Final Fantasy XIII Part Six

April 18, 2010: Sazh and Vanille escaped to the entrance to the Fundland attraction. PSICOM dropped a big, fat mech on them.

After Sazh and Vanille wrecked it, Dajh came running out after Sazh. “Daddy!”

Dajh hugged his father and said, “Got you!”

How did you find me?” asked Sazh.

Because you promised.”

Then, he turned into crystal.

Colonel Jihl Nabaat arrived backed up by PSICOM muscle. She explained that Dajh’s Focus was to find l’Cie such as his father and Vanille.

Jihl may have interpreted Dajh’s Focus incorrectly…

Jihl showed Sazh the surveillance footage from where the fal’Cie was in the Euride Gorge. Fang and Vanille took up arms against the fal’Cie–

–and that was when Dajh innocently wandered in.

Vanille ran away. Sazh chased after her, but he could not bring himself to kill her. His anguish summoned the Eidolon Byrnhilr.

It took me a stupidly long time to make Hildy submit. The quickest way is to gather chain bonuses with the Dualcasting Paradigm.

When Byrnhildr submitted, it transformed into a fiery stock car.

Vanille was ready to accept her punishment. Sazh pointed one of his pistols at her, but…

Lotta things can be excused. Killin’ kids… ain’t one of ’em.”

Vanille looked away. “Kindness like his, you don’t forget.”

He did not know what the others knew about crystallized l’Cie being reverted to normal.

Enough… is enough.”

A thundercrash revealed a silhouette of Sazh pointing his gun at his head…

This is another scene that has stuck with me.

Vanille was captured by PSICOM and forced to wear some ceremonial robes. They took her and Sazh to Eden.

Jihl took off her glasses. “For every task, a perfect tool.”

Meanwhile, the rest of the crew heard a report on the Lindblum. The Primarch, Dysley, was going to choose a l’Cie to execute soon. We’re probably not going to let that happen.

I don’t think that Sazh is going to be down for the count. Vanille will heal him and help him escape… even if she doesn’t believe that she deserves to, she’ll try to do the right thing.

I am so gonna break Jihl. She’ll turn into a monster, perhaps a Cieth, and then we’ll see how SHE likes being a guinea pig. Spoiler alert: it’s not as cute as you’d hope.

April 21, 2010: With the help of the Cavalry, Cid, and that wild-haired guy, we will intercept the Palamecia on its way to Eden and rescue Sazh and Vanille.

And on the Palamecia, we see what really happened to Sazh at Nautilus.

He pulled the trigger away from his head. He dropped his guns and fell to his knees. He wondered why he could not do it, because after all, Dajh turned to crystal.

PSICOM caught up with Sazh and Vanille. Jihl told him that they would turn Dajh into a public display at Eden.

Jihl: “When you stand up next time, you’ll be dead.”

Sazh asked Vanille what it was like to awaken from crystal stasis.

It happened on Day 1, in the lair of the sanctum of Bodhum’s fal’Cie. Fang was already flesh and blood again, unconscious on the floor.

In a beautiful sequence, crystals flaked off of Vanille’s naked form. Her clothes manifested out of nowhere.

Vanille claimed that it had been centuries since they fulfilled their Focus on Gran Pulse, and now, there were in this hostile new world of Cocoon.

Fang!” Vanille recognized her right off. But she somehow knew that a new Focus awaited them – “And for me, the thought of hurting anyone again…”

You can see her sadness as she made her decision to lie about having experience as a l’Cie of Gran Pulse.

Her story helped Sazh. There was a way to restore Dajh to normal.

Before the new operation started, Lightning asked Hope if he was okay with this attack on the Palamecia. He said that there was no way that he could be as tough as Vanille, but he had Light, Fang, and “this guy (Snow)” to back him up. Snow took it as a jest. They both laughed about it. Bro moment! Broment?

Dajh did not really turn to crystal quite like Serah and Vanille did. It was more like he was frozen in a block of ice.

Is this the fal’Cie’s idea of a reward? Separating their servants from their loved ones seemingly forever? There are a lot of questions here.

With the others invading the ship, a “Code Green” was enforced. PSICOM attempted to move Sazh and Vanille, but Sazh resisted their orders. “Get him,” he said, before his chocobo flew out of his hair to peck the PSICOM crony in the face! Sazh took advantage of the distraction and knocked the soldiers out.

The “old man” (well, middle-aged) has some moves.

Vanille stole one of the soldiers’ assault rifles and went all Gears of War on a floating sentry.

They retrieved their weapons, but Vanille wondered if she should take hers. “Do I deserve to survive?”

Sazh asked if she was not afraid of dying. He admitted that he was so afraid o dying that he may die of fright. So he was determined to live.

He reflected upon his son. If Dajh heard him talking like this, he may laugh out loud.

I’d do anything to see his smiling face again.”

And with that, they pressed on further into the ship.

Eventually, news of their breakout was sent through the ship as a “Code Purple”.

I love being purple!”

Sazh presumed that it meant there were other l’Cie on the ship. Vanille jumped to the conclusion that Fang was among them.

Well, let’s get rescued,” said Sazh.

No,” said Vanille. “For once in my life, I’m going to protect her.”

Hope and the others heard of the Code Purple as well. “All these colors, what does it mean?” asked Hope.

And how did they get their meanings? “Oh, no, a Code Blood Orange!”

Fang thought it was because of Vanille.

When they reached the engine room, Jihl fretted over which code to declare. Suddenly, the Primarch declared that “Desperate times demand flexibility.

Code White.”

Jihl was so upset, she crushed her glasses. Ha! They’re kind of like props anyway.


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  1. Sazh pointing his gun at his head stuck with me too! A very powerful moment but it was obvious he would be okay in the end.


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