Final Fantasy XIII Part Nine

July 13, 2010: I sure anticipate meeting this fal’Cie.

After a horrifying detour, we rode Roly-Poly into the Sulya Springs. It was beautiful. A springs situated in a ravine – waterfalls and small rainbows everywhere.

Vanille asked to see Serah, and she reflected on meeting her.

Day 9, Bodhum. Vanille and Serah gabbed on the shore. Nature painted a glorious sunset for them.

This place was beautiful, and it was my Focus to destroy it,”, narrated Vanille.

Vanille has more love than most fal’Cie on Gran Pulse or Cocoon.

She gently made her plight known to this stranger, Serah. That Vanille needed to apologize to someone – but she just could not find the words. Serah told her to deal with it later.

However, Vanille questioned if that was fair to everyone.

Later, we reached a more open part of the springs. Fang said that they should make camp – and that “Tomorrow will be even tougher than today.”

Sunset. Snow looked at Serah’s tear. A field of fantastical dandelion seed heads flitted about. Lightning came up to talk and Snow handed the tear to her.

She asked if he would marry Serah after the l’Cie nonsense was over with. Bluntly, she cut through a dandelion that floated between them, which scared Snow.

Serah wants to know,” said Lightning.

Of course,” replied Snow.

Light gave the tear back to him.

This will be the last tear she ever cries,” promised Snow.

Those Caverns are such a pain. Too many tough enemies, too few save stations. Heartbreaking. But mainly because of too few save stations. This game is usually really OK about having enough save points.

July 28, 2010: Did we ever have to jump through hoops to get to Oerba. Literally, the configurable rings of Taejin’s Tower. Across six tiers, noble warrior statues helped us reach Dahaka, the fal’Cie that apparently took the Tower over.

At the Apex-Cloven Spire, you fight Dahaka. He is a classic element-shifting Final Fantasy boss. You know he’s shifted elements when he uses a new elemental attack and changes the rather annoying color around him.

Don’t get too revolutionary. Stick to the rivers and lakes that you’re used to, a good balance of Commando, Ravager, Medic, Saboteur, and Synergist-filled Paradigms.

I miss TLC. 😦

Also, my strategy for this boss fight is apparently the very specific “use everything”.

After we subdued Dahaka, the guardians thanked us, and the elevator to the perimeter of Oerba was opened.

It has been centuries since Vanille and Fang visited Oerba. They described it as “nature-y”, with countless flowers blooming around here.

Vanille called her creepy multi-armed Eidolon “Hecaton”. It’s a little annoying. He almost wasted you, for one thing…

The elevator in Taejin’s Tower was really cool. Whenever it was configured, there was the sound of pretty chimes. The “rail” that they were attached to had a design like the grooves inside of a music box.

I love a stage that has strong audiovisual connections.

I used to think that music boxes were magical.

July 31, 2010: I found a Moogle Puppet, but it was only an item component.

We also found Serah. Light was stunned, but Sazh was wary.

His suspicions were proven correct when “Serah” said, “There are no miracles to save us.”

Light reached for her gunblade, but hesitated. “Serah” said, “You can’t do that. You love me too much…

Don’t you, Claire?”

Serah” smiled very creepily. It was Barthandelus in disguise. He said that he put Cid in the position of Primarch, and threatened the Cavalry would invade Gran Pulse.

Then he transformed and stood against us.

His new form looks like a sleek cruise ship. He has a folding shield over his face, and it’s creepy because it has two smaller faces in it. But eventually, he shows the true face that we all love to hate.

He has three million HP, and attacks your party with lasers and debuffs.

Characters talk in battle. Today, I heard Sazh and Snow say, “Much appreciated” at the same time.

Barthandelus’ second appearance as a boss was the biggest roadblock in the game. It’s a good thing that Gran Pulse gives you plenty of space and time to grind.

Fun fact: Light’s original name in the Japanese version was “Eclair”. It was changed to Claire in the English-language versions. Eclair is a bit too silly of a name, especially for someone as serious as Light.