Hope infiltrated Palumpolum.

OMG, I love the Sunleth Waterscape. A beautiful area with a great and catchy theme song. A wonderful setting. <3<3<3

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